Tony 'TJ' Jackson is a character in SWAT: Global Strike Team. Tech Expert


'Fresh' TJ Jackson is a hacker with attitude, and an appetite for explosive situations. Easily bored and hot-tempered, TJ was transferred to SWAT HQ as a backroom technician to 'keep him out of trouble'. During a botched terrorist assault he met Kincaid who gave him a shotgun and his lucky break - he's now on his second active global tour of duty and loving it.

TJ's confidence is always high, except when dealing with Lieutenant Kana Lee. 'Bomb disposal is a cinch compared with that bitch', he whispers.

Personality and traitsEdit


Throughout his career Jackson has gained an extensive knowledge of most technical devices. He has been trained to break into almost any computer system, crack into any electronic security device, and get through almost any locked door. His ability to gain silent entry cannot be overestimated. Jackson is also highly skilled in the use of explosives.


  • Patching into CCTV cameras: If the team finds a CCTV console, Jackson can patch into this and Kincaid can then look through the camera and see what is coming up ahead.
  • Breaching chargers: Jackson carries breaching charges to blow open heavily secured doors that cannot be opened any other way.
  • Explosives: Jackson is an explosives expert who can prime and diffuse any powerful explosives the team finds.


  • Rank: First Lieutenant
  • Callsign: TJ
  • History: 14 Engagements
  • Training: Technical

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