Arnie's Exterior

Arnie's Restaurant was a moderately popular restaurant located somewhere in Lytton, CA.

Background Edit

This restaurant is where Sonny Bonds and Marie Wilkans Bonds went out on a date after Sonny's first day of tracking the escaped criminal Jessie Hiram Bains. Marie met Sonny at Arnie's. Sonny gave her a rose, and they got up to speed with each other. They kissed romantically, and they had their meal. Sonny ordered the meatloaf, being on a police salary, while the slightly richer Marie ordered the lobster. After the meal, Sonny took Marie home.

Arnie's Interior

Behind the scenes Edit

In the Police Quest Casebook, it was said that Arnie's was not an outstanding or critically-acclaimed restaurant, but Sonny and Marie considered it a special place, because that was where they first started dating after Bains' conviction and Marie's therapy. Sonny comforted Marie there, when she was reminded of her former prostitute life, and announced his love for her, and after the meal, he went home with her for a romantic affair.

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