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Art Serabian
Art Serabian is a programmer from Lytton, California with a personalized license plate PRGRMR1. He is repeat drunk driver with previous DUI convictions. He had two prior convictions when Sonny Bonds pulled him over again.

Bonds performed a sobriety test and when found him drunk he arrested him. Art requested that he would be cuffed on the front so that he could beat Bonds and escape easily, but Bonds went on by the rules, and drove him to the Lytton City Jail.



Art Serabian Male 5'8 199' HAIR: None Eyes: Blue DOB: 12/14/47 2 MacIntosh St. Lytton, CA RESTRICTIONS: Programmer.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Art Serabian does not appear in Police Quest 1 VGA; William J. Barnum appears instead.
  • Art Serabian also appears in Leisure Suit Larry 6, and he is mistaken for Al Lowe; in reality, Art is Lowe's mentor, and according to Lowe Art looks more like "Ralph Roberts" than Lowe.

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