Barbie Cann
Barbie Cann is the manager of the Bitty Kitty Club.

Barbie is currently married and has a daughter. She and her husband (soon to be ex-husband) are separated. She believes that he has suddenly taken a dislike to her occupation. They have legal dispute over their daughter's custody.

Barbie is a client of the social worker Luella Parker. Luella helped her with her daughter's custody proceeding.

Barbie's husband is a police officer. She prefered not to tell Carey her husband's name and division, because she did not want to complicate her personal business, and Carey did not press her. However, he made it clear to Barbie that if the investigation progressed in her direction, he would need that information.

Barbie did not think that her husband had anything to do with Luella's murder. As things turned to be, she was right.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the PQ4 novel in the PQ Casebook, he encounters James Allen instead.

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