Daryl F. Gates: Police Quest CollectionEdit

Police Quest Collection SeriesEdit

Police Quest: SWAT ForceEdit

SWAT: Career PackEdit

This Police Quest compilation includes all six games in the Police Quest series (Police Quest 1 up to SWAT 2). It included a demo for SWAT 3.

Police Quest: SWAT GenerationEdit

Police Quest Collection: Step Behind the BadgeEdit

Police Quest 1+2+3+4 & Police Quest: SWAT 1+2Edit

The two Police Quest packs; the first containing the first four games (minus the original PQ1), and the second containing the first two SWAT games (that are part of the original Police Quest series).

These are occasionally sold together as a bundle at checkeout at a discount. Gog sells SWAT 3 separately as unrelated to Police Quest. In 2012 Holiday sales both Police Quest bundles were sold together with all the Sierra Quest series in their catalog (including Space Quest, King's Quest, & Quest for Glory) as one special bundle at a discount (SWAT 3 was not included as part of the Quest series bundle).

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