Detective Angland (Anglin) is a narcotics officer in Lytton Police Department. He was back up when Sonny Bonds went undercover in the Hotel Delphoria. He and his fellow officers came to Bonds' room and handed him the pen transmitter and a new supply of marked 100-dollar bills. He also brought him a fax by Detective Taber from Chicago with mug shots of Jessie Bains, thus Bonds realized that this "Frank Sloan" was in fact the Death Angel.

Angland later busted into Jessie Bains room, shooting Sloan before he shot Bonds. Angland later presented eye witness testimony concerning the shootout at Bains' trial.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Angland's name is spelled both Angland and Anglin during the original Police Quest 1. The Official Book confirms that officer's name is Angland. Daniel Anglin appears in the Police Quest remake.

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