Fairfax Home 000

Exterior of Fairfax Residence.

Fairfax Residence is a small house located at 25 Glendive Lane in Fairview where Gladys Fairfax lives with her mentally unstable son Lawrence. The residence is visited by SWAT officers on October 23rd.


This building is a classical two-story house. The house consists of three entrances: the main entrance, side entrance, and the garage door. Outside the house are a lot of trees, bushes and high fence. The ground floor is a primary living space with two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. Every room contains appliances such as a gas stove and fridge in the kitchen and a TV in living room. The whole floor is littered with trash bags, newspapers, and other garbage. The basement of this house contains several rooms such as the garage, laundry room and Lawrence's room. His room is covered in newspapers with topics about a serial killer in Fairview and grisly findings around the city. Next to his room is a workshop where several newspaper casts of various body parts lay scattered on the floor. The workshop also contains the entrance to his man-made tunnel and chamber where his victims are kept.

Behind the scenesEdit

The police believe that a resident of this house, Lawrence Fairfax, is a prime suspect in a string of grisly homicides. He is believed to have kidnapped a young woman named Melinda Kline who went missing on October 17th. The suspect lives with his mother, Gladys Fairfax, whose health is failing. The SWAT officers must go inside the house and save Melinda Kline from her grim fate and apprehend her captor.


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