Food Wall Restaurant 000

Front Exterior of Food Wall Restaurant.

Food Wall Restaurant is a small Chinese restaurant located at 1572 Norman Street in Fairview. It is owned is Lian Niu. This restaurant is visited by SWAT officers on October 8th.


The ground floor has been designed as a restaurant; Inside is a dining area with several tables, refrigerator with cold drinks and cash desk where customers could order and pay for meals. Next to the dining area is a corridor that leads to the small restrooms, storage and kitchen. The restaurant's kitchen contains typical kitchen appliances and supplies and features a large table in the center of the room. Behind the kitchen is a corridor that leads to cooler room, rear entrance and, most notably, the entrance to Lian Niu's apartment. His apartment, which is located above the restaurant, is rather small. It consist of living room, small kitchen and bedroom connected to bathroom. Also in the living room is a small workshop where Niu could modify and repair firearms.

Behind the scenesEdit

The police believe that owner of the restaurant, Lian Niu, deals in illegal modifications of firearms. Also, one of the detectives saw that a suspected hitman named Alex Jimenez had recently entered the establishment, possibly to do business with Niu. The police want to arrest Jimenez and Niu for questioning as well as shut down the illegal gunsmith activity.


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