Jack Cobb is a friend of Sonny Bonds. He is a police officer of Lytton Police Department. His daughter is Kathy Cobb. His phone number is 555-2622.

The days before the arrest of Jessie Bains, he learned that Kathy was doing drugs getting them at school. Meanwhile he became an alcoholic which brought his marriage on the rocks and his wife was ready to leave him.

His depression augmented when his colleagues gathered in the Blue Room to celebrate his birthday, with Sonny Bonds, Keith Robinson (who brought Hoochy Coochy Hannah to wish him).

Cobb backed up Sonny during the arrest of Jason Taselli.

Later that day, Kathy fell in a coma. Sonny came to the Blue Room to tell him that Donald Colby who sold drugs to her school was arrested but Cobb felt it was too late. Soon after she died.

Taking it really hard, Jack was given an extended family leave and was supported with his brother and requested no visitors. Learning this, Sonny called him and expressed his condolences.

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