Janice Wilks was a pregnant woman that refused to sign her citation because the officer on duty, Pat Morales, had insulted her. As a supervisor, Sonny Bonds was called to the scene to resolve the matter. Sonny talked calmly with Janice, advising her that her signature was not an admission of guilt. Janice still refused, claiming that Morales had acted abusively. Based on past experience, Sonny believed Janice, and rebuked Morales for her misconduct. Morales was more than willing to arrest Janice, but Sonny forbade her doing so due to Janice's pregnancy, and wisely noted "Refusal to sign" in the signature box - what angered Morales, but there was nothing she could do.


According to the police computer, Janice lives on 420 Fourth St., Lytton. She drives a red Ford year model 86 plate no. 83756.