Name: Jason Taselli
Case #: M09091983
Alias: Marvin Hoffman
Leroy Pierson

753 Third St.

Distinguishing features:

Flower tattoo above left nipple.

Date of birth: 3/1/1939
Phys. Arrest Record:

No local.





Jason Taselli was a suspect from Lytton City. He was under investigation for suspicion of murder of a Columbia national, auto theft, and narcotics.


While Sonny Bonds was investigating a Cadillac (involved in the murder of Lonny West and the disappearance of Jose Martinez) when it was found near Jefferson High. Backed up by Jack Cobb Sonny arrested and delivered him in the Lytton City Jail as "Marvin Hoffman"

While there, a hotshot attorney attempted to convince Judge Kim Palmer that Taselli is "Marvin Hoffman". She set his bail at only $500,000. However Sonny showed a cause to justify a No Bail Warrant based on a distinguishing tattoo, a flower above his left nipple. Sonny presented the Judge's warrant to the Jail.

While under investigation, he jumped a guard and made it to the exercise yard and escaped the jail by climbing over the fence and escaped. A city-wide dragnet was out on him; however soon after he was murdered by Jessie Bains handgun in 1986 and his body was thrown in the Clearwater River, to be found in Cotton Cove. Oscar Hamilton investigated his murder and his body was identified by Bonds

He answers to 555-6537.



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