Juan Jose Ruiz is a citizen of Lytton, CA. He was caught being too slow on the highway and impeding traffic. Sonny Bonds gave him a citation.


  • There is a glitch in PQ3 in which the clock showing the time when a suspect is pulled over may be off by an hour or so. Making sure that Ruiz is the next car after Janice Wilks will avoid the glitched clock, allowing Sonny to list the correct time on his ticket (causing Ruiz to lose the court trial on Day 4). The car should have a time of 1739. A later car will jump ahead to 1905, and the timer will not correct itself (to 1859) until leaving the police station to head to the Oak Tree Mall at the end of Day 2.
  • In the Official Book of Police Quest, the author put Ruiz as the third car after Janice Wilks. Jill Champion had encountered the glitch, thus during the novelization Sonny Bonds loses the trial for having given the incorrect time on the ticket.
  • Winning or losing the trial does not affect the final score. What matters is whether Sonny has the calibration chart in possession - presenting it at court when asked gets 3 points.
  • George Esparza, the actor who plays the role of Juan Jose Ruiz in PQ3, also plays in PQ4 as Danny Daniels, Yo Money's bodyguard.