Laura Watts is a Lytton Police Department Narcotics officer. She takes no-nonsense and plays by the book.

Laura came to Lytton City Jail when Sonny Bonds apprehended Art Serabian and told him that a position has opened in the Narcotics Division. According to Lt. Morgan it would be filled by a veteran street cop and told Bonds to submit a memo.

After arresting Jason Taselli, Laura welcomed Bonds in the Narcotics Division and showed him around. She also told him that he was about to get a bail and told Bonds to justify a No Bail Warrant from Judge Kim Palmer. Soon after, they two went to the Lytton City Park and arrested Donald Colby and Victor Simms.

According to Laura's personnel file in PQ2, she was in fact the infamous Gremlin who played pranks on Sergeant John Dooley in PQ1, such as putting mace on memos he would read, or putting a hen in his office. He threatened to notify Internal Affairs to start an investigation. "When I find out who the little weasel is, you'd better believe that he or she will be walking a footbeat from the river all the way to Joe's Junkyard". Eventually she was caught red-handed making chicken tracks across the top of his desk with a rubber stamp. She was sustained and wrote an apology and reprimand.

Eventually she was retired.

Computer fileEdit

Watts, Laura
Departmental actions
Commendable citations
  • 3/1/72 - City of Lytton experienced unusually heavy rain , resulting in mud slides and road closures. While working Traffic Division, Officer Watts moved into an area where commuter traffic had come to a stop. Officer Watts' professional and independent action was successful in diverting traffic to an alternate route, which cleared a potentially explosive situation.
Censurable Reports
  • 1/4/84 - Being caught red handed making chicken tracks across the top of Sgt Dooley' desk with a rubber stamp. This brought to light the true identity of the infamous "gremlin", who went about antagonizing Sgt Dooley.
Written apology. Written reprimand.
End file

Behind the scenesEdit

Although retired according to PQ2 novel, in the Police Quest Casebook she transferred to Burglary. She assists Sonny Bonds in looking up information on stolen shotgun and the location of Donald Colby in Steelton. She also appears in the novelization of PQ3 as one of the detectives searching the location of Marie's stabbing.

The "gremlin's" pranks are seen in PQ1 which according the game chronology, occurs in 1987; however, according to her file, the "gremlin" is exposed in 1984, quite earlier.