Luella is one of the victims of the serial killer Mitchell Thurman.

Luella worked as social worker at Los Angeles County Social Service. Among her clients were Barbie Cann and Mitchell Thurman.

Her body was found on Wednesday at Griffith Park, without any ID.

The car which was assigned to her by the county, beige 1990 Ford Tempo license plate number County 2BSY669, was found on Wednesday in front of Ragin' Records store, inside it were the bodies of the fourth and fifth victims.

When John Carey searched Luella's office, he found an audio tape of Yo Money's music, which was purchased at Ragin' Records, and two case files - of Barbie Cann and Mitchell Thurman.

Carey learned the following facts about Luella from the receptionist Nora:

  • She was last seen on Monday, midday. Nora tried calling her home, but there was no answer.
  • She came from Chicago, perhaps alone. It is unknown whether she had family relatives in California.
  • She was Afro-American, black hair, brown eyes, 34 years old, about 5' 5" tall, overweight, about 160 pounds. It fit the description of the third victim which was found at Griffith Park, referred to as 1201-K.
  • She was very devoted to her work and to her clients.
  • She was family counselor, and dealt mainly with cases of child custody, abused children and juvenile crimes.
  • Her work took her out into the field a lot. She split her time, half field, half office.
  • She was hard working, and probably over-worked. She did a lot of field work in her own time, to compensate for the County's lack of funds to hire additional staff.
  • She was a private person, very conservative, and might be considered retentive.
  • She seemed a classic music-type person. Therefore the finding of the audio tape in her office was strange to Nora, because Luella did not seem to her a fan of rap music.

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