Lytton during the time of the Death Angel

Lytton is a small suburban city in California between San Franscisco and Los Angeles.


It lies about forty one miles from Fresno. It has a perfectly rectangular shape with mostly grid like blocks. It borders the Pacific ocean and has mostly ranch style homes with tropical colors.

Lytton is a basic town with a park, Lytton Police Department, Lytton City Jail, Court, The magnificent Hotel Delphoria, Carol's Caffeine Castle- a local cop hangout-, and two bars called Wino Willy's and the Blue Room which also serves as a temporary strip club for bachelor parties. Lytton City Park is a beautiful serene setting which has its share of homicides and drug deals. In PQ2 Lytton also has Oak Tree Mall, a different jail, an airport, a hotel called Snuggler's Inn, a restaurant called "Arnie's" and a park called "Cotton Cove".

You have to drive very carefully when on the streets of Lytton. If your car taps the curb or grass on the side of the road, you will die in a fiery wreck. You also have to watch out for crazy speeding hotties blowing red lights, small stocky bald men driving while intoxicated, drive by shootings and crashes into brick walls.


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Behind the scenesEdit

A sign in original Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA) says that Lytton is 41 miles from Fresno, Ca. However, the closest beach from Fresno is actually Pismo Beach which lies about 153 miles from Fresno.

In PQ1, the city is known as Lytton, CA, as seen on various addresses throughout the game. In PQ2, the city is generally just known as Lytton or Lytton City, U.S.A. on licenses.

Lytton is a bit different in the novelizations in the Casebook, and a different history the PQ1VGA, see Lytton (PQ1VGA) and Lytton (Casebook).

The live action ad for the video catalogue pronounces the cities name as 'Lit-on".

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