Lytton Police Station was a large Police Headquarters built on a large block between 6th & 8th streets and Rose and Lilly. Two blocks north of the City of Lytton Courthouse and Lytton County Jail.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Lytton Police station takes place of the Lytton Police Department in original PQ1. It's loosely based on the LPD Headquarters in PQ3 in external appearance (though located in a different location and block of the city).

The rectangular length of the block where the police station was built does not exist in the original trilogy. Instead the Lytton Police Department in PQ1 and PQ2 took up a small portion of a square block, and seventh street passed down one side of the block. The block next to it across seventh street was a shopping center with parking spaces.

In PQ3 the new station was built across 6th street from its original location and took up a entire block next to Highway 41.

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