Mathias Kincaid is a character in SWAT: Global Strike Team. Commander TAC-3 Team Leader


He was a former member of the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force turned SWAT: GST element leader.  He volunteered for the GST duty, his wish had finally been granted. He became the element leader, and was teamed up with two first lieutenants, Kana Lee and Anthony Jackson. Kincaid has commanded his squad through six successful engagements.

A former special forces major with a low bullshit threshold and a classified past. Kincaid joined SWAT GST after a stint as an advanced counter-terrorist trainer to LAPD SWAT.

Kincaid is a natural-born leader, a kick-ass law enforcer with the military skill, razor sharp intellect and sheer cojones to back it up.

Running Black Ops for the Army in chaotic conditions had made him a stickler for rules, demanding perfection from his team, and a firm believer in lethal 'conflict resolution' only as a last resort.

Personality and traitsEdit

His technical and stregic know-how, which allows him to gain the upper hand in any situation, earns him the complete confidence of his team. His main role is to command the other specialized members of his squad and make sure they achieve their mission goals with the least possible interference.


  • Comms Device: Kincaid can communicate with his team via a throat "bone" microphone on a completely secure radio line.
  • Intelligence Technology: He has access to all SWAT equipment including Zoom Scope and Night Vision.
  • Projectile Weapons: Kincaid carries all the grenades for the team. These include, but are not limited to, CS gas canisters, concussion grenades, and flash-bangs.


  • Rank: Commander
  • Call Sign: "Kincaid"
  • History: 28 engagements
  • Training: Element Leader

Behind the scenesEdit

Kincaid is one of the Sargeants in SWAT3, under Seecamp. He is listed under Serial #206490. He has roughly the same facial appearance as the character from SWAT: GST although their skin color may be different (appearing darker skinned in SWAT3 and light skinned in GST). So it is unclear if they are intended to be the same character or not, and that any resembalance if any is just a coincidence.

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