Michael bains
Michael Bains is the brother of Jessie Bains. He is a former U.S. marine.


News of Jessie's death left Michael mentally and violently unstable, leading to his dishonorable discharge. Eventually setting himself up as the leader of a fanatical cult of murderers and drug-dealers, which tortured and murdered at least three people. Michael became a powerful druglord in his own right. Michael also set his sights on Sonny Bonds and his wife Marie, planning to use them as "sacrifices" in a twisted ritual as an act of vengeance. Michael and other member of the cult stabbed Marie and nearly killed her. Luckily, she survived.

On Day 6, Sonny Bonds found a photo of the Bains brothers in the burnt house. In the photo there were two important clues: first, the address of the gang's hideout; second, Michael's U.S. Army uniform. Sonny inquired the Army Recruiter about Michael. The recruiter gave Sonny a printout of Michael's military record, which contained the following information:

Career Gunnery Sergeant. Exemplary record, bearing and behavior - beyond reproach. Behavior alternation noticed following brother's death (Jesse Bains) at the hands of the police. Admitted to military psychiatric facility following a particulary violent outburst. Two injured. Returned to active duty, but began displaying more violent, antisocial behavior patterns. Unprovoked physical attacks reported. Medical discharge from army for psychological instability.

Bonds eventually tracked Michael to a converted run-down house that served as the cult's base of operations. Unlike the other cult members who tried to shoot Sonny but were killed, Michael surrendered without a fight. With Michael's arrest, the Bains' legacy finally comes to an end... or does it?

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There are five known members of Michael Bain's cult:

  • Michael Bains
  • Steve Rocklin
  • Officer Pat Morales
  • Unknown man who tried to shoot Sonny Bonds when he entered the cult's house
  • Unknown man who tried to shoot Sonny Bonds when he entered the basement of the cult's house

Except Michael Bains, all the above are dead. Rocklin was killed in a car chase after his car overturned. Both unknown members were shot by Bonds in counter fire. Morales attempted to shoot Bonds after picking up the gun that the member in the basement wielded, but Bonds has alerted Internal Affairs earlier, and thus, Detective Hooks appeared and shot her.

There are four known victims of the cult's activity:

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