Mitchell Thurman
Mitchell Thurman is a serial killer from Los Angeles.


Mitchell Thurman had a very disturbing childhood, he found his own mother murdered, and his father was abusive. While man people recover from such trauma, Michell never did.[1]

  • He is the owner of Third Eye Theatre.
  • He dresses as his 'mother' when commiting crimes.
  • He has a dog.
  • He smokes Quantum cigarettes.

He was given a social worker after his neighbors reported him animal cruelty, claiming he didn't feed his dog. Judging by the fact that murders 'started' after this (assuming that he hadn't killed anyone previously) It is possible in part that he started killing in order to feed his dog.[2]

Serial murderer. Judged guilty but insane of killing five people in bizarre sex-deviate related crimes. Arrested by John Carey, LAPD. After recovering from severe burn injuries received at the time of his arrest, Mitchell was sentenced to five consecutive life terms in California state prison under severe medical observation, without possibility of parole. Currently receiving psychiatric treatment. Became the first serial killer to appear on Oprah.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Mitchell has a stuttering problem. He is also a bit odd, and anti-social. He is fixated on his Mother, who has long been dead. He dresses up as his Mother when killing his victims. The mutilations several of his victims appear to have been based on 'hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil'. Several had glued orifices, glues eyes, glued ears, crudely severed ears on one victim. One victim had index finger removed, another their hears, another right forearm, removed, another had left foot removed, and one had his head removed. He is bisexual and targets victims both male and female.

He is a large fellow, at when disguised he makes for a large 'woman'.[4][5][6]


Mitchell had at least six victims, perhaps seven (but only five confirmed murders which the police publically admitted to):

1. Officer Robert Hickman. Tortured. Missing right index finger. It was severed from the body after Hickman was dead. Killed by poison, likely slow and painful, and quite obviously, tortuous death.

2. Officer Rene Garcia. Garcia was tortured, the same as Hickman. Injection marks on the upper left arm, irregular cigarette burns to the face and upper torso, missing extremities, this time toes. Glued orifice, this time the mouth, and his molar was removed. He also showed signs of a ruptured gastrointestinal lining. Poisoned. He was able to watch as he was tortured. He could not utter a sound, but he could witness his slow death.

3. Luella Parker. initially a Jane Doe whose body was found on Wednesday at Griffith Park - later Carey discovers her identity. The killer was 'kind' to her... Both her eyes and mouth were glued shut. He didn't make her watch. The mutilation was worse. The right forearm was severed. However, the torture appeared to be less. There are fewer burns. The bruising around the ankles and wrists is less. Poisoned.

4. Unknown older man, body found with another victim in Luella's car in front of Ragin' Record's store on Wednesday. The body was mutilated much the same as the other bodies. Burn marks, severed extremities, epoxied orifice. The mouth was affected. The biggest difference is the adornment of the body with a pair of nylon pantyhose wrapped around the neck after death, but no asphyxiation. Pantyhose was strictly decorative. The ears, were crudely severed, removed after death. Poisoned.

5. Unknown Asian woman, whose body was found with another victim, found in Luella's car in front of Ragin' Records store on Wednesday. She apparently was not known about by the press[7]. Though the press did learn about the older man apparently. The eyes and ears were filled with glue. The killer' is said to be kind to women. He doesn't make them watch, if one can call his behavior kind on any level. The left foot was crudely severed after death. Poisoned. Between both bodies was the epitomy of 'hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil'.

6. Unknown man, whose severed head was found in the refrigerator at Mitchell's house. This was apparently not leaked to the press either (possibly why it wasn't accounted for in the public speech by the Chief) (in the novel this was made to be Jim Varaz (Casebook), although there are other differences to the story, including fewer 'confirmed' murders).

7. Unknown unconscious woman that Carey saw at the theatre - it is not clear whether Carey intervened in time to stop Mitchell from poisoning her. However, a several lines does suggest that she is still alive.[8] Also Chief Gates commentary, and other previous commentary at the end when he only confirms 'five homicides', rather than six (however at least one apparently not leaked to the police[9]), and states that his actions saved himself and others.[10]

There is possibly more victims as Mitchell Thurman admitted to feeding his dog 'big juicy bones', and Carey finds a human arm bone in the park which the dog buried. He uses the bone to track the dog back to the Theatre and deciding there was cause choose to break down the door and enter the house looking for the suspect.[11] However, on the other hand as it seems that the mutilations get progressively worse with each victim, that the bone is just a left over missing severed part from one of the other murders. In this case most likely Luella's missing arm bone, especially with its proximity to Griffith Park.

Throughout the investigation you were looking for the killer involved in five murders.[12] As mentioned the Chief only confirms five of the murders. This means the 'head' is not accounted for, nor is the body to which it was once attached.

Mitchell's MO was to put his victim to sleep while they were watching a film at his theatre, presumably by giving them drugged tea, or injecting them with hypodermic needle in their left arm (like was shown with Carey). Then he would bind the victim to his/her seat, inject their left arm a second time unknown poison and torture them by applying glue on any part of the head (mouth, eyes or ears), burning the victim with cigarette. For at least some of the victims he moved them into his apartment to torture them on his bed or sofa. The slow poison would finally rupture their stomach and intestines killing them. After they died, he would severe part of the body as a souvenir (finger, a molar, toes, arm, ears, foot or head) - while he was dressed and made-up like a woman[13], wearing red evening gown, red shoes, blond wig and lipstick. Later he would dispose of the body.

There are two injection marks, one is apparently a sedative, and the other the slow poison. Mitchell was able to inject Carey knocking him out, but Carey luckily woke up from being hypo'd (Carey had discovered the other needle, likely used for poison, which he bagged in his evidence box). It is worth noted that Thurman jabs with his right hand roughly towards Carey's left arm (which appears to indicate why they jab marks are usually on the left arm, at least for one of the two hypos).

In the game, Mitchell Thurman's "Mother" was killed by his father, possibly with Mitchell watching it happen. He began to dress as his mother as an adult whenever he commited his murders. While little is explained about his "Mother" the way he acts seems to indicate that she may have been a controlling individual in his life, and in some way still controlled him after her death, as he calls out to her as he is making decision as to what he should do with John Carey after knocking him out in the theatre with a glass of tea.[14][15]

It is implied that Mitchell commited the murders because of traumatic childhood, mother's death, and abusive father (which his own tortures may have been based on the abuse he received, and that he was acting out upon), and why he picked the above people as his victims, since they have nothing apparent in common (physical appearance, occupation, gender, age, etc.). However there was a connection to the killer and Luella Parker. But there is an undercurrent that the attacks and tortures on victims was sexual in nature (indicating bisexual elements to the character), and several may have been customers at the theater (or possibly gossip he was prostituting himself and looking for 'johns'. Officer Garcia may have been dating 'her' before he was killed.[16][17][18] [19]).

It is also discovered that he is a serial killer who takes a souvenir of the kill. It means he enjoys the kill itself and wants to relive it through the object.

It is also not clear why Mitchell did not kill Carey when he had two opportunities to do so: first, when Carey fell asleep in the theatre (probably as a result of drinking the tea) - Mitchell just woke him up and told him to leave. The second time was when Carey opened a door at the theatre and was jabbed with a hypodermic needle[20], and knocked unconscious after using the flashlight - Mitchell did not bind him, just dragged him to the living room and put his dog to guard him. Likely believing he could get to Mitchell after he finished completing his torture of the female victim he had drugged and captured. Mitchell would have killed Carey on their final confrontation, though, had the latter not subdued him first.

There are witnesses who either see Mitchel dressed up as a woman[21], or indicate they know others who did[22].

One potentially disturbing clue is officer at impound pointing out that he saw her which he calls 'big gal', and claiming she was the mother of the downed cop, and trying to get to the stolen impounded car which two of the bodies was found in.[23] It's possible it was 'Rosa Garcia' but its never specified. Others claim they saw 'woman in red' driving the car around after Garcia's body was discovered.

Carey used a makeshift torch to overcome Mitchell, when the latter was torturing the unconscious woman. Though it is not said explicitly, it unlikely that Mitchell died as a result, even though his face and hair were caught on fire. However, the Police Quest Casebook indicates that he survived.


DOB: March 15, 1961

Sex: Male

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 188

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

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Behind the scenesEdit

While some people find the idea of a cross-dressing (or "transvestite") serial killer be a stereotype and offensive. It is a trope often seen in Hollywood movies, books, and other media.

It is actually is based in reality. Is is true that many of the most famous serial killers who were caught (including one of the most famous "Ed Gein" who influenced the characters on Psycho, Texas Chainsaw Murders, Buffalo Bill, and others, to many other serial killers) actually had 'cross-dressing' sometimes forced, sometimes taken up on their own.

Note correlation does not equal causation. This is not to say that that 'drag, cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals and transgendered' are 'serial killers' or 'potential serial killers'. But rather that many serial killers are noted to have 'cross-dressing' in their history, or M.O.[24][25][26]

The short biography for Thurman given in the casebook characters appears to apply to the game's version of the universe rather than the novelization. It mentions Mitchell was burned, however in the novel it seems that Carey arrested Mitchel more traditionally by keeping his guns pointed at him. If Thurman had tried anything he would likely ended up being shot instead.

However, the hintbook section might suggest that he left Mitchel to die in the game:

Your adventure soon reaches a sizzling finish, with Thurman screaming and writhing on the floor in agony, the flames engulfing his head, setting his cheap wig ablaze. You could run to the kitchen for some water to douse the flames, but you remember that the kitchen cabinets are all glued shut and the Dixie cup dispenser in the bathroom is empty. Besides, you think, the murdering psychopath wailing on the floor in front of you will be burning in hell anyway-he might as well get used to it.

However, it also doesn't say he 'died' so it gives it time to fit into the explanation given in the bio as to outcome after he was burned, and then arrested.

Quotes Edit

"Www... welcome to the Third Eye theater. May may I help you?" "People tell me that to get into the movies for free. I know the bbb... better too. You'll have to do... better too."

"I... I know you. I've seen you on... television."

"Yes... please come in, enter to the left."

"How... may I help you?"

"Www... wake up, wake up! You you fell asleep and it's time to go now! Go please! Leave now!"


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