Morris Fudley is an officer of the Traffic Division at the Lytton Police Department. He loves to take showers[1], and be found taking one in the Lytton PD's locker room showering every day. Fellow officers claim he is too cheap to take showers at home, he claimed to like the showers at the PD because they were free and even complained fro never having enough hot water.[2]

When Sonny met him in the shower, he claimed to be 10-10 and was heading off to get a beer.

A colleague once hid all the soap but this did not prevent him from showering. He wondered whether his wife goes down to the river to bathe.

Behind the scenesEdit

The character Morris Fudley is a character in the original Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel (EGA). The character appears in Police Quest remake, but appears under both the name Morris Fudley and Fudley Morris. The Lytton Police Computer and his answering machine lists the character as Fudley Morris, while talking to him and looking at him lists him as Morris Fudley. These are intended to be the same character but for some reason he is listed under two seperate names. It is unclear which name the designers of the remake intended for the character.

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