Nora Bitteridge
Nora Bitteridge is the receptionist at the Los Angeles County Social Services. She is a part-time psychology student. She claims to have observation skills, but apparently she is not familiar with rules of confidentiality, for she lets Carey search Luella Parker's office and take the folder files of Mitchell Thurman and Barbie Cann without search warrant, and in addition told Carey details about them.

Behind the scenesEdit

According to the game credits in the CD version, and if Carey looks at her and shows her his badge, Nora's last name is Bitteridge. In the diskette version, if Carey shows her his badge, she says her name is Nora Hayes. When clicking the "eye" icon on her, the game message is "Nora Hayes, receptionist and part-time psychology student". She is named Nora Hayes also in The Police Quest Casebook.

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