Officer is the main player of Police Quest: SWAT 3 games and expansions.


In the main missions compaign he is chosen from several preset characters with their own preset backstories and teams.

The first default character is Kenneth Thrasher (Sunshine) which might be considered the main default. He is followed by Terrance Harper, Peter Dunmore, Christopher Erikson, David Fong, Robert Marlowe, Carter Hawkins, Brock Branson, Oscar Guiterrez, Douglas Wilkerson, Herbert Crown, Jorge Corona (in that order, and then back to Sunshine) and can be chosen via arrows to the right of the element leader photobox.

In Career character selection screen; the name, age, nickname, years in SWAT, race, and personality are randomized, and can all be modified. These randomized names include , "Koch", "Smith", "Colt", "Remington", "Wesson", "Browning", "Heckler", "Striker", "Magnum", "Sierra" (many taken from the name of gun smiths or types)

First names include; Tom, Harry, Dick.

Within the Mission main campaign option, is the "Custom" game option, which includes a premade custom character included by default to represent the character for co-op purposes:

Harry Smith (Weasel)

For the rank see, Officer (rank).