0 You can't pull your gun here, Bonds. 1 Going off duty? 2 You want to start over? 3 You can't save right now. 4 You can't restore right now. 5 %s%d%s%d 6 7 You have %s 8 You put the batteries in the flashlight. 9 You shudder again as you look at the photograph of Jessie and Michael Bains. 10 Inside the the envelope you find: A cult ring. A cult book. Marie's locket. You remove these and discard the envelope. 11 You have $2.50 12 You have $5.00 13 You have $7.50 14 You have $10.00 15 You're flat broke! 16 This is Juan Ruiz's license - #434301. 17 This is Orpheus' license - #522341. 18 This is the drunk' ID card. 19 This is Brian Forbes's license - #789612. 20 This is Andrew Dent's license - 980453. 21 You log Andrew Dent's license information in your notebook. 22 You already have the information in your notebook. 23 %d of %d


0 Hello. I'm Jim Walls, retired California Highway Patrol Officer and designer of the Police Quest series. 1 2 With Police Quest, you're not just watching some movie star portraying the glamourous part of police work. As Detective Sonny Bonds, YOU'RE the man behind the badge. 3 It's up to you to learn and follow correct police procedure - to make the right decisions in life and death situations. 4 In REAL police work, you have to know when to be a hero and when to rely on caution and use the other team players on the force. 5 Some of the incidents in Police Quest 3 are based on actual events that occurred during the course of my career. I managed to survive them. Let's see if YOU can do as well under pressure. 6 Here's the scene you're about to be walking into... 7 Lytton, once a quiet and peaceful little town, has been growing like a weed. There's new industry, good jobs, and a decent standard of living. 8 Unfortunately, progress is not without its side effects. Poverty and crime are going up about as fast as the new cultural center. 9 Homicide Detective Sonny Bonds and his wife Marie are still on a 'honeymoon high' from their wedding a few years back. 10 Marie's got a good job at Oak Tree Mall and the two have a beautiful new home. 11 As for Sonny, he was promoted to Detective Sergeant with the Lytton Police Department. 12 As the story opens, Sonny's just finished his Sergeant's training and is back on duty. 13 Overburdened as the department is, he's been assigned to Traffic Division for a bit. Seems Traffic's always understaffed. 14 Well, that's Sonny's life - and it's a good one, worth protecting. And now it's time for you to assume the role of Detective Sonny Bonds. I happen to know you're in for a heck of a day. 15


0 Come on. This way. 1 Wait for me, Sonny. 2 I'll catch up with you. Got to run to my car. 3 This is not the appropiate place to search a suspect. 4 These doors are sensor activated. 5 The door is locked. I guess the Evidence Officer must be out to lunch. 6 You really should do something with the prisoner first. 7 You need to put the field equipment back into the trunk first. 8 Your gun is in that locker. 9 A locker door. 10 It is locked. 11 You open the locker. 12 You close the locker. 13 You take your gun. 14 You unlock the locker. 15 You put your gun in the locker, lock the door, and take the key. 16 Why don't open it first? 17 It's too long to fit in the gun locker. 18 There's no regulation against carrying that into the jail. 19 That locker is already taken. 20 Your key doesn't open that locker. 21 Why don't you open it first? 22 You need to put your equipment back in the trunk. 23 Now where do you think you are going??? 24 You're trying to be inconspicuous. Leave the marked car for uniformed officers. 25 Don't you think you should checkin at Homicide first? 26 The unmarked car is reserved for officers in plain clothes. 27 You need one of those funny-looking keys.


0 1 Sooo... what are we booking this fine upstanding citizen on anyway? 2 %d 3 Quit clowning around Bonds. Give me a real code. 4 You sure about that Bonds? Better dust off that Officer's Manual and bone up on your codes. 5 You got any ID on this guy Sonny? 6 Yea, here you go. 7 Any personal effects? 8 One knife, concealed weapon. 9 I'm returning your cuffs here through the drop box. Don't forget 'em! 10 Say, Bonds. Officer Morales is requesting a supervisor for a refusal to sign. 11 She's waiting out on the freeway near the 7th Avenue on ramp. 12 You find a knife concealed in the man's briefs. Good work! 13 You remove your cuffs from the drunk. 14 You'd better have him dump out his pockets first. 15 Sir, please step over here and empty your pockets into this drawer. 16 Thanks, Sonny. Hope the rest of your patrol is less exciting. 17 Step over here, Sir. Now! 18 I want you to blow as hard as you can into this tube. 19 According to this, your blood alcohol level is .15. That is well over the legal limit. I'll have to book you. 20 Hellooo!... Earth to Sonny! You gonna give me this guy's belongings or what? 21 Well?.. 22 Bonds! You know better than to bring a prisoner in here without checking your gun first. That'll cost you a $2.50 fine. 23 Put it here in the drop and you can get it back after you finished with the prisoner. 24 You walk over, deposit your gun and grudgingly pay the $2.50 fine. 25 You mean to tell me you fished that outta this guy's shorts? You've got some guts, Bonds. 26 Hey Sonny, you want to book this guy? 27 Let's get this prisoner booked, Bonds. 28 Finish up and hand him over, Bonds. 29 I'm about ready for a break, Bonds. Let's hurry up and get this guy behind bars so I can eat my sandwich. 30 I said I just got a message that you're to assist an officer on the freeway, Bonds. ASAP. 31 You gonna go get me some bodies to lock up, or what? 32 You on duty, Bonds? I got plenty of free cells to be filled up. 33 Go catch some criminals, Bonds. I'm getting lonely in here. 34 The booking officer can't help you unless you give him something to work with. 35 Officer Bonds! It's extremely tacky to point your gun at a fellow officer, even in jest! 36 He already knows who you are! Geez! 37 Ah, tell it to your mother. 38 I bet you like the strip search best of all. 39 I hear a night stick is a cop's best friend. 40 Just get on with it unless you want a puddle. 41 You're so close to handing him over to the jailer. Surely you can hold your temper for another few minutes. 42 You've already searched him - and you didn't enjoy it much the first time. 43 How dry I am. How wet I'll be. If I don't find a place to p..... 44 You're so close to handing him over to the jailer. Surely you can hold your temper for another few minutes. 45 You've already removed his cuffs. 46 You take your handcuffs. 47 You take your gun, embarrassed that you didn't check it outside. 48 What do you wish to put in the drop? 49 You'll have to take the cuffs off first. 50 You don't have anything to put in the drop. 51 You put the suspect's knife into the drawer. 52 You put the suspect's license into the drawer. 53 Only prisoners are allowed through that door. 54 One test is enough. 55 You need to remove his cuffs first. 56 There's no reason to test this guy. His problems run deeper than alcohol! 57 There's no one to test. 58 You need to turn the machine on first. 59 You turn on the Gas Chromatograph. 60 There's nothing except cleaning supplies and paper in the cabinets, none of which you need. 61 You don't need to use the pay phone. 62 You don't need any paper towels at the moment.


0 What case number, Sonny? 1 Name? 2 Unknown source. 3 Samuel Britt. 4 Clifford Jones. 5 Marie Bonds. 6 Andrew Dent. 7 John Doe. 8 Description of evidence? 9 Broken neck chain. 10 Bronze Star. 11 Gold paint transfer. 12 Skin and hair samples. 13 Personal photo. 14 Blood and hair samples. 15 Insignia Ring. 16 Cult book. 17 White paint sample. 18 Location found? 19 Clutched in victim's right hand. 20 Scene of attack - mall parking lot. 21 Left rear quarter panel of abandoned 1973 Ford Pinto. 22 Under victim's fingernails. 23 Burned-out house, 500 block west Peach. 24 Left hand, murder suspect Steve Rocklin. 25 On body of murder suspect Steve Rocklin. 26 Left rear quarter panel of 1976 GTO. 27 And disposition? 28 Analyze for possible match to with paint transfer in case #199145. 29 Analyze for possible vehicle type. 30 Analyze for DNA profile. 31 Secure as evidence. 32 This is a new case Gibbs. I need a new number. 33 Ok Sonny, the next number is 199145. 34 You got something to drop off or are you just here for the show? 35 Yes, Sergeant? Can I do something for you? 36 If you haven't got something for me, Bonds, do you mind clearing the path for officers that do? 37 Are you here to book some evidence or are you just lost? 38 If you don't want to make a 'deposit', Bonds, why the hell are you here? 39 %d 40 I KNOW who you are, Sergeant Bonds. Quit being a wiseass. 41 You could try it, but it would only get you suspended REAL fast. 42 If you want to give Officer Gibbs something, use the evidence deposit slot. 43 Just put something in it. 44 Evidence doesn't want that.


0 Where the heck you goin', Sarge? This here's the ladies room! Men's is right next door. 1 Whew, that lady ought to be in professional boxing! Guess you went in at the wrong time. 2 "You men are all alike! Only one thing on your filthy minds! Freakin' pervert!" 3 Hey, Sarge! Nice day, ain't it? Sure as heck would like ta be fishin'! 4 Ya know, there's a great little lake just outsida town that's chock fulla bass. 5 Maybe y'all'd like ta go fishin' with me sometime. 6 Well, gotta get back ta work. Take care now, y'hear? 7 Mr. Stump, the toilet in the men's locker room is overflowing. 8 Think maybe you can take care of that for me? It's a real mess. 9 Well, I sure can! Heck, I'll get right on it, Sarge. 10 The door's already open. 11 There's nothing you need in that box. 12 You take some flares. 13 You already have plenty of flares. 14 You take some batteries from the box. 15 You already have plenty of batteries. 16 Mr. Stumps is friendly, but he's not THAT friendly. 17 The janitor looks friendly enough, so you strike up a conversation. 18 Looking for a new career? 19 But... there's no fire. 20 Just walk in. 21 You don't need to open the window. 22 The lights are left on during the day.


0 Looks like the janitor fixed the toilet. 1 You unroll all of the two ply toilet paper creating a big wad. 2 You toss the wad of paper into the toilet and flush it. 3 The toilet complains loudly and starts to overflow. 4 Now, what was my combination? Oh yeah, I wrote it down on the inside cover of my Police Manual. 5 The janitor looks a little busy at the moment. Better leave him alone and get on with your sleuthing? 6 I wouldn't go in there with that toilet running. 7 Geez! Someone had some serious paper work to do in here. They musta' used an entire roll. 8 Bet it was that Officer Walls again. 9 Flush. Flush. The spiraling water IS spellbinding, isn't it? 10 This is the men's locker room - not target practice. 11 Try your combination. 12 Oops. The t.p. dispenser is empty. Good thing you noticed it while you're still standing. 13 Someone's used up all the toilet paper. You'll have to wait for the janitor to fill the dispenser. 14 The dispenser is empty. 15 The janitor hasn't filled the dispenser with paper yet. 16 The "Roll King"dispenser is filled with a fresh new roll of standard issue, two-ply "Timbersoft" toilet paper. 17 The roll is empty. You emptied it, remember? 18 It seems the last person used all the toilet paper. 19 Oops. The t.p. dispenser is empty. Good thing you notice it while you're still standing. 20 The toilet paper is all gone. You begin to wonder if the janitor is doing his job. 21 They can put men on the moon... but they can't make a dispenser that won't run out of paper! 22 Damn! No paper! 23 No time to sit now. Besides, the toilet paper is all gone. You leave the janitor a note to fill the toilet paper dispenser. 24 No paper! You wish the chief would stop using this stall. 25 I would have thought you would know the use for toilet paper. 26 You can't do that from there... 27 They have a name for people who are obsessed with toilets, you know. 28 You remove your nightstick. 29 You remove your notebook. 30 You remove your flashlight. 31 That locker belongs to somebody else, Bonds! 32 You don't have time to sit down.


0 Breaking and entering doesn't look good on a policeman's record, Sonny! 1 That would only attract attention, don't you think. 2 That won't help you open the locker. 3 You take notes on what you've found in Morales' locker. 4 You'd better leave the cocaine here. If it were missing, Morales would get suspicious. 5 You take notes on what you have found. 6 You need to get out of here quickly. You don't have time to lounge! 7 It's bad enough that you're even in here! 8 That's not Morales' locker!


0 That's the door to the Sergeant's office. Hey, that's you. 1 That's the door to the Sergeant's office. 2 That's unnecessary. Just open the door. 3 You don't need to open the window. 4 That won't get you anywhere. 5 Thanks to the gang of Doug Oldfield, Chris Hoyt, Kim Bowdish and Mike Larson. The programmers who really deserve the main credit for this game. 6 You look over the bulletin board, but see nothing of interest.


0 That's unnecessary. Just walk through the door. 1 That's unnecessary. Just open the door. 2 The Vice door is locked. 3 That won't get you anywhere. 4 You don't need to open the window.


0 You have a serious talk with Morales... 1 I have a complaint here alleging that you were verbally abusive to one of the violators you stopped. 2 The complaint states that you yelled, screamed and used profanity. 3 So whaddya want from me? The guy was a jerk! 4 He'd of liked to do more than file a complaint - if ya know what I mean. 5 Continuing the interview you ask... 6 Alright. Why don't YOU tell ME what happened? 7 I pull the guy over, right? He's goin' 75, maybe 80 in a 50 mile zone. 8 I walk up to the car and BOOM, right away he starts eyein' me and lippin' off. 9 I'm to put up with that crap? 10 You ask Officer Morales directly... 11 Did you raise your voice and use profanity with the man or not? 12 Look - you try bein' a woman cop for just one day. Then tell me how to do my job! 13 Truthfully? I don't remember what the hell I said, but whatever it was I had damn good reason! 14 Okay, Morales, that's it for now. Get back on duty and see if you can keep the 'civil' in civil servant. 15 Sure, Sarge. Whatever you say. 16 You think about what you've learned regarding the civilian complaint. 17 UNFOUNDED- You find the complaint unfounded. EXONERATED- Not believing the complainant, you exonerate the officer. SUSTAINED- Based on the interview, you conclude that disciplinary action is necessary. You sustain the complaint against her. UNDETERMINED- Feeling undecided based on the interview, you label the complaint undetermined. 18 You leave the complaint on the Lieutenant's desk. 19 You can take the cop off the street, but you can't take the street out of the cop, eh Sonny? 20 Oh well, it's getting stuffy in here anyway. Time to roll. 21 You remove a requisition form for a "computer access card." from the basket. 22 You remove a form from the basket. 23 It's a departmental "Disciplinary Action Form" with a note attached. 24 The note from the Lieutenant reads... 25 "Bonds, please interview Officer Pat Morales regarding a complaint. The complainant alleges that the officer used profanity and verbally abused him during the issuing of a citation. Determine disciplinary action, if any, based on your interview. Leave this form on my desk when you're done." 26 Nothing's in there to take. 27 The In/Out basket appears to have something in it. 28 The In/Out basket is empty. 29 This is for memos, requests and files. 30 You are in homicide division now. Use the your computer there. 31 Your computer is already turned on. 32 You are in homicide division now. Use your desk there. 33 You are in homicide division now. Use the phone there. 34 Use your own desk. 35 Don't mess with the Lieutenant's stuff. 36 Now why would you want to take a garbage can? 37 There's nothing even remotely interesting on that bulletin board. 38 There's nothing you need in the file drawers. 39 You are in homicide division now. Your new desk and chair are there. 40 Why would you want to sit on that hard visitor's chair when you can sit on your own comfy one? 41 You have your own chair. Leave the Lieutenant's alone. 42 You prefer to catch the criminals - let the lawyers read all that crap. 43 You need a computer access card first. 44 You insert your computer access card.


0 I'll catch up with you later, Sonny. 1 You pick up and read the message... 2 Bonds, a Carla Reed called for you. Said she saw the newspaper article about Marie. 3 Better get on over there. I think she may have something for you. 4 Strange address though. 325 South Second St. That's the old industrial park. 5 Sonny, Dr. Wagner called and would like you to stop by the hospital. 6 You pick up a message from the Captain. 7 Sonny, drive out to the 300 block of W. Rose. There's a murder victim that you better have a look at. 8 You remove the subpoena. 9 "You are commanded to appear in the Lytton Municipal Court as a witness in the case of People VS. Juan Ruiz." 10 You remember that you cited Mr. Ruiz for impeding traffic. 11 The note reads:"Sonny, Dr. Wagner called again to remind you that it is important for you to see Marie every day." 12 Afternoon, Bonds! 13 Hey, Sonny. I'm goin' to the locker room. If ya get lonely, just holler, eh? Oh, and don't let anybody mess with my stuff. 14 I was just on my way to the locker room. I'll be back in a minute, if you need me. 15 We got a call for a homicide at the 300 block of west Rose. I'll meet you in the garage. 16 Gotta take care of some woman stuff Bonds. Be right back. 17 Yo Bonds! Be back in a sec. 18 Sergeant, don't you think you'd better get back out on the streets where you belong? 19 Sergeant Bonds. Good to see you. Sorry I can't talk. Got an Internal Affairs meeting, and I have to finish writing this report. 20 Welcome back, Bonds. 21 I'm sorry to hear about your wife, Marie. 22 I'm assigning you to her case, since I know you won't be able to concentrate on anything else. 23 Marie's case number is 199144. 24 You might want to review another stabbing case to see if there are any similarities. 25 That case number is 199137. 26 By the way, I want to introduce you to your new partner. 27 Officer Bonds, meet Officer Pat Morales, your new partner. 28 Oh no, not you!? 29 Hey, Bonds. Looks like we're stuck together, eh? 30 Sorry if I've been a little rough around the edges lately. I'm not so bad once you get to know me. 31 Listen, Sonny. I...I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through. But I want you to know that the entire department is pulling for you to catch the thug who did this. 32 I admire your ability to maintain a professional attitude through this hardship. You are to be commended. I just wanted to remind you to examine the scene of the crime thoroughly. 33 Have you been back to the mall to look for any physical evidence in Marie's stabbing yet? 34 Bonds, don't let your emotional state over Marie's injuries distract you from making a comprehensive sweep of the crime site. 35 Bonds, I understand you're getting sloppy on this case. Get your butt back to the mall and search that crime area again, damnit! 36 Don't worry, your lady will pull through. 37 I hope Marie's doin' better. 38 Marie's gotta be one tough cookie to have put up with you this long, Sonny. She'll be alright. 39 Major drag about Marie, Sonny. Hope she pulls through. 40 Well Bonds! Get out there and catch some bad guys!. 41 You advise the captain of the pentagram pattern based on the murder locations, times, and dates. 42 You also tell him the possible location of the next hit. 43 Well that doesn't leave much you time, Bonds! 44 Did you check your computer Bonds? Better take a look! 45 You seen the messages on your computer, Bonds? Better take a look! 46 Have you called dispatch with that description yet? 47 You may want to get that description on the air. 48 Well that doesn't leave much time Bonds! 49 You seen the messages on your computer Bonds? Better take a look! 50 Bonds! I want you to get over to the 200 block of River Road, now! 51 You feel a warm flushed feeling comes over you as Morales walks in and catches you in her drawer. 52 HEY! You mind telling me what the hell you're doing in my desk? That's breaking and entering. Your going to hang for this, Bonds! 53 Hey Bonds, you better quit leaving department equipment lying around. That baglady had a fit not being able to move her shopping cart. 54 You turn bright red as the captain hands back your cuffs you forgot at the warehouse. 55 Bonds, the coroner called and said he has something important for you. 56 Something he found on the fatal crash victim last night. Better get over to see him,.. pronto! 57 Your partner should be back from her physical testing any second. 58 Captain, I have reason to believe that my partner, Morales, has stolen some of the evidence from the Rocklin case. There were five bags of cocaine removed from accident scene, but only four were checked in as evidence. 59 I'm also beginning to suspect that she may be in league with this cult. 60 Alright Bonds, I'll have the Internal Affairs boys check it out and keep an eye on her. Play it straight but be careful. 61 You're not in the homicide division. 62 You have messages on your computer. 63 This is your computer. 64 Your computer is already turned on. 65 The chairs are for officers assigned to Homicide. 66 Your chair isn't exactly a lazy boy, but you like it. 67 You are already sitting down. 68 That's where Pat sits. 69 Sit in your own chair, Sonny. 70 It's Pat's desk drawer. 71 The desks are for officers assigned to Homicide. 72 It's locked. 73 You don't have the key. 74 Better not while people are in the room. 75 You find a piece of paper with a series of numbers on it..."386." 76 Carefully you close and relock the drawer. 77 You jot the numbers down in your notebook. 78 Pat is busy at her desk right now. 79 She doesn't want to shake hands, Bonds. 80 You've already informed the captain of Morales' activities. 81 The captain doesn't have time for idle chit chat. 82 You have a phone message from the captain in your basket. 83 There is a note in your basket. 84 There's a subpoena in your basket. 85 You need your Computer Access card. 86 That's where Earl sits. 87 Messing with Captain Tate could get you fired, Bonds. 88 That desk belongs to Pat Morales - your partner. 89 You are not assigned to Homicide right now. 90 There's nothing of interest on Pat's desk. 91 Earl Hank's desk is cluttered and covered with scuff marks from his shoes. 92 Leave Earl's stuff alone. 93 Your desk is near the filing cabinet. 94 The window doesn't open and the blinds are fine. 95 You can't stop crime by ripping up the graph. 96 None of the books interest you. 97 The messages are public - leave them up. 98 The memo advises of a mandatory attendance of all female officers for physical performance testing at the beginning of shift tomorrow. 99 Herein lies the names of the programmers who without undo fanfare brought you this game. Doug Oldfield, Chris Hoyt, Kim Bowdish and Mike Larsen. 100 Rarely do you find anything of interest on the bulletin board.


0 Your fellow officers have been a little on edge since the corner donut shop closed. You take their ribbing in stride knowing that it comes with the territory when your the new Sarge on the block. 1 Come on Sarge! Get with the briefing. 2 The Lytton public needs us, Sergeant! Give us the crap of the day so we can get out of here. 3 You'd think a new Sergeant would know what to do. 4 Obviously the Sergeant needs someone to take him by the hand! 5 Since you're obviously not up to it, the "Officer in Charge" conducts the briefing. 6 Good afternoon, Officers! 7 Ahem! Since Sergeant Bonds here has obviously forgotten about filling in for Officer Jaco while he's on vacation,... I will go ahead with the briefing. 8 Anyway, you all have today's duty sheets... 9 Officer Miller goes over the duty sheets. Then he says... 10 That's it. Have a safe shift and think about making right hand approaches on your car stops. 11 You begin the briefing... 12 Good afternoon, people! 13 I will be filling in for Sergeant Jaco while he's on vacation. 14 You advise the afternoon shift of the procedural information and announcements listed on the clipboard and close by saying... 15 Have a safe shift and think about making right hand approaches on your car stops. 16 OK! OK! Your office after the briefing. I heard ya! Sheesh! 17 Morales, I need to have a word with you in my office after this afternoon's briefing. 18 She REALLY doesn't want to talk to you. 19 Afternoon, Morales. 20 Ok, what did I do this time? Wait!... don't tell me... another complaint from some moron who thinks he was the victim of police brutality. 21 Sure, Sarge. I'd love to come hear some idiot's complaint. It'd make my day. 22 What is this, a talk show? Just give the damn briefing. 23 You stutter for a moment then mutter something about just being friendly. 24 Officer Joe Banks responds after being interrupted from his report writing... 25 Gee Sarge, I'd really like to finish this report. 26 Not looking up, Officer Banks says... 27 Please don't break my concentration! 28 Officer Banks ignores you and continues writing. 29 Referring to the academy, Carl says... 30 Drawing attention to you, Officer Law says... 31 Welcome back from the Palace of Pain! 32 No doubt the Academy hasn't changed any since the crap keeps rolling down hill! 33 Looky here guys and gals, another star is born! We have a new Sergeant. 34 I bet the metamorphosis from good guy to Sergeant was a real experience. Ha! Ha! 35 Can we get on with the briefing Sarge? I've got a date with a coffee shop! 36 Hey Sarge! The glare coming off your new chevrons is blinding us. The department's gonna hafta' issue us sun glasses. HA! 37 I got a card from Sergeant Jaco. He says he's having a great time in the Bahamas - the scum. 38 "Hands off, Bonds!" 39 Sonny Bonds wouldn't do that in a million years. 40 They KNOW who you are, Bonds. 41 This afternoon's briefing is already concluded. 42 Not a chance. 43 Surely you can think of better ways to handle a woman - even an arrogant one! 44 You don't need to sit down. 45 Just walk out. 46 Sorry, no chalk. 47 You can't give the briefing that way. 48 Those postings need to stay up for public consumption.


0 Just as you reach for the file... 1 Hey! That's highly confidential material, Sergeant! 2 While you turn bright red, Dr. Aimes asks... 3 What is it that you WANT, Bonds? I'm a very busy man. 4 You hand the military record to the doctor. 5 Lovely. I get to peer into the mind of yet another scumbag. 6 The doctor reads Bains' military record. 7 Then goes into his 'analysis' pose. 8 Rather interesting, actually. 9 He briefs you on the character of Michael Bains. 10 This guy's not your average scumbag. He's closer to the slit-his-own-mother's-throat variety. 11 I'd know more if I'd examined him, but based on this, I'd say he's a schizophrenic psychopath. 12 This guy's criminally insane, Bonds. I'd be careful how I approached him. 13 I told you, I can't diagnose thin air. 14 Excuse me, Dr. Aimes, I'm tracking a suspected serial killer. 15 Think you can help me out by putting together a psychological profile on him? 16 Where's your documentation? I can't diagnose thin air. 17 You try striking up a conversation with Doctor Sidney Aimes. 18 If you haven't got anything useful to show me, Bonds, please leave. I've no time for chit chat. 19 I said, keep your hands off, Sergeant! Are you deaf? 20 Would you mind not playing with my balls, please? 21 Well, Bonds? You've got your information, now go and catch him. 22 Now that IS Freudian. 23 He's already seen the military record. 24 But... you're not a mindless executive. 25 If you want to play psychologist, you bought the wrong game. 26 Doctor Aimes prefers to keep his personal property personal. 27 No one seems to be around so you pick up the file. You notice that it's a personnel file of Pat Morales. 28 Afraid of being caught snooping, you read only the doctor's summary. 29 1. Displays chronic insubordination. 30 2. Irrational hatred of authority figures. 31 3. Low self esteem. 32 4. Borderline sociopath. 33 SUMMARY. 34 Evaluation was suggested by Internal Affairs. 35 Officer Morales was involved in the destruction of evidence on three different occasions. 36 Internal Affairs concluded the incidents were "coincidental" based on insufficient evidence for disciplinary action. 37 You return the file to the desk. 38 You prefer a cold beer to Freudian analysis! 39 The parking lot isn't all that exciting a sight. 40 Nah. You have enough trash at home. 41 You don't feel like sitting down. 42 You can't get in there. 43 Just looking at the titles of Dr. Aimes' books puts you to sleep. 44 Don't you have something better to do? 45 You get enough vitamin 'B'.


0 You hand the requisition form to Mike, the head technician. 1 "Hey, no problem. You've got the new Mark V model don't you? What a beaut!" 2 It goes from zero to 30 Megahertz in 3.5 seconds. 3 And! It has a 4 Megabyte memory capacity, XGA graphics, and a 5 millisecond network access time. 4 You wait for Mike to shut-up. But like a streak of bad luck, he keeps going. 5 Just don't spill coffee on it, man! 6 You shoulda seen what I had to go through when the Chief dripped ice cream all over his. Yuck! 7 Mike logs your new card and places it on his desk. 8 Okay Bonds, here's your card. It goes in face up, arrow first. 9 I know that's a little hard for you cop types to handle, but you'll figure it out. 10 It's real simple man. Just boot up your machine and stick in your card. 11 You pick up the computer access card. 12 Mike mumbles to himself... 13 I'm getting sick and tired of cops who don't return things. 14 You hear Mike tell the dispatcher. 15 Get on the radio and tell that dimwit Banks to get that tracking device back to me. 16 Dispatch responds... 17 Officer Banks says that he needs the tracker for three more days. 18 Mike hangs up in disgust. 19 Don't you have anything to do, Sergeant? 20 Has your brain slipped into neutral, Sarge? 21 Someone, somewhere must need you, Sergeant. 22 Sergeant! Can you stand around and pick your nose somewhere else? I really don't have time for you. 23 If you don't mind, I need to get back to installing a hard disk. 24 You look in the cabinet to see what loaner equipment is in stock. 25 You see a tracking device in the drawer. 26 The drawer is empty. 27 The head technician, Mike Downs, stops his work and says... 28 Listen, Sarge, I'm a very busy person! 29 Unless you're here on official business, I don't have time for you! 30 If you don't have your access card, you're out of synch man! 31 I can't let you access my data without the right authorization sequence. 32 These disks don't spin without the right paperwork. Come back when you got the Requisition form. 33 Hey Mike, what does dispatch want? 34 Who? Oh. Sure, I'll tell him. 35 Hey Bonds! They need you to drive out to Aspen Falls to respond to a call. All other units are occupied. 36 Listen Sarge, I'm a very busy person! Not your messenger boy. 37 You remove the tracking device from Mike's desk drawer. 38 Now, don't you forget to return the tracker either! 39 Yeah, he's a nerd, but he knows his stuff. 40 The lab tech doesn't have time to look at your stuff, Bonds. 41 Trying to project your voice through glass proves to be futile. 42 Yep! There's been times when you've wanted to get your hands around the neck of a dispatcher. 43 Don't look through Mike's cabinet. 44 You're not qualified to screw around with the mainframe. 45 There's nothing for you on the desk right now. 46 Mike's very protective of his computers. 47 The computer magazines are of little interest. 48 Don't rap on the window and disturb dispatch! 49 You have an evil mind. 50 You don't need to get at the computer cables and Mike wouldn't let you anyway. 51 It is empty.


0 There's no reason to get out here. 1 You didn't respond to the crash in a reasonable amount of time. 2 You're supposed to be setting an example with your driving, Bonds. There's no excuse for running stop signs. 3 In fact, your flagrant disregard for traffic laws has cost you %d points so far. 4 Jumping from a moving car is only done in the movies, Bonds. 5 You can't leave you car in the middle of an intersection. 6 You decide to wait until after your shift to check in on Marie.


0 Oh, Officer, thank God! You've got to stop that man! He's a raving lunatic! 1 Just what seems to be the problem, ma'am? 2 There's a madman over there! Why...why he's almost butt naked! Ranting and raving about aliens from outer space. He's going to hurt someone! 3 Calm down, Ma'am. I'll take care of it. 4 You have no time to go swimming. 5 After daydreaming, you realize that you have to get him to the station. 6 You make sure the deranged man is secured and belted into the front of your patrol car. 7 Searching a wet and nearly naked man like this is particularly unpleasant. 8 Nevertheless, you're glad you did when you discover a knife concealed in his briefs. 9 DO something, Officer! 10 WE'RE okay. Go get the fruitcake. 11 Whaddya want with us? The nutcase is over there by the river! 12 Lock that mad man up before he hurts someone, Officer! 13 OOPS talkb4CuffingNut doens't work. 14 Imagine that kind of behavior going on in our public parks! 15 What is this world coming to!? 16 Good job, Officer. We can always count on our Men In Blue. 17 Watch out, dude! He looks pretty squirrely. Be careful with him! 18 OOPS talkAfterCuffingNut doens't work. 19 Smacking her in the face won't help. She's not that hysterical. 20 The woman is hysterical and won't calm down until you take care of the alleged crazy man. 21 We can SEE that you're a police officer. Now why don't you DO something? 22 She obviously ISN'T the perpetrator you were called here to subdue! 23 So what are you going to do with him? 24 It is easier to drive from the other side. 25 This guy's not saying anything that makes sense. 26 He has already been frisked. 27 You can't frisk him from out there. 28 These folks look relieved now that you have this nut under control. 29 Something has disturbed the picnickers. 30 The picnickers haven't done anything wrong. 31 You don't have your suit. Besides, you're on duty. 32 You don't have time for a picnic. 33 You don't have time to climb trees.


0 Maybe The Bathonians beamed the guy up. 1 You! Don't try to stop me! You'll be vaporized if you interfere!. 2 Hey! What are you doing? That's my badge! 3 The Bathonians scoff at your badge, lawman! The mothership will squash you like a pimple! This is your last warning! 4 You can't believe this guy! Deranged men can be real slippery. 5 I'm warning you! If you don't leave, I'm gonna have to hurt you! This area must be evacuated! 6 Fortunately you're carrying a spare shield. You put it on. 7 You search the deranged man's clothes, hoping for something which will lure him out of the water. 8 You find nothing of interest in the clothes. 9 You find a set of keys and a driver's license. 10 Hey, fella! I think I've got something of yours. 11 Leave those keys alone, foolish mortal! 12 There! Now your keys and my badge are neighbors! 13 I'll kill you for that - you flat-headed, flat-footed, ignoramous! 14 Managing to subdue the deranged man with the nightstick, you check for injuries and see that he's more shaken-up than hurt. 15 Suddenly...the perpetrator regains consciousness. 16 This is no time to go swimming. 17 You cuff the perpetrator while he's down, insuring that he won't have another chance to attack. 18 Come out of there! Right now! 19 The Bathonians need our water! They will suck this planet dry! 20 If you're here when they come, you'll be crushed like a pimple under the weight of the glorious mothership. 21 I'm warning you, mortal! You must leave now or DIE. 22 You MUST leave now! If you're here when they come, you'll be toast! 23 You there! Leave this place! I've got to secure it before the Bathonians come! 24 Clear out! Get away! The mothership approaches! 25 Release those keys, mortal. I am the chosen one, not You!. 26 There's nothing else of interest in the clothes. 27 So,... Your a tailor now!? 28 The man isn't listening to you. 29 You can't subdue him from here. 30 What are you going to do, kiss him? 31 He's already down. Police brutality wasn't part of your training. 32 You aren't going to shoot an unconscious man in the back are you? 33 You need to subdue him first. 34 Too late now... 35 You are not close enough to handcuff him. 36 Using a nightstick on someone who hasn't threatened you is against the law. 37 That guy wouldn't know or care if you were President of the United States. 38 The lunatic is not impressed. 39 The water babbles back. 40 Calling on your old softball arm, you haul back and throw the keys as far as you can into the river. 41 You don't have time to climb trees.


0 You need to restrain him first. 1 This is not the time to turn your back.


0 Better stay clear of this area, Sonny, we're sweeping for evidence. 1 The first thing that strikes you is that the car belongs to Marie. Then you see the paramedics working over a body. Panic begins to overwhelm you as you race to the ambulance. 2 You jump in the ambulance and respond code three to the hospital. 3 4 Marie is rushed to Lytton General Emergency where doctors begin the race to save her life. 5 They work through the night, fighting to stabilize Marie's condition. Sonny spends hours of agony in the waiting room. Although they manage to save her life, Marie remains in a coma. 6 When he's finally allowed to see her, Sonny holds her hand until the pre-dawn hours, hoping and searching for some sign that she'll come back to him. 7 Physically and emotionally exhausted, you decide to go home and get some rest. 8 Looks like another one bit the dust, eh? 9 I understand you were here before they removed the victim. Did you catch any dying words? Notice any signs of sexual assault? Anything at all? 10 Responding to your silence, the reporter says... 11 Well, if YOU don't want to talk to me, I'll just get the information elsewhere! 12 Listen, you little blood sucking piece of FILTH! The victim was my wife! You guys are all the same. Now get outta here before I forget that I'm wearing this badge! 13 I'll give your paper some details alright!... All about how I rearranged your face! 14 Oh, Geez! Look Officer I- I'm terribly sorry! 15 I'm just trying to get the facts. I thought you cops liked that kind of loose talk - helps keep things from getting too serious, know what I mean? 16 Here's my card. If there is anything I can ever help you with, Officer, give me a ring, huh? Again, sorry about your wife. 17 You feel a moment of remorse for your outburst, and almost say 'thanks', but fortunately the moment passes. 18 The officer is intent on his search and ignores you. 19 You turn your flashlight off. 20 You turn your flashlight on and begin a search of the scene. 21 Your batteries appear to be dead. 22 You catch the glint of an object lying just beneath Marie's car. 23 You pick up what appears to be a medallion. Upon closer inspection you recognize it to be a "Bronze Star" war medal. 24 It's a very LARGE streetlamp. 25 You try to search the area, but it's just too dark to see anything. Perhaps you should come back when it's light. 26 The parking lot blacktop. 27 Some of the mall's stores are undergoing renovation. 28 That store is closed. 29 Sidewalks connect the store fronts. 30 The flashlight is already on. 31 That's the Army Recruiter's office. 32 The Army Recruiter's office is closed for the night. 33 That's the shop of "Zak" the keymaker. 34 Zak's key shop is closed for the night. 35 Marie's Trans Am still sits in the poorly lit parking lot of the mall. You scan the car for clues... but find nothing.


0 What can I do for you? 1 Need a key made? 2 I make keys for big locks, small locks, clocks, cars, tanks and banks. What do you need fella? 3 What, you want another one? You got a family of ten moving in or what? 4 Ah yes! No problem with this little jewel. I'll have a copy in a second. 5 Sorry, but this key says "Do Not Duplicate." 6 Here you are fella, that'll be two fifty. 7 You give Zak his two dollars and fifty cents. 8 Thanks buddy... Another day another two dollars and fifty cents. 9 You what? No money? Do I look like an idiot to you? Get outta my shop! 10 Sorry, this key says 'Do Not Duplicate' on it. 11 What do you want me to do with that? I'm a KEY maker, for crying out loud. 12 Just giving away money, Sonny? 13 You don't have the correct change. 14 That store is closed. 15 Morales is making a phone call. 16 That's Officer Pat Morales, your partner. 17 You retrieve the bronze star.


0 "OH NO!" you think... "This just can't be!! Not Marie!" 1 What's wrong with her! 2 Multiple stab wounds. Damage unclear. 3 It doesn't look good. We have to get her to the hospital STAT. 4 We're ready. If you're goin', you'd better climb in, Officer. 5 You see something clutched in Marie's hand. 6 It's empty. 7 You remove what appears to be a chain from Marie's hand. 8 Looking at the broken chain you think... "Marie must have pulled this from the attacker's neck!" 9 And you ponder the thought... "I just wonder if something else was on this chain." 10 Her hand feels cold. 11 You try waking her, but she doesn't respond.


0 You drop your partner off at the station then drive yourself home for some needed rest. 1 Feeling physically and emotionally drained, you drive home.


0 Officer Bonds, I'm Dr. Wagner, the resident neurosurgeon. 1 I'm sorry to say that your wife's condition is still quite serious. She's suffering from internal injuries sustained from the multiple stab wounds. 2 How long she will remain in a coma is anyone's guess. 3 In my experience, the presence of a loved one urging the patient back from that void is an incalculable asset. 4 We're doing all we can for her physically, but you might be the only one who can reach her now. 5 The nurse found this chain clutched in your wife's hand. 6 Sergeant Bonds, you look beat. You really should go home and try to get some rest. There's nothing to be done for your wife right now. 7 We can all feel good about the fact that Marie is alive. 8 Marie! Please come back, Baby. I can't go on without you. 9 You fight to pull yourself together. 10 I...I've gotta go now, Babe. You need your rest. It's been a rough night. 11 I'll get the bastard who did this, Babe. I SWEAR IT! 12 13 As a fellow officer drives you back to your car at the mall, you fight to focus your rage, grief, and sense of violation into something you can live with. 14 What you end up with is a burning desire to find and crucify the slime that hurt your wife. 15 Somebody out there picked the wrong man to mess with. 16 The chart shows that Marie's IV dosage is supposed to be set at 0.005 17 You gently kiss Marie's lips. 18 Sweet dreams! 19 You softly kiss your wife. Her eyelids flicker in response. 20 Doctor Wagner's face is grave as he says... 21 I'm afraid I don't have any good news, Sonny. Marie's condition is unchanged. 22 There's nothing more we can do but wait... and hope. 23 Again, I'm sorry, Officer. Now if you'll excuse me, I have other patients to attend to. 24 She seems to be resting quietly now. 25 Hello, Sergeant Bonds. I'm afraid there's no change. 26 Nothing new to report, I'm afraid. 27 We haven't noticed any changes, but I think she appreciates you being here, just the same. 28 In an anxious voice, you tell the nurse you're concerned about the IV dosage. 29 I'll get the doctor to check on that right away, Officer. 30 Torn between feeling foolish and genuinely alarmed, you explain to the doctor that there seems to be a discrepancy between the IV dosage on the chart and that on the IV meter. 31 The doctor looks doubtful as he checks the chart... 32 ...Then the IV. 33 With a red face, the doctor says... 34 Why...You're correct, Sergeant Bonds. This dosage is obviously incorrect. 35 I don't understand this at all. I can't believe our staff could make such a serious error! I have readjusted the IV. Perhaps Marie will feel better now. 36 Marie's eyelids flutter, almost as though she could hear her music box. 37 You could swear that you just saw Marie's finger move! 38 Marie's mouth moves slightly. 39 Marie's eyes finally open. The warmth of her smile gives you hope for the first time since her attack. You're a lucky man, Sonny Bonds. Marie is alive and whole. 40 Do you need something, Sergeant Bonds? 41 If there is nothing else, I have to get back to work. 42 I never lost hope! I just knew that somehow, someway, you would come back to me. 43 It was your strength and your will to live that brought you back. 44 You're going to be fine now sweetness. You'll be up and around in no time. 45 There's no doubt in my mind, somebody up there is looking out for you. 46 We're real close to nailing the animals that caused this. 47 The digital readout indicates Marie's IV dosage. 48 One moment, Sir. 49 That won't help Marie come back. They're doing all they can. 50 You've already introduced yourself to the hospital staff. 51 Marie is resting gently. You don't want to disturb her. 52 You gently place a fresh rose in Marie's hand. However, there is no response. Nice try Sonny. 53 Marie's condition might yet be reversible. Don't give up without a fight. 54 You can't change the medication by yourself. 55 The room temperature is monitored carefully by the staff. You don't need to open the window. 56 Marie lies awake in the bed. 57 Marie lies motionless on the hospital bed. 58 The hospital bed does not need adjustment. 59 Words cannot discribe the joy you feel seeing Marie awake from her coma. 60 The EKG monitor registers your wife's vital signs. Its steady beep in response to her pulse gives you some small comfort. 61 The Monitor's beep reminds you that although Marie is awake, she is not out of the woods yet. 62 Leave the monitor alone. It will alert the staff if Marie goes into distress. 63 You do not need the metal stand. 64 There's nothing in the cabinets that would be of use to you. 65 You're too upset by the sight of Marie to even think about sitting down. 66 You don't feel like sitting right now. 67 There's no reason to draw the curtains right now. 68 Marie is resting gently. You do not to disturb her. 69 You talk gently to your wife, hoping that some part of her hears you. 70 You are overjoyed to see your wife recovered. 71 Your beloved wife lies motionless in a coma. You wish there was some way to know what she's thinking... if she's thinking. 72 You gently place a fresh rose in Marie's hand. However, there is no response. 73 Marie's proud of your career as a police officer, but she's not interested in your badge right now. 74 Marie's condition might yet be reversable. Don't give up without a fight. 75 You shouldn't mess with things you know nothing about. 76 There's no reason to turn off the light. 77 You don't need the nurse now. 78 You press the call button and hope that the nurse is on the way. 79 Let Marie keep her rose. 80 Let Marie keep her music box. 81 Let Marie keep her locket.


0 Wait up Boss... 1 Yo, Sonny, I think I'll make a phone call while you're upstairs. 2 While contemplating the elevator buttons, you realize that you have no idea what room they moved Marie to. 3 May I help you, Sir? 4 I'm looking for my wife, Marie Bonds. Could you tell me what room she's in, please? 5 Oh, yes. Your wife has been moved to room 307. 6 The receptionist looks at you blankly. 7 Is there something else that you need. 8 Can I get you something, Sir? 9 I'm visiting my wife. 10 Ah! I'm sorry she's ill. Perhaps a nice fresh flower would cheer her up? 11 We have lovely roses today. Ladies do like roses. 12 I think I'd like a rose, please. 13 Good choice. Our roses are particularly fresh and beautiful today. 14 Here you are, Sir. That'll be $2.50. 15 You pay the florist and take the rose. 16 You realize that you have no money. Red faced, you leave the flower shop without the rose. 17 You buy ANOTHER rose. You note that you're getting very low on cash. 18 Geez, you've spent all your money. You hope there's nothing that you need money for later on today. 19 Too bad it's not Easter. Lilies are wonderful at Easter. 20 Of course, buttercups are nice. I'm a sucker for wildflowers. 21 Daisies aren't in season right now, or I would have suggested daisies. 22 You know, your eyes are the nicest cornflower blue. 23 Not now Bonds, I need to make a phone call. 24 Blow it out your ear, Bonds. 25 You hang on to that stuff. I'm not interested in it! 26 If you want something from the florist, you must pay for it. 27 You already have a rose. 28 Selling flowers isn't a criminal offense! 29 The florist already has PLENTY of roses. 30 Hi, Sargeant Bonds. Your wife's in room 307. 31 If you want something from the receptionist, just ask her. 32 The receptionist stonily ignores you. You gather that she's used to ignoring people. 33 That's right! Torture Marie's room number out of her! 34 The receptionist isn't interested in that. 35 Just press the button. Trying to pry those doors open with your hands will only give you a hernia. 36 Just walk there. 37 If you want something why don't you ask the receptionist?


0 Day 2 1 Day 3 2 Day 4 3 Day 5 4 Day 6 5 There are only 6 days in the game.


0 Even half-asleep, you recognize Captain Tate's stern voice... 1 "BONDS!... Rise and shine, pal! I need you back in Homicide today. We've got work to do. Report in plain clothes." 2 Sleepily, you reply... 3 I'll be there before 1400 hours, Captain. 4 You hate waking up without Marie next to you. 5 You go through the motions of getting ready for work. 6 A slightly irratated Captain Tate says... "Come on, Bonds. Time to roll out! Gotta go catch the badguys, remember? Get it in gear!" 7 I...uh...I'm leaving now. 8 Looking at the clock, you realize that you're late for work. You must have been day dreaming about Marie. 9 Marie's hospital gown is all she needs right now. 10 The closet contains Marie's clothes and other personal items. 11 On the shelf there's several of her favorite momentos including a music box. 12 Anything you could 'do' with the bed wouldn't be any fun without Marie. 13 There's no one you need to call. 14 The night stand doesn't interest you. 15 The temperature in the room is fine. You decide not to open the window. 16 You don't have time to sit down and read. You're late for work.


0 You're determined not to leave with out this witness. She may be your only real lead to who attacked Marie. 1 You decide to soothe the old gal by securing her cart with your handcuffs. 2 That's the ticket, Sonny Boy! Let's go! 3 What? Who... Who's that? Whadya want? 4 You try to convince the bag lady to go with you, but she's adamant. 5 The last time I left my cart alone for two seconds, I had a year's worth of Cosmo stolen! 6 I ain't goin' nowhere without my cart, now. Do you know how tough it is to find one with wheels that don't wobble? 7 You can ask me all you want, Mr. Police Man. Unless ya wanna drag me kickin' an screamin', you ain't gettin' me ta leave my cart unguarded! 8 The pile of newspapers rustles alarmingly. 9 Who the hell are you? I don't talk to no strangers. 10 Ma'am, I'm Detective Sonny Bonds of the Lytton Police Department. 11 Yea, so what cha want from me? I ain't done nothin' to nobody! 12 You called and said you saw something at the Oak Tree Mall last night. I'd like you to come downtown with me and help us out, maybe give us a description. 13 Ooh! I'd love ta go ridin' in one of them real life squad cars. Okay! Just help me put my stuff in the car. 14 Ma'am, I'm sorry but there's not enough room in the trunk for your cart. You'll have to leave it here. 15 What?! Leave my STUFF? Ooh, nooo! I can't very well just up and leave my STUFF. 16 Well, bless your heart. My cart is still safe. 17 Thanks for the sandwich. 18 You retrieve your cuffs. 19 You move to place a hand on the bag lady's arm and she draws away in horror. She obviously hates being touched. 20 Manhandling the bag lady is not going to solve anything. She's not likely to help you if she's angry. 21 The shape of that pile of newspapers looks vaguely familiar. 22 As you look closely at the bag lady, you realize that she's not nearly as old as you first thought. The streets have a way of making all of the homeless look old and used up. 23 She's asleep. Why don't you try it when she's awake? 24 Showing your badge to a bundle of newspapers is pretty useless. 25 She's still waking up, she doesn't see your ID. 26 Showing her your badge again doesn't make her any more impressed. 27 You only need handcuffs to restrain a suspect, not a witness. 28 The pile of grungy newspapers is empty now. 29 You ought not to disturb the old woman's... uh... bed. 30 The rusty shopping cart is loaded down with junk. 31 Carla's shopping cart is loaded down with her treasures and memories. 32 The rusty shopping cart is loaded down with the old woman's treasures and memories. 33 It wouldn't fit in your car. 34 Carla needs her cart more than you do. 35 The cart probably belongs to a homeless person. They need that stuff more than you do. 36 I think the bag lady would be irritated if you took off with her cart. 37 You have no reason to do that right now. 38 You look fondly at your car. 39 Use your car if you want to leave. 40 What do you want to do with the pipe? 41 Nice thought, but you don't have time to clean up the place. 42 There's nothing you need in the trash bin. Leave that stuff for the garbage collector.


0 You request to see Judge Simpson in her chambers. 1 There's nothing for you to do at the courthouse right now. 2 I'll be waitin' for ya in the car, Boss. 3 Just use the front door. 4 You consider using the bushes, but decide that you can wait until you get to a restroom. 5 Hey! Try to keep your mind on your work, Ok, bonds? 6 Hey! Try to keep your mind on your work Ok bonds?


0 Just tell the judge what happened when you get on the stand. 1 Don't worry about it. Just tell the truth. 2 We shouldn't have a problem with this one if you've followed procedure. 3 You take the witness chair next to the Deputy District Attorney. 4 The bailiff says in a loud voice. All rise for the honorable Judge Mildred Simpson. 5 The bailiff says in a loud voice. Court is now in session. Please be seated. 6 Directing her attention to the prosecutor, Judge Simpson says... 7 Officer, please raise your right hand. 8 Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? 9 Please state your name and occupation for the court. 10 You point out Mr. Ruiz and say... 11 Speaking to the court reporter... 12 Let the record reflect that Officer Bonds has identified the defendant, Mr. Juan Ruiz. 13 Officer Bonds, would you please describe the events which led up to your issuing a citation to Mr. Ruiz? 14 Certainly. I had routine traffic duty that day. 15 I had been on duty for about six hours and was patrolling the highway when I drove up on a line of slow-moving cars in the fast lane. 16 I pulled around them in the slow lane and when I reached the head of the line I saw Mr. Ruiz in a 1958 Ford Fairlane. 17 I could see immediately that he was going way under the speed limit, so I clocked him. My speedometer registered 35 mph. 18 Irritated, Judge Simpson raps her gavel... 19 You'll hear plenty of the attorney's voice soon enough. 20 The judge addresses the defense attorney... 21 The defense attorney cross-examines you. 22 not Guilty condition we shouldn't have gotten here!! 23 Mr. Ruiz, please raise your right hand. 24 Please state your name for the court. 25 I was just driving, your Honor! Not doing nothing! I'm a very careful driver! 26 I don't do no showing off or nothing in my ride. I wasn't speeding, I wasn't going slow, I wasn't doing nothing! 27 These cops just don't like Chicanos, man, and that's the truth. He'd of busted me if I was goin' 54! 28 You mumble... 29 You hand the calibration chart to the Deputy District Attorney. 30 The District Attorney isn't interested in excuses. He just wants the calibration chart. 31 Ruiz isn't any more interested in talking to you than you are in talking to him. 32 What? In a court of law? 33 This is a court proceeding, not a swap meet! 34 Please answer the question, sir. 35 When the judge wants your opinion, she'll ask for it. 36 The bailiff doesn't look like the sort to tolerate any nonsense in his courtroom. 37 The bailiff doesn't want to talk to you. 38 Just hand him the calibration chart. 39 The D.A. has already seen that. 40 When the D.A. wants the calibration chart, he'll ask for it. 41 The court reporter is too busy to talk to you now. 42 The court reporter is busy. 43 You're happy with the seat you're in. 44 You'll need to sit up front at the prosecutor's table. 45 You can't go in there while court is in session. 46 You don't need the calendar. 47 If you want a nice gavel like that, you'll just have to go to law school. 48 You're already in the witness box. 49 The court will call you when your testimony is needed.


0 Officer Bonds! Have you forgotten something? 1 Sheepishly you go back and pick up the %s. 2 Well, Officer! What's on your mind. 3 Judge Simpson looks up as you come into her chambers. 4 I see you're back. Did you have a problem with the warrant? 5 No, not the warrant - just gaining entry. The place is fortified. There's only one way to get into that house. I'm requesting a special order to use the department's ram unit. 6 The judge studies you closely, then says... 7 I see. Alright, Officer. I trust your judgement. 8 Just make sure you have plenty of back up. 9 You explain to the judge about recovering Marie's locket. You tell her you believe the cult is responsible for Marie's attempted murder. 10 OOPS THINGS GIVEN DOESN'T WORK 11 You tell the judge how the photograph of Michael and Jessie Bains helped you locate the suspected crack house. 12 You hand the news clipping to the judge. 13 You try to convince the judge, but she insists on more evidence. 14 I can see you've done some good detective work, Officer Bonds, but I need more evidence to justify a search warrant. 15 Your Honor, I'm convinced that some sort of cult operating a crack house at this location. 16 I wish I were as convinced, Officer Bonds. Is there anything else? 17 Well! This looks like a very nasty business indeed! You've sold me. I'll sign the warrant. 18 Judge Simpson lays the warrant on the desk and says... 19 Good luck, Officer. Contact me if you need any further assistance. 20 Sounds like you have a good case Bonds. But I need a location and at least an attempt to gain normal entry. 21 I wish I could help, but you must go to the location and see if anyone is home first. 22 Your Honor,... I need to obtain a search warrant. 23 ***I have this fix-it ticket that I was hoping you could clear for me. 24 Well Then... how bout I just write one up for you... 25 Come on Officer! You know the rules. I need some evidence before I can issue you a warrant. 26 You know the procedures. Sorry, I can't help you right now. 27 The judge is not the kind of person you want to mess with. 28 You've already shown Marie's locket to Judge Simpson. 29 You've already shown the photograph to Judge Simpson. 30 You've already shown the news clipping to Judge Simpson. 31 She'd rip you apart, Bonds. 32 I remember you perfectly well, Officer Bonds! 33 The judge isn't interested in that. 34 The judicial order lies on the desk. 35 The search warrant lies on the desk. 36 You pick up the judicial order. 37 The judge would not appreciate you handling her things. 38 If the judge wants her windows open, she'll open them herself.


0 The victim's over there in the dumpster. 1 I called the coroner. He's on his way. 2 I'll be posted at the entrance of the alley waiting for the meat wagon if ya need me. 3 I'll do the camera bit, Bonds. 4 Ay, Chihuahua! 5 Ok Sonny, I got them. 6 Hey Bonds. Nice day, eh? How's the stiff? 7 He's hangin' in there, Leon. 8 I'll take care of him now, Bonds. You can go catch some bad guys. 9 Hey, looks like he has something in his pocket! 10 The coroner hands you the license to record in your notebook. 11 You hand the victim's I.D. to the coroner. 12 You log the victim's information in your notebook before handing the I.D. to the coroner. 13 Ah, not a pretty picture eh? Let me guess - his name isn't 'Lucky'. 14 You notice a fresh dent marked with gold paint on this side of the car. 15 Did you hear the one about the Orthodox Jewish Coroner and the hotdog salesman? 16 So I says to her, Aunt Sophie, could we just this once NOT turn this into a funeral already? 17 So yesterday, I'm eatin' one of my wife's bagels (no lox, 'cause she forgot ta go to the deli), and I'm usin' this napkin. I THINK it's clean, right?... 18 Your bettin' on WHO in the super bowl? Are you CRAZY? Are you INSANE? Ya wanna kill yourself, let me do it. It'll be quicker. 19 That's Leon. He's a great Coroner, but the guy has a sick sense of humor. 20 One murder's enough for this dark alley, don't you think? 21 You really like to flash those credentials, don't you? 22 Don't you want to log the information about Andrew Dent in your notebook first? 23 That's nice, Bonds, but I only care for that stuff when it's still on the body. Save it for L.P.D evidence. 24 Ah! Would that the dead COULD speak! 25 You think about shooting the murder victim, but he's ALREADY DEAD! 26 You identify yourself to the stiff, then contemplate a long vacation. 27 The car's been abandoned for some time. There's nothing of interest in there. 28 You don't need another sample. 29 You carefully scrape some of the gold paint transfer from the side of the white car along with a little white paint into the paper envelope. 30 You need to use the proper field equipment to take a clean paint sample. 31 You don't have the field equipment necessary to take a clean paint sample. 32 You don't need to worry about the garage. 33 The uniformed officer will remove the tape when the body has been removed and the crime lab is finished with the area. 34 You need to give the license to the coroner first. 35 You need to put the field equipment back into the trunk first.


0 Using the toothpick, you scrape under the victim's fingernails. You then place the collected skin and hair into a sample envelope. 1 You look carefully at the knife wounds in the upper chest. Not a pretty sight. But it's the pentagram carved into the flesh that really hits you between the eyes. 2 "Not another one!"... you mutter. 3 "That's all Lytton needs - some freaked-out serial killer that thinks he's got a hot-line to Satan!" 4 A bloody shirt covers the upper torso. 5 You already have the hair and skin sample. 6 That is a good idea, but you'll need the proper equipment. 7 That's a good idea, but you'll need to use the proper field equipment. 8 Looking closely at the victim's hands, you notice what appears to be hair and skin imbedded under the fingernails. 9 Looks like somebody attacked this guy with toothpicks. 10 You carefully write down the information in your notebook. 11 You already have the information in your notebook. 12 You carefully search the body and remove the victim's identification. 13 There's nothing more in the victim's pockets. 14 You examine the knife wounds in the upper chest. Leon will be able to tell you more about the wounds in the Coroner's report. 15 That's a nasty habit! 16 I don't think he'd care to have his teeth picked right now. 17 You have plenty of trash at home.


0 The back entrance to the bar seems to be locked. 1 Morales ignores your attempt at conversation. 2 This car looks like the suspect vehicle we've been looking for. 3 Hmmmm... no tags, though. 4 You wander around for a moment and realize that there's nothing else of interest in this part of town. 5 You curse as you watch the suspect getting away. 6 What... What's going on? 7 Just get in the car! 8 You can't take a paint sample without the proper field equipment. 9 You can't search the inside of the car without a warrant. 10 You look at the parked car and notice that the license plates are missing. The car matches the description of the suspect vehicle. 11 Giving the car a closer look, you see what appears to be a fresh white paint transfer. 12 "Bingo", you mutter, "I got you now, you S.O.B..." 13 You inspect the suspect car once more, and find no evidence other than the paint transfer. 14 You plant the tracking device on the suspect vehicle. 15 You carefully scrape some of the white paint transfer off and put it in an envelope. 16 You don't need any more paint. 17 The car won't fit in the envelope. 18 You need to get the paint sample before you can store it in an envelope. 19 Rubber's just rubber. If you want some there's easier ways to get it than scraping it off the street. 20 There is no apparent need for anything in the trunk right now. 21 Convinced that the serial killer will strike here next, you decide to stick around. 22 Just use the front door. 23 If you want a drink, you'd have better luck inside.


0 Better keep it holstered until you REALLY need it. 1 "Hmmm... nothing of interest back here." 2 I'm gonna check out the back for the suspect, Sonny. 3 Hey that guy kinda looks familiar. 4 The punk's hateful glare burns right through you. 5 You look carefully at the man. He closely matches the bag lady's physical description of the suspect in Marie's stabbing. 6 As you turn to ask the pool player about the vehicle... 7 If you want something from the man why don't you just ask. 8 Approaching a potentially armed suspect, unprepared is not advisable. 9 Maybe I'd have better luck getting her attention when she isn't quite so busy. 10 You know anything about that car parked out front? 11 My customer's cars are their own business. 12 Okay, thanks. 13 What can I do for ya tonight? 14 Nothing. Thanks. 15 Hey pal! If yer not buyin' booze, yer just takin' up real estate! 16 If you wanna order a drink then order it. 17 I ain't got time for idle chit chat right now! 18 The man playing pool hasn't done anything wrong, except be rude. 19 He's waiting for his pool partner to finish his turn. 20 The man playing pool looks like a rough customer. You wonder where his pool partner is. 21 Maybe you should wait until he makes his shot first. 22 The man ignores you. He seems to be waiting on someone to come finish the game. 23 You think about busting the guy's head, but you restrain yourself. 24 Is that your car out front? 25 *Sniff* Anybody else in here smell bacon? 26 Why on earth would you want to do that?! 27 He seems harmless enough. You decide to leave him alone. 28 The guy hasn't done anything wrong. 29 Excuse me, Sir. is that your car parked right out front? 30 Naw! My car's been in the shop all week. Why? 31 Nothing. thanks. 32 The guy's busy drowning his sorrows and doesn't pay any attention to you. 33 He hasn't done anything wrong. Leave him alone. 34 Excuse me sir, is that your car parked right out front? 35 Not me. I drive a Harley man! 36 Sorry to bother you. 37 Touching the pool table while someone is playing isn't a good idea. 38 If you want a drink just order one. 39 You don't have time to sit down. 40 Ahh... if you only had time! 41 You don't have time to watch television. 42 You wouldn't take one of those tacky candles if somebody paid you. 43 No thanks, you don't smoke.


0 The door is locked. 1 You decide to drive to the hospital to check up on marie. 2 This is the front entrance to the coroner's office. 3 Your car sits out in front of the coroner's office. 4 You look fondly at your car. 5 You haven't even been inside yet! 6 The trunk of your car is closed. 7 Since you're not a dog, I'll ignore that request. 8 Not having a green thumb, you leave the tree alone. 9 There's nothing you can do with the sign. 10 Just use the front door. 11 There's nothing you can do with the sidewalk. 12 Ok Bonds,... Lets try and keep our mind on our work!


0 You decide to stick around until the coroner shows up. 1 "Oh yeah, I almost forgot Rocklin's personal effects." 2 Well, if it isn't Sergeant 'B'. I hadda hunch you might show up. 3 You might find this amusing. I found it on your dead suspect. Looks like you have a fan. 4 With a sinking feeling, you recognize the old news article covering your promotion. 5 A red marking pen pentagram mars your photograph. 6 I wouldn't worry about it, Bonds. You look GOOD in red. 7 Not to worry. I've got a positive I.D. on your stiff. Name's Steven Rocklin. Last known address is 500 West Peach. 8 I've got all of Rocklin's belongings in an envelope over on the counter for you. 9 I see you found that manilla envelope I put out for you. The stuff in there was Rocklin's. 10 I found this under the fingernails of your murder victim, Andrew Dent. A little skin, a little hair... Think of it as my gift to you. 11 Hey, drop by for lunch some time! I'll slice us up some fresh pastrami! 12 Hey, Bonds... you ok? You look a little green around the gills! 13 Nope. Nobody you know. There's a toe tag, though. 14 You notice a toe tag. 15 This corpse's feet look particularly unattractive. You notice a toe tag. 16 The drawers store bodies. You wonder if there's anyone you know in there. 17 "I'm starting to worry about you Bonds." 18 Leon Mandel is the County Coroner. It's rare to see him without something or other in his mouth. He's a little strange, but you've come to appreciate his sense of humor. 19 Leon's not about to share his sandwich. 20 Nah. He might enjoy it. 21 Hey, you want a picture? I'll send you an autographed one. Me in my polka dot swim trunks. No problem. 22 Whaddaya want from me, a medal? Your evidence boys down at the station have the time and equipment for all that lab analysis stuff. Me, I'm busy enough with just the stiffs. 23 Better hang on to it! 24 There's a large manilla envelope on the counter. 25 Knowing what a strange individual Leon is, you decide to stay out of his cabinets. 26 Leon certainly has a lot of storage space in here. 27 Even if Leon GAVE you that chart, you wouldn't take it. 28 You'd rather not look at that chart on the wall. You see enough of that stuff at accident scenes. 29 You don't have much call for embalming fluid, Sergeant. 30 The bottles contain embalming fluid. 31 There'll be time enough for you to be on the table when you're dead. 32 The sight of the cold, stainless steel autopsy table sends a chill through the spine as you recall the many times you've come close to ending up on one. 33 This isn't "Life & Death". There's a REASON you didn't go into forensics. Just looking at those instruments makes you queasy. 34 A number of cruel-looking stainless steel instruments lie on a towel on the counter. 35 You'd better leave "Demi" alone. You know how Leon is about his bones. 36 That's Leon's 'girlfriend', Demi Bones. 37 The toe tag reads "%s". 38 Good old Leon. He has so much fun naming the John Does. 39 The toe tag reads "%s" - the poor stiff you found in the alley. 40 Underneath the name is a note: "Bonds - Caught you peeking! Stepped out for a bite. Be back soon - Leon." 41 This place does have a way of making you want to wash your hands, doesn't it? 42 The Coroner's office is equipped with a sink. You hate to think about what washes down those drains! 43 I don't think Leon would appreciate your playing with his toys. 44 The embalming machine is a kind of mechanical vampire. Out with the old, in with the new...


0 You ignore the firemen and walk right into the burning house. Falling debris hits you on the head, and you succumb to the flames. 1 I'll deal with the gawkers across the street. 2 Just try to conduct yourself like a professional. OK, Morales? 3 No prob' Boss man! 4 Ok folks! Who brought the marshmallows, huh? 5 I'll go take care of the gawkers across the street, Sonny. 6 What appears to have started the fire? 7 Looks like arson to me. She went up awful fast. 8 Do you have any idea who might have started it? 9 It's under investigation. You can go in if you like. 10 You thank the fire chief and let him get back to work. 11 Hey you! Get back away from the fire line! 12 Officer, I found something you might want to look at. 13 It looks like a photograph. 14 It takes you a moment to realize what you're seeing. You feel goosebumps crawl up your back. 15 The man on the left is none other than your one-time arch nemesis, Jessie Bains. The man on the right bears a striking resemblance to him. 16 You don't believe this! The Bains brothers, Michael and Jessie. 17 The firemen are struggling to put out the fire. 18 The firemen are anxious to get this wrapped up. 19 "The fire's under control. Not to worry." 20 "Hey, we're off call as soon as we're done here. Who wants to grab a beer down at Johnny's? 21 "We've almost got it out now." 22 "Man, I gotta call my wife. Anybody seen a phone?" 23 "This fire's nothing compared to the office building that went up yesterday." 24 "This one didn't take long at all. At least we caught it before it spread up the street." 25 It looks like the man with the bull horn is in charge. He must be the fire chief. 26 The fire chief is focused on his men. He doesn't notice you. 27 You see the fire gutted shell of a house still ablaze. It looks like the fire fighters have it under control. 28 You see the fire gutted shell of a house. 29 It's a Lytton Fire Department pumper. 30 The firemen have the fire well in hand and don't need your assistance. 31 It's the trunk of your car. 32 You need to put the field equipment back into the trunk first.


0 It looks like a photograph. You pick it up. 1 It takes you a moment to realize what you're seeing. You feel goosebumps crawl up your back. 2 The man on the left is none other than your one-time arch nemesis, Jessie Bains. The man on the right bears a striking resemblance to him. 3 You don't believe this! The Bains brothers, Michael and Jessie. 4 You notice something shiny sticking out from under a mound of burnt refuse. 5 The walls are marred by fire. 6 You don't want to touch that. Some of this stuff is still hot. 7 The ugly old couch is soaked and smoldering. The smell of burnt upholstery stings your nose. 8 The smoking couch does not interest you. 9 The carpet has melted in places into a molten polyester mess. 10 You search this area but find nothing. 11 The cushion doesn't interest you. 12 The melted glob doesn't interest you. 13 Just walk there.


0 This appears to some sort of altar room. You get the feeling you're not dealing with kids and ouija boards here. 1 You carefully scrape off some of the dried blood and hair and put them in an envelope. 2 You don't need another sample. 3 You need something with which to collect a clean sample. 4 Even the idea of touching this sicko stuff disgusts you. 5 A pentagram has been carefully painted on the wooden floor with red paint. 6 As you study the floor within the altar you notice a dried puddle of blood and hair. It appears to be the remains of some sick sacrificial ritual. Your stomach turns. 7 The walls are marred by fire. 8 You don't want to touch that. Some of this stuff is still hot. 9 The last embers of the fire cast an eerie red glow throughout the smokey house. 10 The pipe doesn't interest you. 11 Exposed water pipes and charred studs are all that remain of some of the interior walls.


0 Good day, Sir! Good day! You look like a man in need of a career. 1 Reconsidering? 2 You made an excellent choice! The army's the ONLY life for a man! 3 Outdoor adventure, free room and board, good old-fashioned discipline! Get all those newfangled, namby-pamby, TV-zombie ideas out of your system and get your life back under control. Know what I mean? 4 Serving you is a pleasure, sir. Don't forget the U.S. Army if you ever need a change of careers! 5 Thanks. I won't. 6 You can even choose your first tour of duty. 7 Remember, son. It's the best character builder a man could want. 8 At the end of your six year enlistment, you'll be amazed at how the time just flew by. 9 Just think of an exciting career in heavy tank repair! 10 You could become a career man. Look at what it's done for me. 11 We have many exciting bases around the world, like Oklahoma. 12 13 Hmmm... That sounds terrific, but I already have got a good career, thanks. 14 You show the photograph to the recruiting officer again. 15 You show the photograph of Jessie and Michael Bains to the recruiting officer. 16 Well, why didn't you say who you were earlier? Of course I can get that information for you, Sergeant. 17 Can you give me any information on this man? His name is Michael Bains. He should have a military record. 18 That's privileged information there, boy! The U.S. Army doesn't hand out military records to just anyone! 19 Let me see here, Sergeant... 20 Ah! Here we go. Michael Bains. Let me get you a printout. 21 There you are, Sergeant. Hope it helps. 22 You show the recruiting officer your badge and identify yourself. 23 He looks closely at your credentials, making sure they're legitimate. When he looks up, he seems more cooperative. 24 Yes, Sir, Sergeant. And what can I do for you today? 25 You can keep it, Sergeant. The U.S. Army's got it all in its data banks. 26 You take the printout of Michael Bain's military record. 27 Browsing through Michael Bains' military record, you come across the following information. 28 Career Gunnery Sergeant. Exemplary record, bearing and behavior - beyond reproach. Behavior alteration noticed following brother's death (Jesse Bains) at the hands of the police. Admitted to military psychiatric facility following a particulary violent outburst. Two injured. 29 Returned to active duty, but began displaying more violent, antisocial behavior patterns. Unprovoked physical attacks reported. Medical discharge from army for psychological instability. 30 The recruiter would no doubt flatten your face if you tried to walk out with his printer. 31 I don't think that's a good idea. 32 Just showing him the photo again won't do any good. 33 You have already identified yourself. 34 The recruiter is career army. He's not interested in seeing your puny weapons. 35 The recruiter isn't interested. 36 The desk is not yours. 37 The recruiter would no doubt flatten your face if you tried to walk out with his computer. 38 The recruiting officer might be upset if you starting rifling through his files uninvited. 39 You're not a janitor.


0 Thanks to Judge Simpson, the ram is in place and ready to go. 1 I'll wait here for you Sonny. 2 I got the back, Sonny. Keep your head down. 3 Obviously there IS somebody home. 4 You'll have to find some other way to serve that search warrant. 5 You can hear movement inside the house, but no one answers. 6 Wait until I'm in position then take out the door. 7 Just give the boys the word, Sarge, and the ram will take er down!. 8 Hey, Sonny. 9 Dispatch radioed that you might need the K9 unit so I brought Spike over. 10 He's got the scent of something big in there. He's about to pull my arm off if I don't let go. 11 Seek! 12 If you want to leave, take your own car. 13 Better find out what the dog's found instead of wasting time out here. 14 Things are too precarious right now to chit chat with your fellow officers. 15 I wonder what Spike's all upset about? 16 This is a slightly higher species than Officer Parks is used to handling. 17 If you want the officers to use the ram, you'll need to give the order. 18 You give the order for the ram to proceed. 19 The ram really did a number on that steel door. 20 The front door is made of steel. It would look more at home on a military installation than on this run-down shack. 21 That nightstick wouldn't make a dent in the door. 22 That door could take more bullets than you have. 23 You've got more important animals to worry about today. 24 The dog isn't any threat to you. 25 Those metal bars aren't going to budge. 26 Your job here is not done yet, Bonds! 27 Carpentry never was your strong point. 28 There's nothing you can do with the lawn. 29 You can't force your way in with your bare hands. 30 Not even the auto club could get this heap started. 31 Carpentry was never your strong point. 32 That old junk doesn't interest you. 33 Carpentry was never your strong suit. 34 The occupant's electric usage does not interest you. 35 Shooting at the bars won't help. 36 That nightstick is not quite up to prying apart steel.


0 You had better do something with the suspect first. 1 You better check out the room first. 2 Freeze! 3 Don't shoot, I give up. 4 You look underneath the filthy cushion and find a remote control. 5 You feel a sense of satisfaction as you slip the cuffs on the wrists of Michael Bains. 6 I'll take it from here, Sonny. 7 Don't you move an inch, buddy. 8 This is not the time to be checking him out. 9 The man you shot is dead. 10 You already dealt with him. 11 That will really stop him. 12 You must think you're superman? 13 There is nothing of interest on him. 14 You examine the fireplace but do not find anything of interest. 15 You already have the passage open. 16 You examine the TV but find nothing unusual. 17 You better restrain him first. 18 Spike prefers not to be petted while he's concentrating. 19 There is nothing more under the cushion. 20 Now is not the time to snoop around. 21 Now that the door's been knocked in, it doesn't interest you. 22 You see nothing of interest. 23 Marie wouldn't approve of you taking that picture home. 24 There's nothing under that cushion.


0 You shot him! Hold on while I check his vital signs. 1 I'd like to say it was fun, Bonds, but you've been a real pain in my ass, you male pig. 2 I'm Detective Hooks, Internal Affairs. We've been keeping an eye on her since your report. Lucky I was here. 3 Congratulations! You've not only solved your murder case, but you've also found and incapacitated a dangerous cult that was processing crack. Now all that's left to fight is the paperwork. You almost welcome the routine of it all. There IS such a thing as too much excitement. 4 That will really stop him. 5 You think you're superman? 6 You don't want to disturb the evidence.


0 Stopped lowrider? 1 Got right ticket code? 2 Found the star? 3 Got reporter card? 4 Placed news story? 5 Turn Morales in? 6 Marie to live?


0 Wow, this guy's really going fast. 1 The other vehicle's too far ahead of you. 2 You're not in the proper position to pull the car over. 3 You wisely decide not to pull over the allied agent. 4 You decide not to pull over the vehicle. 5 Up ahead you see a slow car impeding traffic in the fast lane. 6 The car is too far ahead of you. 7 Up ahead you see a car weaving. 8 The vehicle's too far ahead of you. 9 The driver of the vehicle sees your lights and finally begins to pull over. 10 It's a white Mercedes convertible, license plate #34567. 11 It's a low-rider black Ford, license plate #22776. 12 It's light blue Ford Escort, license plate #01923. 13 It's a black Dodge with exempt plate of #12896.


0 You tear the ticket off the computer. 1 Before exiting, you grab the ticket and the license. 2 The glove compartment contains miscellaneous car records. In particular, you notice a record file of some sort. 3 The glove compartment contains miscellaneous car records. 4 You reach over and open the glove compartment. 5 You reach over and close the glove compartment. 6 You should leave that with the vehicle unless you have a specific need for it. 7 Thinking about your upcoming court appearance, you wisely decide to take the speedometer calibration chart with you. 8 You pull the ticket and the license out of the computer. 9 The blip has stopped on the freeway. 10 Up ahead you see a car overturned in the middle of the freeway. You slow to a stop. 11 Up ahead you see a car overturned on the other side of the freeway. You turn around and slow to a stop. 12 The car radio interrupts the silence: 13 Dispatch says..."64 David." 14 Morales responds..."This is 64 David, go ahead with your traffic." 15 "Respond to an 11-44, west bound on the freeway just east of the Lilly off ramp." 16 Continuing she says..."Be advised this is your possible suspect vehicle." 17 Your partner acknowledges the call and says... "Get this puppy rolling Bonds!" 18 You have failed to respond to the Freeway accident in a reasonable amount of time. 19 Another case of dereliction of duty! 20 The engine must be running to use the tracker. 21 Pat places the portable red light on the dash. 22 Turning the engine off while you're moving is not a good idea, Sonny. 23 You need to return the driver's license first. 24 You left the drunk standing by his car in your handcuffs! 25 Better wait for your partner. 26 You must have forgotten about being temporarily assigned to traffic division. You'll have to drive the black and white today, Sonny. 27 You're a homicide detective now. You don't drive a black and white anymore. 28 You already have the ticket. 29 A ticket isn't going to keep this guy from killing someone on the road. You're going to have to take him downtown. 30 You insert the driver's license into the slot. This activates the computer. 31 It's your partner Pat Morales. 32 It's your buddy Mr. Loony tunes! 33 It's your buddy Mr."But I only had one beer!" 34 Morales says..."Some day, eh, Sonny?" 35 Morales teasingly says..."Ya drive like my Grandma, Bonds." 36 Morales says..."Ya tryin' ta rack up points for pedestrians, or what, Bonds?" 37 Morales says..."If ya want me to drive, jus' holler." 38 Excitedly, Morales says..."Did ya see that gorgeous hunka man back there?" 39 Out of his head, the prisoner says..."Cold! I'm so f@!#ing cold! Who let the fire go out, for C#$%@ sake?" 40 Deliriously, the prisoner says..."I wasn't doin' nothin'. I wasn't the one! Oh, no, don't look at me!" 41 The prisoner rambles incoherently..."Don't put that on me. I ain't got nuthin', I told yas." 42 The driver says..."This isn't nessethary, Occifer. I'm perfectedly fine." 43 The driver says..."This isn't nessethary occifer. I'm perfectedly fine." 44 The driver says..."Could you schlow it down, pleasse, Doc? My head is schpinning." 45 The driver says..."We juss passsed my place there. Maybe you could juss drop me off...?" 46 Pat's purse rests between the seats. She keeps a key attached to the handle. 47 You can't just take the key with Pat sitting there. 48 You already have the key. Don't mess with her purse anymore. 49 You take the key, knowing that it'll have to be returned before Morales notices that it's gone. 50 In the nick of time, you replace Morales' key and hope she doesn't notice anything funny.


0 Since you have reached the end of your jurisdiction, you turn around and head in the other direction. 1 The car continues on its way. 2 You'd better get to that Aspen Falls call. 3 You have failed to respond to Aspen Falls in a reasonable amount of time. 4 DISPATCH: "64S2 Lytton- Officer requesting supervisor at freeway stop." 5 SONNY: "Lytton 64S2 copied- Responding to freeway." 6 Better hurry, Bonds! 7 Better get to the freeway! You've got an officer waiting on you. 8 You have failed to respond to the Freeway stop in a reasonable amount of time. 9 Up ahead you see a black and white pulled off the freeway along with the detained vehicle. You slow down and pull to the side. 10 The drunk, assuming you no longer wish to detain him, drives away. 11 A radio call interrupts your thoughts of being home with Marie tonight: 12 DISPATCH: "64S2 Lytton." 13 SONNY: "Lytton, 64S2 go ahead." 14 DISPATCH: "Respond to an assault at the Oak Tree Mall, 300 east Rose, S2." 15 SONNY: "10-4." 16 The radio comes to life again: 17 DISPATCH: "64 S2 Lytton." 18 SONNY: "Lytton, 64 S2 go ahead." 19 DISPATCH: "Respond to an assault at the Oak Tree Mall, S2." 20 You have failed to respond to Oak Tree Mall in a reasonable amount of time.


0 *** the radio sez: go to the hospital. 1 *** You better get to the hospital. 2 You decide not to go to the hospital to see Marie. The events of the day drained all your energy. You head for home and try to get some rest. 3 Sonny: "This Carla Reed lives on 325 South Second. That's not a residential area. This better not be someone's idea of a joke." 4 Morales: "325 South Second! That's just a bunch of old abandoned warehouses!" 5 Morales: "I thought we were going to check out this Reed chick on 325 South Second!" 6 Morales: "Better not keep Judge Simpson waiting, Bonds." 7 Morales: "HEY! You gotta date with the judge, pal! Better get the lead out and get to the court house." 8 Morales: "Well, it's too late, the trial's over by now." 9 The radio comes alive..."64 David, Lytton." 10 Morales says..."This is 64 David, go ahead." 11 Dispatch comes back and says..."187 in alley 300 block of west Rose. One traffic unit is 10-97" 12 Morales confirms the call..."Lytton, 64 David copies and we are responding." 13 "Well, you heard it, boss man!" she says... "Let's roll!" 14 Morales: "Hey Bonds! You want me to drive us to the murder scene or what? Get out the map!" 15 You have failed to report to the murder scene in a reasonable amount of time. 16 Sonny: "According to the crime pattern, this serial killer will probably strike next somewhere around 200 East Palm." 17 Morales: "As I recall, the only buildings on the 200 block of East Palm are some warehouses and the Nugget Saloon." 18 Morales: "Hey! I thought we were going to check out 200 East Palm!" 19 Morales: "So... we gonna pay the coroner a visit or just cruise all day?" 20 The car radio interrupts the silence: 21 Dispatch: "Attention all units... there is a structure fire at 500 west Peach Ave. Any units in the vicinity please respond for crowd control assistance." 22 Morales: "Hey! That's just a few blocks from here. Let's go to the weenie roast!" 23 Morales gets on the radio and informs dispatch that you are on the way. 24 Morales: "Geez Sonny! They're gonna have the fire out before we ever get there. Maybe you should stop and look at the map." 25 You have failed to reach the burning house in a reasonable amount of time. 26 Morales: "Are we going somewhere, or just joy ridin'?" 27 Sonny picks up the mike: "Lytton 64 S2..." 28 Dispatch: "64 S2 Lytton go ahead..." 29 Sonny: "Requesting assistance in gaining access to a suspected crack house. Will need the ram unit and backup at 522 West Palm, over." 30 Dispatch: "10-4, Sonny! They're on their way." 31 Sonny: "I think I've got enough evidence to obtain a search warrant." 32 Morales: "If you want that warrant, Bonds... you're going to half to see da judge." 33 You notice Morales checking her watch. She suddenly says... 34 Yo, Sonny. Drive me over to the mall real quick, would ya? I gotta make a phone call. 35 Grudgingly, you drive Morales to the mall. 36 Sit tight, boss! I'll only be a minute. 37 She seems in an awful hurry this time. She's even neglected to take her purse with her. 38 You notice that she's careful to take her purse with her. 39 See! I'm back! Let's go! 40 Noticing her key missing, Pat says... 41 Hey! What the.. where's my key. Whatcha doin' messing with my purse, Bonds? 42 BUSTED! You die of embarrasment 43 So ends another shift. You drop Pat off at the station and head home. 44 With nothing further to do, you head back to the station.


0 You're not allowed up there. 1 You patriotically salute the flag. 2 You're happy with the seat you have. 3 You're happy with the seat you're in. 4 You'll need to sit up front at the prosecutor's table.


0 Evidence added to case no: 199145


0 The %s looks ok. 1 The %s is way too high. 2 The %s is way too low 3 The %s is way too left 4 The %s is way too right 5 The %s is a little too high. 6 The %s is a little too low 7 The %s is a little too left 8 The %s is a little too right 9 searching... 10 THAT'S THE RUMMY! The one there in the middle. I'd never furget his mean looking mug. 11 No Match 12 Steve Rocklin 13 M/W 6'2" 210 red/hzl 14 d.o.b. 1/10/50. 15 Address Jan/89 16 214 Pigeon Ct. 17 Gibbon U.S.A. 18 SUMMARY 19 Convicted on two counts of burglary 6/23/85. Sentenced to 5 years in state penitentiary. Paroled 6/25/88 and is currently serving 3 years probation. 20 NO WANTS 21 NOTE: Rocklin associates with, and at one time was known to be a member of the cult "Sons of Darkness." It is suspicioned the cult deals in the sale of "crack" cocaine. 22 Now, if you would give a general description. 23 He was a mean lookin' fella, all dark and hairy. 24 A real sour face with a hawkish nose, sharp, beady eyes and a leery brow. 25 Naw his face is too wide. 26 Naw his face is too narrow. 27 Yea his face look right. 28 MOUSE Click mouse on menu items, feature buttons, and arrows to cycle through each feature. Press and hold to move sliders. KEYS Use TAB key to select features, arrow keys to move sliders, and alpha keys to select menu items. Use the N and B keys to select the next and previous feature. JOYSTICK Move cursor to menus, arrows, selections, sliders, and press a button. Hold the button down to move sliders


0 1 Your pattern has formed a perfect pentagram. Can this show the location of the next murder? 2 %3d %s 3 %s 4 Come now. There aren't that many homicides you're working on Sonny.


0 Enter case number: 1 %d 2 searching... 3 Invalid Entry 4 - EVIDENCE/ANALYSIS - 5 VICTIM - 6 LOCATION - 7 SUSPECT - 8 DATE - 9 TIME - 10 INVESTIGATOR - 11 CAUSE OF DEATH - 12 WEAPON USED - 13 SUMMARY - 14 MOTIVE - 15 DISPOSITION - 16 New Case Number: 199146 17 New Case Number: 199145 18 Based on the information you obtained at the murder scene, you open up a new file on the Dent murder. 19 Enter serial number: 20 Steve Rocklin 21 M/W 6'2" 210 red/hzl 22 d.o.b. 1/10/50. 23 Address Jan/89 24 214 Pigeon Ct. 25 Gibbon U.S.A. 26 SUMMARY 27 Convicted on two counts of burglary 6/23/85. Sentenced to 5 years in state penitentiary. Paroled 6/25/88 and is currently serving 3 years probation. 28 NO WANTS 29 NOTE: Rocklin associates with, and at one time was known to be a member of the cult "Sons of Darkness." It is suspicioned the cult deals in the sale of "crack" cocaine. 30 No Match 31 U.S. Army Bronze Star 32 Awarded to Samuel Britt, Infantry 33 For meritorious Service during WWII. 34 Samuel Britt murder victim 35 See case number #199124


0 Identified 1 %s%s

%s%s%s 2 %s %s %s 3 %s %s %s %s %s %s 4 NOTICE TO APPEAR 5 Name - 6 Street - 7 City - 8 DL - 9 Sex - 10 Eye - 11 Hair - 12 WT - 13 HT - 14 D.O.B. - 15 Time - 16 L.I. - 17 Reg Exp - 18 Year - 19 Make - 20 Vehicle Code - 21 You must first insert the violator's license into the computer. 22 Enter vehicle ID: 23 Invalid Entry 24 Enter vehicle license number: 25 Enter driver's ID: 26 %d 27 searching... 28 You can't give this guy a traffic citation. He wasn't driving a car. 29 Enter Military Time 30 Enter vehicle code:


4 Departmental Action


0 But, for now, let the cleanup crew do their job and the Guilty sleep their dreamless sleep. For you, there's suddenly nothing more important than seeing Marie. 1 I don't think I'll ever be able to look at you again without feeling what I feel right now - without remembering what a miracle it is just to hold you. 2 Speaking of miracles...Dr. Powers has just given me a bit of news... 3 Oh Sonny... 4 We're going to HAVE A BABY! 5 a-abab- A BABY?




0 You interrupt Earl's reading... 1 What's new in the local rag, Earl? 2 Hey, look! There's some lady offerin' a reward for information on the whereabouts of her dog, 'Lucky'. 3 Too bad I missed that Pink Mongoloid concert last week! 4 Here's one for ya, Sonny. A chick lost her gold-plated breast-cones at Spunky's last night. Says here she took them off so that they wouldn't rust during the 'wet t-shirt contest'. 5 You ain't happened to of seen a three-legged, one-eyed, appendix-scarred, deaf, toothless, poodle-mix mutt wanderin' around the nuclear plant, have ya? 6 They're offerin' a reward for witnesses to those twenty people being trampled to death. Geez, and to think I missed all the fun! 7 $100.00 to the lucky finder. Of course, it'd be worth it just to keep 'em if they fit. 8 Looks like you're getting bored Hanks. 9 Nope, I'm just trying to see if there's a particular pattern to these homicides by marking the locations. 10 Not listening to what your saying Earl mumbles to himself... 11 I just may have to get on that dang computer to work this out. 12 Earl seems lost in thought. 13 Earl is very possesive about his newspaper. 14 Earl does not wish to dance.


0 The door to the judge's chambers is locked. She must not be in. 1 You show the newspaper article to the court reporter and tell her that you need to see the judge about this case. 2 The court reporter is busy at the judge's bench. 3 Bullying the court reporter will only get you in big trouble. 4 The reporter is busy. Besides, you don't have time for idle chit-chat. 5 Get real Bonds! 6 Testing... reality check ... testing... 7 Come on Bonds! Can't you see the lady's busy? If you don't have anything to say then leave her alone. 8 Yes Officer, can I help you? 9 She really isn't interested in that. 10 You're not here to sit around. 11 You're not allowed up there. 12 Quit fooling around and stick to the matter at hand. 13 You patriotically salute the flag.


0 Registration expires 8/31/92 1 - License number 34567 2 Vehicle Id 77668 3 - Make Mercedes 4 - Year model 90 5 Orpheus Hanley 6 201 Fig St. 7 Lytton, U.S.A 8 Registration expires 3/6/92 9 - License number 83756 10 Vehicle Id 09823 11 - Make Ford 12 - Year model 86 13 Janice Wilks 14 420 Fourth St. 15 Lytton, U.S.A 16 Registration Exempt 17 - License number 12896 18 Vehicle Id 99947 19 - Make Dodge 20 - Year model 89 21 Co. of Jackson (Sheriff Dept.) 22 100 Quail Dr. 23 Gibbon, U.S.A 24 Registration expires 6/1/92 25 - License number 22776 26 Vehicle Id 88996 27 - Make Ford 28 - Year model 59 29 Juan Jose Ruiz 30 1115 Lilly St. 31 Lytton, U.S.A 32 Registration expires 7/15/92 33 - License number 01923 34 Vehicle Id 69444 35 - Make Ford 36 - Year model 86 37 Joseph Hoss 38 526 Tenth St. 39 Lytton, U.S.A 40 Registration expires 6/1/56 41 - License number 84016 42 Vehicle Id 08996 43 - Make Ford 44 - Year model 73 45 Charles Tip 46 124 Stem St. 47 Gibbon, U.S.A 48 Registration expires 11/25/92 49 - License number 22775 50 Vehicle Id 88116 51 - Make Pontiac 52 - Year model 67 53 Bart Dodd 54 820 Peach St. 55 Lytton, U.S.A 56 #654321 Class C 57 Janice Wilks 58 420 Fourth St. 59 Lytton, U.S.A. 60 Sex: F Hair: Brn Eyes: Brn 61 Ht: 5'06" Weight: 125 D.O.B: 04/22/65 62 #145698 Class C 63 Stephen Parker 64 4177 Dove Ct. 65 Gibbon, U.S.A. 66 Sex: M Hair: Brn Eyes: Brn 67 Ht: 6'02" Weight: 220 D.O.B: 08/16/41 68 #522341 Class C 69 Orpheus Hanley 70 201 Fig St. 71 Lytton, U.S.A. 72 Sex: M Hair: Blk Eyes: Brn 73 Ht: 5'11" Weight: 140 D.O.B: 02/06/67 74 #434301 Class C 75 Juan Jose Ruiz 76 1115 Lilly St. 77 Lytton, U.S.A. 78 Sex: M Hair: Blk Eyes: Brn 79 Ht: 6'01" Weight: 280 D.O.B: 08/01/66 80 #836702 Class C 81 Joseph Hoss 82 526 Tenth St. 83 Lytton, U.S.A. 84 Sex: M Hair: Gry Eyes: Blu 85 Ht: 5'08" Weight: 170 D.O.B: 04/22/55 86 #789612 Class C 87 Brian Forbes 88 120 Peach. 89 Lytton, U.S.A. 90 Sex: M Hair: Brn Eyes: Brn 91 Ht: 5'06" Weight: 90 D.O.B: 02/19/63 92 #980453 Class C 93 Andrew Dent 94 1019 River Road 95 Lytton, U.S.A. 96 Sex: M Hair: Brn Eyes: Brn 97 Ht: 5'09" Weight: 190 D.O.B: 10/25/40 98 Orpheus Hanley 99 201 Fig St. 100 Lytton, U.S.A 101 522341 102 02/06/67 103 M 104 Blk 105 Brn 106 5'11" 107 140 108 34567 109 8/31/92 110 1990 111 Mercedes 112 Juan Jose Ruiz 113 1115 Lilly St. 114 Lytton, U.S.A 115 434301 116 08/01/66 117 M 118 Blk 119 Brn 120 6'01" 121 280 122 22776 123 6/1/92 124 1959 125 Ford 126 Joseph Hoss 127 526 Tenth St. 128 Lytton, U.S.A 129 836702 130 04/22/55 131 M 132 Gry 133 Blu 134 5'08" 135 170 136 01923 137 7/15/92 138 1986 139 Ford


0 NAME 1 BADGE 2 D.O.H. 3 DIVISION 4 STATUS 5 SEX 6 D.O.B. 7 HEIGHT 8 WEIGHT 9 NULL 10 Aimes, Sidney 11 Non-Uniform 12 1/1/87 13 Administrative 14 Active 15 M 16 2/3/56 17 6' 18 185 19 20 Banks, Joseph 21 8128 22 1/1/80 23 Traffic 24 Active 25 M 26 8/9/55 27 6' 1" 28 205 29 30 Bock, Jon 31 0006 32 1990 33 PQ3 art team. 34 Video viper 35 M 36 7/14/60 37 5'10" 38 175 39 Written reprimand for conducting two sessions of video capture without film. 40 Bonds, Sonny 41 7763 42 12/14/85 43 Homicide 44 Active 45 M 46 6/30/58 47 6'2" 48 198 49 Promoted to Detective Sergeant 1991 50 Cardinal, Jane 51 0003 52 7/15/69 53 LL5 art. 54 Pencil sketch maniac. 55 F 56 9/26/41 57 5'9" 58 150 Lbs 59 Hats off to the Lytton P.D. Caricature champion. 60 Childs, John 61 6589 62 7/15/70 63 Homicide 64 Active 65 M 66 6/18/46 67 6' 2" 68 200 69 Police Officer of the year - 1978 70 Crowe, Jeff 71 0012 72 19?? 73 PQ3 art team 74 Active 75 M 76 5/22/62 77 5'9" 78 180 79 None... yet. 80 Crowe, Mark 81 0010 82 1982 83 PQ3 art designer. 84 Active 85 M 86 12/28/59 87 6' 88 195 89 Not enough memory to list awards. But he'll be greatly missed. 90 Downs, Mike 91 Non-Uniform 92 4/15/75 93 Administrative 94 Active 95 M 96 11/29/40 97 5' 6" 98 165 99 100 Escobar, Carlos 101 0015 102 1987 103 LL5 programer 104 Missing in action 105 M 106 9/7/62 107 5'9" 108 200 109 Nickname - (The Hustler), One day suspension without pay for running numbers. 110 Eidson, Kimberly A. 111 0014 112 1986 113 Promotional 114 Active grunt 115 F 116 5/22/62 117 5'9" 118 125 119 As much as she can handle. 120 Ferrell, Frank 121 0009 122 1991 123 PQ3 art team 124 Active 125 M 126 3/6/56 127 5'11" 128 160 129 None 130 Gibbs, Martha 131 7792 132 7/15/76 133 Administrative 134 Active 135 F 136 12/12/51 137 5' 9" 138 130 139 I.A. shooting review board 6/10/81: Fatal shooting of 211 suspect: Based on extensive investigation of the shooting, the review board found that the use of deadly force by the officer was justifiable. 140 Hanks, Earl 141 8091 142 7/15/81 143 Homicide 144 Active 145 M 146 4/12/60 147 5' 9" 148 190 149 Sustained complaint May, 1987 Conduct unbecoming an officer Departmental disposition - two day suspension without pay. 150 Hartman, Desi 151 0016 152 1989 153 LL5 art team 154 Maternity Leave 155 F 156 8/25/64 157 5'8" 158 130 159 Still beautiful in motherhood 160 Jaco, Henry 161 7722 162 1/1/73 163 Traffic 164 Active 165 M 166 4/22/48 167 6' 6" 168 245 169 Promoted to sergeant 1/1/1983 170 Jensen, Jane 171 0002 172 1990 173 PQ3 writing team 174 Active/rookie 175 F 176 9/26/63 177 5'3" 178 128 179 180 Kling, George 181 7981 182 7/15/79 183 Homicide 184 Active 185 M 186 9/9/54 187 6' 5" 188 200 189 Police Officer of the year - 1982 Departmental commendation 1985 for outstanding leadership during operation "Street Sweep." Promoted to sergeant 1983 Promoted to lieutenant 1986 Promoted to captain 1990. 190 Lang, Robert 191 6592 192 1/1/73 193 Administrative 194 Active 195 M 196 11/2/42 197 6' 1" 198 210 199 Masters shooting badge 1977. 200 Larson, James 201 0008 202 1989 203 PQ3 art team. 204 Active 205 M 206 9/27/58 207 6' 208 180 209 Hats off for superb painting ability. 210 Law, Carl 211 8125 212 1/1/80 213 Traffic 214 Active 215 M 216 3/2/59 217 5' 11" 218 200 219 Promoted to sergeant 1985 - Reduced in rank from sergeant to traffic officer 1988 for striking a fellow officer who voiced an adverse opinion. 220 Loyd, Cheri 221 0001 222 7/5/60 223 LL5 art ram rod 224 Fry brain 225 F 226 1988 227 5'8" 228 130 Lbs. 229 A hats off salute for her artistic contribution in PQ2 and Code Name Iceman. 230 Miller, Kevin 231 6422 232 1/1/65 233 askJim 234 Active 235 M 236 10/30/40 237 5'10" 238 195 239 240 Morales, Pat 241 7850 242 1/1/78 243 Traffic 244 Active 245 F 246 3/16/54 247 5'6" 248 125 249 2/1981- Written reprimand for insubordination to a supervisor. 11/1986- One day suspension without pay for defying a direct order. 2/1/1987- I/A file opened for willful destruction of evidence- I/A inconclusive 11/5/1989- Tampering with evidence - Findings: charges dropped 5/1990- Terminated for destruction of evidence - 8/1/1990 Reinstated . 250 Morgan, Maurice 251 0005 252 1/1/89 253 LL5 painter. 254 L.A. runaway 255 M 256 11/6/64 257 6'1" 258 188 259 Hats off for tremendous painting ability. 260 Rhodes, Kathy 261 9923 262 7/15/90 263 Vice 264 Active 265 F 266 6/12/69 267 5' 4" 268 106 269 270 Smith, Daryle 271 0011 272 1991 273 PQ3 art 274 Rookie 275 M 276 4/1/1970 277 5'10" 278 145 279 Nickname - (the gun) 280 Stump, C.J. 281 Non-Uniform 282 2/1/90 283 Administrative 284 Active 285 M 286 4/15/70 287 6' 288 230 289 290 Swafford, Robert 291 0004 292 1990 293 Hardware technician. 294 Hair brain 295 M 296 9/12/53 297 6' 298 175 299 Written reprimand for using a 40meg hard drive for shotgun practice while still mounted in the main frame and asleep. 300 Walls, James (BB) 301 0013 302 3/15/85 303 Designer 304 Active 305 M 306 10/30/40 307 5'10" 308 198 309 Outstanding contribution of PQ, PQ2, Code name Ice Man to Sierra product line. 310 Wong, Willis (Wild Willy) 311 0007 312 1990 313 PQ3 art team 314 Active 315 M 316 10/13/66 317 6' 318 192 319 Psychological review for functional walking disorder. Found incapable of walking upright.


0 I do. 1 Sonny Bonds, Detective Sergeant with the L.P.D. 2 Yes. That's correct. 3 That's the man there, seated at the defendant's table. 4 Well, I don't recall, but it should be on the ticket. 5 Uh...Yeah. I mean, I just forgot it. 6 Thanks. 7 Er... Umm... Sorry... 8 Here it is. 9 The people call Officer Sonny Bonds to the stand, your Honor. 10 Officer Bonds, on September 14 you issued a citation to a Juan Jose Ruiz. Is that correct? 11 Officer Bonds, I asked you a question. Is that correct? 12 Officer Bonds, do you see Mr. Ruiz anywhere in the courtroom? 13 Officer Bonds, please answer the question. 14 Officer Bonds, could you show the court the speedometer calibration chart for the police vehicle you were operating that day? 15 Do you have the chart or don't you, Officer Bonds? 16 I'll take that for a no. Let the record reflect that we have no calibration chart for evidence on this case. 17 I have no further questions, your Honor. 18 I have no questions for this witness, your Honor. 19 No, your Honor. 20 Nice job, Officer Bonds. 21 Next time, don't waste my time or the courts! If you can't get a citation right, don't issue one! 22 Let the record note the admission of one calibration chart into evidence. 23 That's a lie, man! 24 I do. 25 Juan Jose Ruiz. 26 No, your Honor. 27 I told ya I'd get ya in court, esse. 28 I have no questions for this witness, your Honor. 29 Officer Bonds, do you recall the time of day this alleged violation took place? 30 Yes. The time is on the ticket, but it's not the CORRECT time! My client was at home working on his hydraulic system. 31 Officer Bonds, is your citation based on measuring Mr. Ruiz's speed against your own patrol car, but you can't produce a speedometer calibration chart for that vehicle? 32 That's all I wanted to hear! 33 I have no further questions, your Honor. 34 No, your Honor. 35 Mr. Cannon, please call your first witness in the people vs. Ruiz. 36 You're out of order, Mr. Ruiz! You'll have a chance to tell your side of the story in due time. 37 Your witness, Mr. Meyer. 38 You may step down now, Officer Bonds. 39 Mr. Ruiz, please step forward and be sworn in. 40 Can you briefly tell us what happened that day, Mr. Ruiz? 41 Your witness, Mr. Cannon. 42 Do you have anything further to say, Mr. Ruiz? 43 Any closing arguments? 44 Then I'll proceed with my decision. You may step down, Mr. Ruiz. 45 Based on Officer Bond's testimony and the evidence submitted, I find the defendant guilty. 46 Based on the officer's vague recollection of the facts surrounding this citation, I find the defendant not guilty. 47 Obviously this Officer cannot remember anything about this incident! Case dismissed! 48 Court is now in session, please be seated. 49 I believe the judge is in her chambers at the moment. The door should be unlocked. 50 How can I help you?


0 Samuel Britt, W/M cauc., D.O.B. 10/28/26, 5'10" 176lbs. 1 392 S. 6th St. Lytton U.S.A. 2 03/09/90 3 17:15 4 John Childs 5 None. 6 Lacerated heart and liver due to multiple stab wounds. 7 Based on the puncture wounds measuring 6" X 1 1/2", the instrument of death is believed to be a dagger. 8 - DNA analysis of hair clutched in victims hand indicates "a neg." blood type of suspect. 9 - Incisions in the shape of a pentagram were located in the lower left quadrant of the torso. Carved after death. 10 No other existing homicides with same M.O. - Unknown cult has possibly moved into the area. 11 Robbery/ritualistic sacrifice based on the pentagram. 12 Clifford Jones, W/M caus, D.O.B. 03/15/35, 6' 190lbs. 13 280 W. Palm, Lytton U.S.A. 14 3/23/90 15 17:30 16 John Childs 17 None. 18 Lacerated heart and liver due to multiple stab wounds. 19 Puncture wounds measuring 6" X 1 1/2" indicate the weapon as being a dagger. 20 - Hair clutched in victims hand. Lab analysis blood type "a neg." 21 - Incisions in the shape of a pentagram were located in the lower left quadrant of the torso. The pentagram was carved after death. 22 The suspects, during the process of a burglary, were interrupted by the victim. A struggle ensued and the victim was murdered. 23 Burglary 24 Marie Bonds, W/F, D.O.B. 03/15/55, 5'7' 110lbs. 25 341 E. Rose Lytton U.S.A. 26 3/30/91 27 17:30 28 Sonny Bonds 29 None. 30 Victim in coma with multiple stab wounds. 31 Puncture wounds measuring 6" X 1 1/2" indicate the weapon as being a dagger. 32 - Necklace clutched in victims hand. Possibly broken off suspect. 33 - Military Bronze Medal. Found under victim's car. Serial #09987 34 The suspects were frightened off during the attempt on victim's life. 35 Robbery 36 Steve Rocklin 37 Andrew Dent, W/M, D.O.B. 03/15/35, 5'10" 187lbs. 38 376 W. Rose Lytton U.S.A. 39 4/1/91 40 17:30 41 Sonny Bonds 42 Steve Rocklin 43 Multiple stab wounds with pentagram incision on torso. 44 Puncture wounds measuring 6" X 1 1/2" indicate the weapon as being a dagger. 45 - Paint transfers, gold, possibly from suspect vehicle. 46 - Skin and hair samples found under victim's nails. 47 Ritual cult murder. Associated with attempted murder of Marie Bonds. 48 Cult Murder 49 - Partially burned photo of two male caucasun, one in military attire. 50 - Blood and hair sample found on the floor inside apparent altar setup. 51 - Black insignia ring with pentagram design. Found on hand of Steve Rocklin, murder suspect. 52 - Black cult book with pentagram design on cover. Found on body of Steve Rocklin, murder suspect. 53 - White paint transfer found on car of Steve Rocklin. 54 - Stolen property, Military Bronze Star, serial number 09987 55 - Gold paint transfer analysis shows car to be used on General Motors sedan models, 1976. 56 - Four one-pound packets of cocaine.


0 The hair's too straight, it was kinda wavy. 1 The hair's too straight, it was kinda wavy. 2 He wasn't bald Sonny! He had a full rug. 3 Did I say he had sissy hair? Change it! 4 This guy didn't have a buzz cut. 5 Why... he looks like a rock star! 6 That's close...I think. 7 That's more like it Sonny boy. 8 Naw, those eyes are too big. 9 His eyes was small... kinda like those. 10 Narrower and beadier. 11 Not even close! 12 Them's pretty boy eyes. 13 His eyes were closer set. 14 Them's too slanty. 15 Those eyes remind me of my niece's. 16 Those eyes look a bit sinister. 17 Too droopy, he had alert eyes. 18 No!.. I said little beady eyes. 19 Did I say he was oriental? Change it! 20 Reminds me of my kind mother's eyes. 21 Them's beady but too far apart. 22 They're way too big Sonny. 23 Now that's some evil eyes. 24 I said hawkish not button boy. 25 That's a better beak. But I think it may hav' been narrower. 26 I don't think that's it. 27 He didn't have a pug nose, that's fur sure. 28 I don't know,.. maybe that could be the the shnoz! 29 That's kinda like it ... I guess. 30 He didn't hav'a little tweedy-bird nose! 31 No that's not it at all! 32 I dated a man with a cute nose like that. 33 I couldn't see up his nose like that. 34 Nope! Too flat! I don't think your listenin' to me! 35 Close... But without the cavernous nostrils! 36 That nose is way too big! 37 You can try that one beak there. 38 That looks like the beak to me. 39 Could be,.. he sure looked mean. 40 Now there's a sour one Sonny. 41 Look like someone gave him a fat lip. 42 He didn't have lips as full as those. 43 Those look like women's lips to me! 44 Naw, too full, He had a tight mouth. 45 That's not it! 46 Hmmm!... I don't think so. 47 I don't know, could be. 48 That just doesn't look right to me. 49 No too sweet of a mouth fur his kind. 50 Them's a little too precious for this thug! 51 That's kinda' like his mouth. It was dark ya know. 52 That'll do for starters. 53 That makes him look kinda alien don'tcha' think? 54 He had a little arch to his brow. 55 Too hairy! 56 Did I say he had shrubs above his eyes? Change it! 57 A tab bit more arch to them brows Sonny. 58 That's looks close... I think. 59 Naw them brows just don't look right. 60 Nope! 61 Heeeey! I think we're gettin' some where with this contraption now! 62 He had him a full beard. 63 No he had whiskers too. 64 No, no, no!.. He looks like Zorro now! 65 I said hairy, with a beard, boy. 66 There...just like the ol' Generalw.


0 Taking those curves a bit fast, aren't you? 1 Those curbs just sneak right up on you, don't they? 2 He might not have been wearing much, but it's amazing where people can hide things. ALWAYS search your prisoners. 3 Your failure to follow correct police procedure has resulted in a $100,000,000 law suit. Time to hit that police manual. 4 A good police officer is ALWAYS prepared. You'll do better next time. 5 If you can't smell a rotten egg when it's sitting right next to you, how do you expect to catch criminals you don't even know? 6 You've become the The Ultimate Road Kill. 7 You have to take care of that oncoming traffic. Check that manual! 8 Your failure to report to today's officer briefing resulted in a suspension. When duty calls... listen! 9 You failure to respond the Aspen Falls call resulted in a suspension. An officer who doesn't report to assigned calls puts the public in danger. 10 At the scene of a fire, the firechief's the man in charge. Do as he says, and you won't get burned. 11 Next time you enter a suspect dwelling, make sure both you and your gun are ready! 12 That was a foolish thing to do. He wasn't worth drowning for. Next time try to be more creative. 13 Don't just stand there while you're being attacked. DO something! It's called self defense. 14 Shooting a perpetrator whose only threat to you is his mouth and fists is no way to uphold the law. You're suspended from the L.P.D. and the press has a field day discussing 'police brutality'. 15 Looks to me like your suspect got the drop on you. You need to stay on your toes. 16 You Got him! But was he the right guy?... the guy who stabbed your wife. This question will nag you for the rest of your life. 17 The man you killed was an allied agent reaching for his badge to I.D. himself. Your trigger finger gets you five years in jail and kills your career. 18 You're carrying a deadly weapon. Don't use it lightly. 19 You let the intoxicated driver continue on his merry way and a car full of five teenagers died when he rear-ended them going ninety. You were immediately suspended. 20 Your failure to respond to the highway call resulted in a suspension. An officer who doesn't report to assigned calls puts the public in danger! 21 Your failure to respond to the mall resulted in a suspension. An officer who doesn't report to assigned calls puts the public in danger! 22 Your failure to respond to the murder scene in the alley resulted in a suspension. An officer who doesn't report to assigned calls puts the public in danger! 23 Your failure to respond to the scene of the fire resulted in a suspension. An officer who doesn't report to assigned calls puts the public in danger! 24 Your failure to secure the derranged man resulted in a few civilian injuries when he attacked a nearby family. You were suspended. If you can't handle an unarmed man, how can you expect to function when things REALLY get tough? 25 A good cop is ALWAYS prepared. 26 A smart cop knows that you never approach a detained vehicle from the drivers side. Better crack open that officers Manual and bone up on correct procedures. 27 With everything you've tried, it just wasn't enough to bring Marie out of her coma. 28 She remains a vegetable, leaving you to bear a heavy burden. 29 You shot the suspect without probable cause. Based on the damning testimony of the witnesses you are convicted and sent to jail, where you meet an obese inmate named Popeye who makes you his "special friend". 30 You think about Marie as the bullet rips through your chest. 31 The last thing you here is the suspect's laughter. 32 You need to refer to your officer's manual for the proper codes. 33 Looks like he caught you with YOUR pants down. You shouldn't waste any time when securing a prisoner. 34 Looks like not all of the house was fortified. 35 BUSTED! Morales gets you suspended. Try being a little faster next time.


0 I need ta sit and rest my aching bones, kiddo! 1 This is Officer Bonds. 2 The voice on the other end says..."Bonds, this is Smith... I'm sending up a woman, Carla Reed, who said she saw something at Oak Tree Mall night before last." 3 "Don't get too close to her though. Her breath's enough to stun an elephant. 4 You hear a knock at the door. 5 Hello there Sonny boy! Since you're the only one here, I guess you're the one ta yak at. 6 I need ta sit and rest my aching bones kiddo! 7 I wanna go home. 8 Speakin' of traumatic experiences, my ex-husband was a stockbroker on Wall Street. Now THERE'S a horror story for ya... 9 Speakin' of big, ugly, hairy, smelly brutes, have you heard the one about the gynecologist and the gorilla? 10 Speakin' of scavengin' at the mall, I bet I eat better 'n you! Last week I had sushi three times outta the dumpster next to Benny-HaHas. 11 Speakin' of gettin' no respect, did you see that Dan Quayle was in town last week? 12 Are we just gonna gab? 13 You ask Ms. Reed to tell you exactly what she saw at Oak Tree Mall that night. 14 I ain't eatin' in so long, my taste buds have amnesia! 15 You wouldn't happen to have any caviar on you, would ya? Smoked salmon? Canned tuna? A fish stick, maybe? 16 If I don't get some food soon,.. Say, is it getting dark in here? I-I feel...faint! 17 I was at the mall, I was. Pickin' and choosin' over the goodies in that big bin out back. Shameful what people throw away... 18 Ms. Reed please! Just stick to the incident with the man. 19 Outta nowheres comes this big side-of-beef type guy! Rams right inta me, he does! You'd think an old lady like me'd get a little respect! 20 I don't ask for much - a dry spot ta lay my newspapers, a few modest hand-outs, a... 21 Carla? I really need you to finish telling me about the man who knocked you down. 22 So I socks him, right? On his leg. Like ta have broken my hand, I did. And him - he just grins at me, right in my face. His ugly mug just grins at me lika devil or somethin'. I'll never forget that face! 23 Ok Carla, That should do it. I'll take you home now. You've been a big help. 24 You grab the lunch. 25 You give the lunch to the lady. 26 Peanut butter and jelly! You guys are real 'gor-mets', ain't ya? Tanks. 27 You have no need for that now.


0 Police Quest III The Kindred

Version %s


0 Hey Sonny. Do those keys fit anything? 1 It appears that your partner has taken something out of the suspect car. 2 Five packets of cocaine fall from the trunk of the car. 3 Holy Mother of God, look at this mess! 4 I'll get on the radio and call for support, Sonny. 5 I'll get on the radio and let dispatch know what's going on, Sonny. 6 Go ahead. I'll take care of things out here. 7 Go ahead and look around. I'll take care of directing traffic. 8 You lay a flare pattern on the road to block traffic until the accident has been cleaned up. 9 I'll take care of directing traffic. 10 It's the guy from the bar alright. He won't be doing any talking though. But then, he'll never stab another man's wife in a parking lot again, either%s 11 Upon opening the trunk of the car, several packets of cocaine fall to the ground. Apparently this guy had several bad vices. 12 Hey, Sergeant! 13 Go ahead, I'll round up the evidence, Sonny. 14 Thanks, Sergeant Bonds. I'll stay for the cleanup. You and Officer Morales can take off now. 15 Ah, Bonds! What brings a Sergeant to this minor little mishap? 16 The stiff was a suspect on a case of mine. 17 He tried to pop me in a bar back in town. We were in hot pursuit when he rolled his vehicle. 18 He matches the description of one Steven Rocklin. But we can't be sure until we have a positive ID. 19 I see! Well, he's road pizza now. I didn't see any ID on him. Well, I'll make a positive ID and call you when I have something. 20 Thanks, Leon. 21 You search the battered body but find no identification. 22 You remove the keys from the ignition. 23 It's already open. 24 Your keys don't fit. 25 That won't do any good. 26 Pat has already gotten the rest of the equipment. 27 You haven't finished up here. Don't leave yet. 28 Morales ignores you. 29 You can't shoot your partner in cold blood, Sonny. 30 You've had one ambulance ride too many this week! 31 The attendant is busy looking over the scene. 32 Leon just looks at you and shakes his head.


0 You don't need the camera. 1 You have a full flare box. 2 There are no flares in the flare box. 3 OOPS we shouldn't have gotten here with the flares. 4 You have no use for the flares right now. 5 Your flare box is already full!


0 You hear the man yell to you... "Police officer!" 1 There's a large man getting out of the car to meet you. 2 The man has something in his hand that you cannot identify. 3 I was tailing a drug runner. I couldn't I.D. myself on the road. 4 Damn! Maybe I can still catch up. Are we kosher, here? 5 Go get him. Sorry if I screwed you up. 6 Hell, I was speeding. You didn't know me from Adam. I'm outta here.


0 Sir, you seem to be driving a bit erratically. I need to see your driver's license. 1 As he fumbles through his wallet getting his license, you think to yourself... 2 It's obvious by looking, this man is inebriated. 3 Have you been drinking, sir? 4 Juss acouple 5 Shhaayy *hiccup* Occifer, whaddaya shhaayy we polissshhh off abodola bourbon to-togethherr? 6 You think to yourself... "If I continue inhaling the pollution this man is exhaling, my lungs will be worse off than the ozone layer." 7 Would you please step out of the car, sir, and perform a field sobriety test? 8 What..*hic* .. ever you shhaayy ocifer. 9 Sir! I want you to follow my finger with your eyes from side to side without moving your head. 10 "Okay" he says. 11 "Holy smokes!" you think to yourself, "this poor guy is plowed!" 12 Obviously, this man is too drunk to be driving. 13 YUCK! 14 Sir, I have to take you into custody for driving under the influence. 15 Please place your hands on the hood of the car. 16 Please step over to the patrol car. 17 Sir... based on the test I've given you (and the puke all over my shoes)... 18 ... it is obvious that you are intoxicated and in no condition to drive. I'm going to have to place you under arrest. 19 The drunk just sways in front of you. 20 The intoxicated gentleman just weaves in front of you. 21 He's sitting quietly in the patrol car. 22 It's a good thing he has a car to lean on. 23 "Damn" you think to yourself, "I left my cuffs back at the Booking Office." 24 Don't bother. He's too incoherent. 25 You're one sick puppy, Bonds.


0 Sir, I pulled you over because you were driving too slow in the fast lane and traffic was backing up behind you. 1 You finish by requesting his driver's license and registration. 2 Whatchu talkin' `bout man? You guys always just want to hassle me! 3 Say esse, you can check out my ride. I have a brand new smoglia device. Jus' don't lean on my new paint job. 4 After checking the registration, you hand it back to him and he says... 5 You pigs are all the same man! 6 I am going to issue you a citation for impeding traffic. 7 I can not belief this man, I was jus' trying to keep from getting bugs all over my new flame job man. 8 After handing the ticket and his license to Mr. Ruiz, he says... 9 Iieee! Man, you pigs make me want to puke, man! 10 I'll see you in the people's court, man! 11 Judge Wapner will take care of you, esse! 12 And you have a nice day, sir. 13 Well main! What chu going to do, write me a teeket or jus stand and loook at me? 14 Better write this guy a ticket and get on with life! 15 You decide not to issue Mr. Ruiz a citation. Handing him his license you say... 16 Mr. Ruiz, I'm going to let you go with a warning this time. Just drive with the flow of traffic from now on. 17 Alright esse! Thanks man. Sorry `bout that pig thing man! 18 And you have a good day, sir. 19 He doesn't look too pleased. Better get on with it. 20 What are you going to do? Kick the tires?


0 Good Lord! Where'd YOU come from? Ya musta fell from outta the sky, man, 'cause I never saw ya! 1 Sir, I'll need to see your driver's license and vehicle registration please. 2 Do you know why I stopped you? 3 I know, I know. I was speedin'. I had ta do it, man. See, I'm on my way ta see this beautifully constructed female. A real Nubian Queen! Know what I mean? 4 Try ta picture it, Officer! She's got these LEGS.... Have mercy! They go ALL the way up! Can I help it if I'm a sucka for beauty? 5 See, it was takin' WAY too long ta get ta her house. Another ten minutes and I wouldna been able to drive at all. You know what I mean... don't you, Officer? 6 I'm sure ya wouldn't want a man in my condition drivin' around causin' accidents, now would ya? I was jus' tryin' ta get off - the road, that is. 7 I'm sorry, Mr. Hanley. I sympathize with you, but you're going to have to be more responsible when you're operating a moving vehicle. 8 Gotta give me a ticket, huh? Well, that's what I get for bein' a hero. Yer jus' doin' yer job. Am I OK to go now? 9 You're all set. Slow it down and have a good evening. 10 Oh, I WILL! 11 Mr. Hanley, if you promise to slow it down, I'll give you a warning. 12 Whoa! No kiddin'?! That's what I call a man lookin' out for another man - keepin' all the beauties in life satisfied! Know what I mean? 13 I hear ya. Slow it down and have a good evening. 14 Yea right dude. 15 What are you going to do? Kick the tires?


0 Okay, boss man, you handle it! 1 Why is the violator refusing to sign the ticket? 2 Who knows! Geez! First I get this stupid cow, now I have ta deal with you, too! 3 This policy about calling a supervisor for failure to sign SUCKS! 4 Look, I don't need ya! I'm taking her downtown. 5 No, you're not. You're going to stand right here until I have a chance to talk to the violator. 6 Alright, Morales, the violator said you were abusive and rude. Why don't I have a hard time believing that? 7 Look, Sarge, it's obvious the lady's hysterical. She'd pop off if ya looked at her funny. 8 She's been belligerent and hostile ever since I stopped her. She's beggin' for a night in jail. 9 So whaddaya gonna do, boss man? 10 INCARCERATE-Take her to jail, Pat.

SIGNATURE-I'll witness her failure to sign. 11 Wisely and correctly you write, "Refusal to sign" in the signature box. 12 Geez! Where'd ya get your training? Charm school? Just let her walk all over you...why doncha?! 13 Brilliant deduction, Sherlock. Like I said before, I was already set to take her downtown. 14 The excitement and trauma of the incident was more than enough to induce the woman's labor. 15 The complications that resulted were sufficient to bring a sizeable lawsuit against the department. 16 Sonny ends up with non-compensated days off. 17 Looking at the young lady you see that she's pregnant and nearly full term. 18 You introduce yourself to the woman and say... 19 Your signature on the citation is not an admission of guilt, Ma'am, only your promise to appear. 20 I don't care! You think I'm afraid to sign a stupid ticket? If it was a check for $10,000, I wouldn't sign it for that witch over there! 21 I can't believe the L.P.D. would allow someone like her to patrol our streets! What a waste of our tax money! 22 She's rude, abusive, and insulting! I refuse to sign a ticket for anybody who calls me fat girl!! 23 Would you please reconsider and sign the citation? 24 Hell NO!! Take me to jail! 25 "What should I do with this lady?", you think. 26 Looking at the young lady, you see that she's pregnant and nearly full term. 27 What are you looking at? Why don't you go talk to your "witch in blue" over there? 28 The woman only winces, as though the emotion of the situation is causing her physical stress. 29 You've already taken care of the situation. You had better get back on patrol. 30 The officer is waiting. 31 I don't think the officer would appreciate you touching her. 32 I sympathize, but Sonny wouldn't do that. 33 Using force on the violator will only get you in some very hot water. 34 Do you think she really cares about that?


0 Meanwhile, at the OakTree Mall, Sonny's wife, Marie is just getting off work.


0 Guess it's time to call it a day. Before you close out your shift, you head over to the hospital to see Marie. 1 Sonny Bonds, please report to the briefing room. 2 Sonny Bonds, please call dispatch at once. 3 Sure I'll tell him. 4 Hey Sonny, dispatch needs you to drive out to Aspen Falls to respond to a call. All other units are occupied. 5 %d 6 You have reached a number that is no longer in service. 7 No answer. 8 Lytton Daily News. May I help you. 9 You identify yourself, describe Marie's attack, and request help from the paper in locating a witness. 10 Yes Sir, Officer. We'll get that in the very next edition. And... good luck, Sir. 11 We already put it on the air, Bonds 12 The voice on the other end says... "Dispatch, can I help you?" 13 You advise dispatch to broadcast an all points bulletin for the possible suspect vehicle. 14 You discribe the vehicle as being a gold General Motors sedan with possible white paint transfers. 15 You also advise that the occupants may be armed and dangerous and to approach with caution. 16 "I've got it all," she says. "I'll put this out on the air immediately!" 17 Dispatch: "Sonny, we need you to drive out to Aspen Falls to respond to a call. All other units are occupied." 18 Respond to an assault at the 300 block of east Rose,... the Oak Tree Mall. 19 If you don't have a reason to call, don't.


0 You boob! You're already there! 1 Prisoners are not allowed upstairs. 2 Prisoners aren't allowed upstairs - especially half-naked ones! 3 You already have the elevator's complete attention. 4 Its amazing how buttons - like that one - are so ideally suited to the human HAND. 5 Just press the button. Trying to pry those doors open with your hands will only give you a hernia.


0 Unless dispatch has someplace for you to go, you better stick around and do sergeant stuff.


0 The %s looks like any other %s. 1 You clicked inv item %s on %s. 2 The %s has nothing to say.



string_2bb8 = "ego"
string_2bbc = "Sonny Bonds"
string_2bc8 = "It's you, Sonny."
string_2bd9 = "egoHead"
string_2be1 = "stopGroop"
string_2beb = "longSong"
string_2bf4 = "redX"
string_2bf9 = "redXList"
string_2c02 = "kDHandler"
string_2c0c = "dirHandler"
string_2c17 = "mDHandler"
string_2c21 = "pq3Win"
string_2c28 = "invWin"
string_2c2f = "x.yyy.zzz"
string_2c39 = "QUIT"
string_2c3e = "PLAY"
string_2c43 = "RESTART"
string_2c4b = "pq3"
string_2c4f = "Restore"
string_2c57 = "Restart"
string_2c5f = "    Quit    "
string_2c6c = "clockSound"
string_2c77 = "0"
string_2c79 = ""
string_2c7a = "wSelect this Icon to close this window."
string_2ca2 = "invOk"
string_2ca8 = "Select this Icon then select an inventory item you'd like a description of."
string_2cf4 = "invLook"
string_2cfc = "invHelp"
string_2d04 = "Allows you to select an item."
string_2d22 = "invSelect"
string_2d2c = "A Computer ID request form."
string_2d48 = "compRequest"
string_2d54 = "Your Baretta nine millimeter handgun."
string_2d7a = "gun"
string_2d7e = "Your handcuffs are made of stainless steel."
string_2daa = "handcuff"
string_2db3 = "the nut's keys."
string_2dc3 = "Pat's keys and the duplicate key."
string_2de5 = "Rocklin's keys and the duplicate key."
string_2e0b = "the duplicate key."
string_2e1e = "Pat's keys."
string_2e2a = "Rocklin's keys."
string_2e3a = "theKeys"
string_2e42 = "Your regulation flashlight."
string_2e5e = "flashlight"
string_2e69 = "Music box."
string_2e74 = "musicBox"
string_2e7d = "photo"
string_2e83 = "Camera."
string_2e8b = "camera"
string_2e92 = "Search warrant."
string_2ea2 = "warrant"
string_2eaa = "judicial order."
string_2eba = "judicialOrder"
string_2ec8 = "Calibration chart."
string_2edb = "calibration"
string_2ee7 = "A manila envelope."
string_2efa = "envelope"
string_2f03 = "Toilet paper."
string_2f11 = "toiletPaper"
string_2f1d = "Gun locker key."
string_2f2d = "gunKey"
string_2f34 = "Flashlight batteries."
string_2f4a = "battery"
string_2f52 = "Highway flares."
string_2f62 = "flares"
string_2f69 = "PR24 night stick."
string_2f7b = "nightStick"
string_2f86 = "A knife."
string_2f8f = "knife"
string_2f95 = "It's the complaint form that was filed against Officer Morales."
string_2fd5 = "patMemo"
string_2fdd = "wallet"
string_2fe4 = "Ticket book."
string_2ff1 = "ticketBook"
string_2ffc = "Computer access card."
string_3012 = "compCard"
string_301b = "Electronic tracking device."
string_3037 = "tracker"
string_303f = "license"
string_3047 = "A ticket."
string_3051 = "ticket"
string_3058 = "Cult book."
string_3063 = "cultBook"
string_306c = "Michael Bains' military record."
string_308c = "miltaryRecord"
string_309a = "Murder file."
string_30a7 = "murderFile"
string_30b2 = "Note Book."
string_30bd = "noteBook"
string_30c6 = "A broken chain."
string_30d6 = "necklace"
string_30df = "Sample envelope with a white paint sample in it."
string_3110 = "whitePaint"
string_311b = "Sample envelope with a gold paint sample in it."
string_314b = "goldPaint"
string_3155 = "Sample envelope with skin & hair samples in it."
string_3185 = "skinHair"
string_318e = "Sample envelope with blood & hair samples in it."
string_31bf = "bloodHair"
string_31c9 = "Empty sample envelopes."
string_31e1 = "sampleEnv"
string_31eb = "On the back of the bronze star is a number:\n" \
"       09987."
string_3225 = "bronzeStar"
string_3230 = "Cult ring."
string_323b = "cultRing"
string_3244 = "News article about you.  A pentagram has been drawn over your face"
string_3287 = "article"
string_328f = "A rose."
string_3297 = "rose"
string_329c = "Marie's locket."
string_32ac = "locket"
string_32b3 = "The reporter's business card.\n" \
"His phone number is 555-0707."
string_32ef = "busCard"
string_32f7 = "Scraper for evidence gathering."
string_3317 = "scraper"
string_331f = "Toothpicks for evidence gathering."
string_3342 = "toothpick"
string_334c = "TV Remote Control"
string_335e = "remoteControl"
string_336c = "This icon is for walking."
string_3386 = "icon0"
string_338c = "This icon is for looking."
string_33a6 = "icon1"
string_33ac = "This icon is for doing."
string_33c4 = "icon2"
string_33ca = "This icon is for talking."
string_33e4 = "icon3"
string_33ea = "This icon shows the currently selected inventory item."
string_3421 = "icon4"
string_3427 = "This icon displays the inventory window."
string_3450 = "icon5"
string_3456 = "This icon displays your current score."
string_347d = "icon6"
string_3483 = "This icon displays the control panel."
string_34a9 = "icon8"
string_34af = "This icon tells you about other icons."
string_34d6 = "icon9"
string_34dc = "DoVerbCode"
string_34e7 = "FtrInit"
string_34ef = "rm0Sound"
string_34f8 = "gcWin"
string_34fe = "The graphics detail level."
string_3519 = "detailSlider"
string_3526 = "Overall sound volume."
string_353c = "volumeSlider"
string_3549 = "The speed at which Sonny moves."
string_3569 = "speedSlider"
string_3575 = "Allows you to save your game."
string_3593 = "iconSave"
string_359c = "Allows you to restore a previously saved game."
string_35cb = "iconRestore"
string_35d7 = "Allows you to restart the game."
string_35f7 = "iconRestart"
string_3603 = "Allows you to quit the game."
string_3620 = "iconQuit"
string_3629 = "Information about the game."
string_3645 = "iconAbout"
string_364f = "iconHelp"
string_3658 = "Returns you to the game."
string_3671 = "iconOk"


string_2148 = "rm012"
string_214e = "enterBooking"
string_215b = "fromBooking"
string_2167 = "lockerScript"
string_2174 = "enterEvidence"
string_2182 = "fromEvidence"
string_218f = "getInCar"
string_2198 = "getOutCar"
string_21a2 = "getNut"
string_21a9 = "getDrunk"
string_21b2 = "patEnterCar"
string_21be = "patEnterCar2"
string_21cb = "patExitCar"
string_21d6 = "suspect"
string_21de = "He has a wild look in his eye."
string_21fd = "He is still wobbling."
string_2213 = "drunk"
string_2219 = "Booking Doors"
string_2227 = "The automatic doors lead to Prisoner Booking and the Jail."
string_2262 = "door1"
string_2268 = "door2"
string_226e = "Evidence Doors"
string_227d = "That door leads to Evidence Lockup and Lab Analysis."
string_22b2 = "eviDoor"
string_22ba = "Gun Locker"
string_22c5 = "The lockers are for storing your weapons before entering the jail."
string_2308 = "gunLocker"
string_2312 = "Locker Door"
string_231e = "gunLockerDoor"
string_232c = "gunLockerProp"
string_233a = "sign"
string_233f = "The sign reads 'Lytton County Police Department'."
string_2371 = "policeSign"
string_237c = "You're in the underground garage at the Lytton County Police Department's new building."
string_23d4 = "garageRoom"
string_23df = "Patrol Car"
string_23ea = "The marked patrol car is used by uniformed officers on duty."
string_2427 = "car1"
string_242c = "car2"
string_2431 = "car3"
string_2436 = "patrol car door"
string_2446 = "pCarDoor"
string_244f = "patrol car trunk"
string_2460 = "pCarTrunk"
string_246a = "Unmarked Car"
string_2477 = "The unmarked department car is used by non-uniformed officers on duty."
string_24be = "uCar1"
string_24c4 = "uCar2"
string_24ca = "uCar3"
string_24d0 = "unmarked car door"
string_24e2 = "uCarDoor"
string_24eb = "unmarked car trunk"
string_24fe = "uCarTrunk"
string_2508 = "Pat"
string_250c = "Pat Morales, your partner."
string_2527 = "pat"
string_252b = "bSound"
string_2532 = "sfx1"
string_2537 = "It's the light switch for the garage."
string_255d = "lightSwitch"


string_3372 = "05150"
string_3378 = "12025"
string_337e = "releaseSuspect"
string_338d = "friskHim"
string_3396 = "removeCuffs"
string_33a2 = "forgotPersonalEffects"
string_33b8 = "putPersonalEffects"
string_33cb = "23152"
string_33d1 = "12951"
string_33d7 = "inTheSlammer"
string_33e4 = "runTest"
string_33ec = "runDigits"
string_33f6 = "promptScript"
string_3403 = "fineHim"
string_340b = "getTheStuff"
string_3417 = "goBack"
string_341e = "jailTalk"
string_3427 = "callDispatch"
string_3434 = "Behind the protective glass is Officer Smith, the booking officer."
string_3477 = "bOfficer"
string_3480 = "You idly wonder if this guy will even make it through one night in the jail, or whether they'll ship him right out to the mental institute."
string_350c = "nut"
string_3510 = "You'll be glad when this prisoner's through booking and in a cell where he can sleep it off."
string_356d = "drunk"
string_3573 = "chute"
string_3579 = "You pass a prisoner's personal items in through the drop drawer."
string_35ba = "eDoor"
string_35c0 = "That door leads to the transfer holding cell. Once you walk through that door you're officially a prisoner of Lytton county until a judge decides otherwise."
string_365d = "bDoor"
string_3663 = "attack"
string_366a = "intocilizer"
string_3676 = "The \"Gas Chromatograph.\" This machine measures the blood alcohol content of breath samples."
string_36d2 = "breath"
string_36d9 = "breathInset"
string_36e5 = "topInset"
string_36ee = "tube"
string_36f3 = "doneLight"
string_36fd = "onSwitch"
string_3706 = "paper"
string_370c = "drunkInset"
string_3717 = "obInset"
string_371f = "obmInset"
string_3728 = "Sonny"
string_372e = "sonnyInset"
string_3739 = "sonnyMouth"
string_3744 = "sonnyEyes"
string_374e = "egoEyesBlink"
string_375b = "cabinets"
string_3764 = "A counter and storage cabinets line one wall of the booking room."
string_37a6 = "the room"
string_37af = "The booking room is clean and sparsely furnished."
string_37e1 = "floorAndWalls"
string_37ef = "phone"
string_37f5 = "A pay phone provides a means for outside calls."
string_3825 = "towel dispenser"
string_3835 = "There's a towel dispenser for cleanups. It's not uncommon for prisoners to leave bodily fluids of one kind or another on the floor."
string_38b9 = "towelDispenser"
string_38c8 = "touchPad"
string_38d1 = "no1"
string_38d5 = "no2"
string_38d9 = "no3"
string_38dd = "no4"
string_38e1 = "no5"
string_38e5 = "no6"
string_38e9 = "no7"
string_38ed = "no8"
string_38f1 = "no9"
string_38f5 = "no10"
string_38fa = "enterBox"
string_3903 = "sFX"
string_3907 = "sStabbing"
string_3911 = "stabbingSting"
string_391f = "catCalls"
string_3928 = "paperSound"
string_3933 = "handcuffSnd"
string_393f = "mainMusic"


string_1bd0 = "rm014"
string_1bd6 = "depositScript"
string_1be4 = "newCase"
string_1bec = "clerkScript"
string_1bf8 = "boTalk"
string_1bff = ""
string_1c00 = ""
string_1c01 = "199124"
string_1c08 = "199137"
string_1c0f = "199144"
string_1c16 = "199145"
string_1c1d = "enterCase"
string_1c27 = "showBadge"
string_1c31 = "evidence officer"
string_1c42 = "Officer Martha Gibbs has been the Evidence Officer for two years."
string_1c84 = "clerk"
string_1c8a = "That stuff belongs to Officer Gibbs' and is of no concern to you."
string_1ccc = "desk"
string_1cd1 = "This is Evidence Lockup. Physical evidence is deposited here for analysis and safekeeping."
string_1d2c = "bookingRoom"
string_1d38 = "This slot is where you put items you wish to check into Evidence."
string_1d7a = "inBasket"
string_1d83 = "insetO"
string_1d8a = "headO"
string_1d90 = "mouthO"
string_1d97 = "touchPad"
string_1da0 = "no1"
string_1da4 = "no2"
string_1da8 = "no3"
string_1dac = "no4"
string_1db0 = "no5"
string_1db4 = "no6"
string_1db8 = "no7"
string_1dbc = "no8"
string_1dc0 = "no9"
string_1dc4 = "no10"
string_1dc9 = "Sonny"
string_1dcf = "sonnyInset"
string_1dda = "sonnyMouth"
string_1de5 = "sonnyEyes"
string_1def = "egoEyesBlink"
string_1dfc = "sonnyClothes"
string_1e09 = "soundFX"


string_1c7e = "rm015"
string_1c84 = "egoBluGro"
string_1c8e = "egoBluViews"
string_1c9a = "closeDoor"
string_1ca4 = "noEntrance"
string_1caf = "sweeping"
string_1cb8 = "openCloset"
string_1cc3 = "womanAttacks"
string_1cd0 = "janitorRandomTalk"
string_1ce2 = "janitorFixToilet"
string_1cf3 = "Storage Door"
string_1d00 = "That's the door to the storage closet."
string_1d27 = "storageDoor"
string_1d33 = "storage closet"
string_1d42 = "The closet is cluttered with boxes."
string_1d66 = "storageInset"
string_1d73 = "flares"
string_1d7a = "There's a box of road flares in the closet."
string_1da6 = "Batteries"
string_1db0 = "There's an open box of batteries in the closet."
string_1de0 = "flashBat"
string_1de9 = "janitor"
string_1df1 = "Mr. Stumps, the janitor, is good-natured and hard-working."
string_1e2c = "That's Mr. Stumps' janitorial cart."
string_1e50 = "cart"
string_1e55 = "janInset"
string_1e5e = "janEyes"
string_1e66 = "janMouth"
string_1e6f = "janEyesBlink"
string_1e7c = "iEgo"
string_1e81 = "iEgoMouth"
string_1e8b = "iEgoClothes"
string_1e97 = "iEgoEyes"
string_1ea0 = "egoEyesBlink"
string_1ead = "braLady"
string_1eb5 = "fire hydrant"
string_1ec2 = "It's a fire extinguisher."
string_1edc = "fireHydrant"
string_1ee8 = "smoke detectors"
string_1ef8 = "The smoke detectors help protect the building from fire."
string_1f31 = "smokeDetectors"
string_1f40 = "men's sign"
string_1f4b = "The sign reads 'Men'."
string_1f61 = "mensSign"
string_1f6a = "women's sign"
string_1f77 = "The sign reads 'Women'."
string_1f8f = "womensSign"
string_1f9a = "the entrance"
string_1fa7 = "That's the entrance to the men's locker room."
string_1fd5 = "mensEntrance"
string_1fe2 = "That's the entrance to the women's locker room."
string_2012 = "womensEntrance"
string_2021 = "the window"
string_202c = "The window overlooks scenic downtown Lytton."
string_2059 = "nightWin"
string_2062 = "rm15window"
string_206d = "the carpet"
string_2078 = "The floor's color is policeman blue."
string_209d = "carpet"
string_20a4 = "light switch"
string_20b1 = "That's a light switch."
string_20c8 = "lightSwitches"
string_20d6 = "You're standing in the first floor hallway of the Lytton County Police Department."
string_2129 = "hallwayRoom"
string_2135 = "janMusic"
string_213e = "openDoorSnd"
string_214a = "closeDoorSnd"
string_2157 = "slap"


string_2056 = "rm016"
string_205c = "getPaper"
string_2065 = "stuffPaper"
string_2070 = "lockerScript"
string_207d = "stallScript"
string_2089 = "stall2Script"
string_2096 = "exitScript"
string_20a1 = "enterScript"
string_20ad = "dontGoIn"
string_20b6 = "janScript"
string_20c0 = "talkJanitor"
string_20cc = "flushScript"
string_20d8 = "locker door"
string_20e4 = "That's your locker."
string_20f8 = "locker"
string_20ff = "toilet paper."
string_210d = "toiletPaper"
string_2119 = "toilet."
string_2121 = "Just your regular ol' run-of-the-mill john."
string_214d = "toilet"
string_2154 = "stall door"
string_215f = "The toilet stalls lend a pleasant ambiance to the locker room."
string_219e = "stallDoor"
string_21a8 = "You store some of your equipment in this locker."
string_21d9 = "lockerInset"
string_21e5 = "nightstick"
string_21f0 = "This is your PR\\24 (nightstick)."
string_2211 = "stickInset"
string_221c = "ticket book"
string_2228 = "This is your notebook."
string_223f = "noteInset"
string_2249 = "flashlight"
string_2254 = "This is your flashlight."
string_226d = "flashInset"
string_2278 = "dial lock"
string_2282 = "lock"
string_2287 = "no1"
string_228b = "no2"
string_228f = "no3"
string_2293 = "roller1"
string_229b = "roller2"
string_22a3 = "roller3"
string_22ab = "lockList"
string_22b4 = "janitor"
string_22bc = " Looks as if the janitor is having trouble with your handy work. That should keep him busy for quite a while."
string_232a = "This is the men's locker room. Hence, the lockers."
string_235d = "otherLocker"
string_2369 = "The benches provide a place to sit while you're getting dressed."
string_23aa = "bench"
string_23b0 = "theStalls"
string_23ba = "You're standing in the men's locker room."
string_23e4 = "theRoom"
string_23ec = "day6TP"
string_23f3 = "lockerRmSound"
string_2401 = "flushSound"
string_240c = "overFlow"
string_2415 = "sFX"
string_2419 = "jSound"


string_2056 = "rm016"
string_205c = "getPaper"
string_2065 = "stuffPaper"
string_2070 = "lockerScript"
string_207d = "stallScript"
string_2089 = "stall2Script"
string_2096 = "exitScript"
string_20a1 = "enterScript"
string_20ad = "dontGoIn"
string_20b6 = "janScript"
string_20c0 = "talkJanitor"
string_20cc = "flushScript"
string_20d8 = "locker door"
string_20e4 = "That's your locker."
string_20f8 = "locker"
string_20ff = "toilet paper."
string_210d = "toiletPaper"
string_2119 = "toilet."
string_2121 = "Just your regular ol' run-of-the-mill john."
string_214d = "toilet"
string_2154 = "stall door"
string_215f = "The toilet stalls lend a pleasant ambiance to the locker room."
string_219e = "stallDoor"
string_21a8 = "You store some of your equipment in this locker."
string_21d9 = "lockerInset"
string_21e5 = "nightstick"
string_21f0 = "This is your PR\\24 (nightstick)."
string_2211 = "stickInset"
string_221c = "ticket book"
string_2228 = "This is your notebook."
string_223f = "noteInset"
string_2249 = "flashlight"
string_2254 = "This is your flashlight."
string_226d = "flashInset"
string_2278 = "dial lock"
string_2282 = "lock"
string_2287 = "no1"
string_228b = "no2"
string_228f = "no3"
string_2293 = "roller1"
string_229b = "roller2"
string_22a3 = "roller3"
string_22ab = "lockList"
string_22b4 = "janitor"
string_22bc = " Looks as if the janitor is having trouble with your handy work. That should keep him busy for quite a while."
string_232a = "This is the men's locker room. Hence, the lockers."
string_235d = "otherLocker"
string_2369 = "The benches provide a place to sit while you're getting dressed."
string_23aa = "bench"
string_23b0 = "theStalls"
string_23ba = "You're standing in the men's locker room."
string_23e4 = "theRoom"
string_23ec = "day6TP"
string_23f3 = "lockerRmSound"
string_2401 = "flushSound"
string_240c = "overFlow"
string_2415 = "sFX"
string_2419 = "jSound"


string_0e56 = "rm018"
string_0e5c = "egoBluGro"
string_0e66 = "egoBluViews"
string_0e72 = "egoGrnGro"
string_0e7c = "egoGrnViews"
string_0e88 = "afterJimsIntro"
string_0e97 = "enterSergeant"
string_0ea5 = "exitSarg"
string_0eae = "enterHomicide"
string_0ebc = "exitHomo"
string_0ec5 = "Sergeant's Door"
string_0ed5 = "sergeantDoor"
string_0ee2 = "That's the door to the Homicide office."
string_0f0a = "homicideDoor"
string_0f17 = "intercom"
string_0f20 = "The station's public address system."
string_0f45 = "speakers"
string_0f4e = "the window"
string_0f59 = "The window overlooks scenic downtown Lytton."
string_0f86 = "nightWin"
string_0f8f = "window"
string_0f96 = "rm18Window"
string_0fa1 = "That's Homicide's hall window."
string_0fc0 = "homWindow"
string_0fca = "bulletin board"
string_0fd9 = "The bulletin board is where people post articles of interest, personal ads, and chinese restaurant business cards."
string_104c = "bulletinBoard"
string_105a = "carpet"
string_1061 = "Hmm, 'policeman blue'."
string_1078 = "You're in the hallway of the second level of the Lytton Police Station. Several office doors line the hallway."
string_10e7 = "theRoom"
string_10ef = "You are standing in the elevator."
string_1111 = "elFeat"
string_1118 = "doorOpenSound"
string_1126 = "doorCloseSound"
string_1135 = "rmSound"


string_0b8c = "rm019" string_0b92 = "egoBluGro" string_0b9c = "egoBluViews" string_0ba8 = "egoGrnGro" string_0bb2 = "egoGrnViews" string_0bbe = "enterBrief" string_0bc9 = "exitBrief" string_0bd3 = "enterPsych" string_0bde = "exitPsych" string_0be8 = "Briefing's Room Door" string_0bfd = "That's the door to the Briefing Room." string_0c23 = "briefDoor" string_0c2d = "Psychologist's Door" string_0c41 = "That's the door to the Criminal Psychologist's office." string_0c78 = "psychDoor" string_0c82 = "door" string_0c87 = "locked door" string_0c93 = "That's the door to Vice." string_0cac = "lockDoor" string_0cb5 = "the window" string_0cc0 = "The window overlooks scenic downtown Lytton." string_0ced = "nightWin" string_0cf6 = "backWindow" string_0d01 = "The window is in the Vice Office." string_0d23 = "briefWindow" string_0d2f = "The window is in the Psychologist's Office. The blinds are shut." string_0d70 = "psychWindow" string_0d7c = "carpet" string_0d83 = "It's a smoke detector! A small label on the side reads: \"For best results, hold directly over flame\"." string_0de9 = "smokeAlarm" string_0df4 = "Hmm, 'policeman blue'." string_0e0b = "theCarpet" string_0e15 = "You're in the hallway of the second level of the Lytton Police Station. Several office doors line the hallway." string_0e84 = "theRoom" string_0e8c = "rmSound"


string_1f04 = "rm020"
string_1f0a = "enterIn"
string_1f12 = "UNFOUNDED"
string_1f1c = "EXONERATED"
string_1f27 = "SUSTAINED"
string_1f31 = "UNDETERMINED"
string_1f3e = "patScript"
string_1f48 = "sitScript"
string_1f52 = "standScript"
string_1f5e = "phoneScript"
string_1f6a = "compScript"
string_1f75 = "mailBoxScript"
string_1f83 = "chair"
string_1f89 = "note"
string_1f8e = "In/Out basket."
string_1f9d = "mailBox"
string_1fa5 = "a Computer."
string_1fb1 = "Your computer occupies the center of your desk. In this business, the computer is an indispensible tool."
string_201a = "computer"
string_2023 = "sergeant's room"
string_2033 = "This is the Sergeant's office."
string_2052 = "thisRoom"
string_205b = "Your desk is neat and orderly - probably because you don't spend a lot of time here."
string_20b0 = "desk"
string_20b5 = "your phone"
string_20c0 = "Your phone sits silently on your desk."
string_20e7 = "thePhone"
string_20f0 = "Lt's desk"
string_20fa = "That desk belongs to the Lieutenant."
string_211f = "ltDesk"
string_2126 = "That's the Lieutenant's stuff."
string_2145 = "ltStuff"
string_214d = "garbage can"
string_2159 = "It's a garbage can."
string_216d = "garbageCan"
string_2178 = "bulletin board"
string_2187 = "The bulletin board in here has information so old, there's a missing person bulletin about Jimmy Hoffa."
string_21ef = "bulletinBoard"
string_21fd = "filing cabinets"
string_220d = "Those are file drawers."
string_2225 = "cabinets"
string_222e = "picture"
string_2236 = "Ah, some of the fine art displayed here at the Lytton County Police Department!"
string_2286 = "rm20picture"
string_2292 = "pat"
string_2296 = "Pat Morales"
string_22a2 = "patInset"
string_22ab = "patMouth"
string_22b4 = "angryE"
string_22bb = "pEyes"
string_22c1 = "patEyesBlink"
string_22ce = "Sonny"
string_22d4 = "sonnyInset"
string_22df = "sonnyMouth"
string_22ea = "sonnyEyes"
string_22f4 = "egoEyesBlink"
string_2301 = "It's your good ole, well-worn chair."
string_2326 = "That chair's for your visitors."
string_2346 = "visitorChair"
string_2353 = "That chair belongs to the Lieutenant."
string_2379 = "ltChair"
string_2381 = "bookcase"
string_238a = "The bookcase contains law reference materials."
string_23b9 = "It's a computer."
string_23ca = "cInset"
string_23d1 = "That's the power switch."
string_23ea = "computebutton"
string_23f8 = "That's the computer monitor."
string_2415 = "screen"
string_241c = "That's the computer access card slot."
string_2442 = "card"
string_2447 = "mySound"
string_244f = "stingSound"
string_245a = "doorClose"
string_2464 = "chairSlide"
string_246f = "stinger"
string_2477 = "computerOn"
string_2482 = "computerCard"


tring_39e4 = "rm021" string_39ea = "byebye" string_39f1 = "enterScript" string_39fd = "exitScript" string_3a08 = "sitScript" string_3a12 = "standScript" string_3a1e = "compScript" string_3a29 = "phone21Script" string_3a37 = "noteScript" string_3a42 = "patLeaves" string_3a4c = "captTalk" string_3a55 = "introductions" string_3a63 = "captRanTalk" string_3a6f = "cRTalk" string_3a76 = "patRandom" string_3a80 = "openDrawer" string_3a8b = "capt5Talk" string_3a95 = "capt5Script" string_3aa1 = "drawerTimerScript" string_3ab3 = "forgotCuffs" string_3abf = "lastDay" string_3ac7 = "turnPatIn" string_3ad1 = "The door leads back into the hallway." string_3af7 = "door" string_3afc = "computer" string_3b05 = "your phone" string_3b10 = "A phone." string_3b19 = "thePhone" string_3b22 = "chair" string_3b28 = "pChair" string_3b2f = "drawer" string_3b36 = "pDrawer" string_3b3e = "drawerInset" string_3b4a = "Your partner, Pat Morales, is an attractive, but tough-looking woman." string_3b90 = "pat" string_3b94 = "The captain's chair." string_3ba9 = "cChair" string_3bb0 = "Captain Tate runs the Homicide division for L.P.D." string_3be3 = "captain" string_3beb = "captInset" string_3bf5 = "captMouth" string_3bff = "Sonny" string_3c05 = "sonnyInset" string_3c10 = "sonnyMouth" string_3c1b = "sonnyShirt" string_3c26 = "sergeant's room" string_3c36 = "The homicide room." string_3c49 = "thisRoom" string_3c52 = "Pat Morales" string_3c5e = "patInset" string_3c67 = "patShirt" string_3c70 = "patMouth" string_3c79 = "note" string_3c7e = "A guest chair." string_3c8d = "gChair" string_3c94 = "It's a computer." string_3ca5 = "cInset" string_3cac = "That's the power switch." string_3cc5 = "computebutton" string_3cd3 = "That's the computer monitor." string_3cf0 = "screen" string_3cf7 = "That's the computer access card slot." string_3d1d = "card" string_3d22 = "sFX" string_3d26 = "eChair" string_3d2d = "Captain Tate's desk is well organized - as usual." string_3d5f = "captDesk" string_3d68 = "patDesk" string_3d70 = "earlDesk" string_3d79 = "yourDesk" string_3d82 = "The window looks out into the hallway." string_3da9 = "roomWindow" string_3db4 = "The graph on the wall charts homicides for the past three years. Like inflation, the crime-rate rises steadily." string_3e24 = "graphChart" string_3e2f = "The bookcase has old paperbacks and phone books in it. Nothing interests you." string_3e7d = "bookCase" string_3e86 = "bulletin" string_3e8f = "The file cabinet belongs to the captain. He always keeps it locked."


string_1eee = "rm022" string_1ef4 = "catCalls" string_1efd = "OICScript" string_1f07 = "brief2Script" string_1f14 = "copExit" string_1f1c = "patExit" string_1f24 = "patScript" string_1f2e = "c2Script" string_1f37 = "c1Script" string_1f40 = "oicScript" string_1f4a = "OIC Head" string_1f53 = "OICHead" string_1f5b = "Kevin Miller" string_1f68 = "That's Officer Kevin Miller. He's one of the old-school cops." string_1fa6 = "OIC" string_1faa = "Carl Law" string_1fb3 = "That's Officer Carl Law. Carl's a real cut-up." string_1fe2 = "cop1" string_1fe7 = "Joseph Banks" string_1ff4 = "That's Officer Joseph Banks. Young, smart, and takes his job very seriously." string_2041 = "cop2" string_2046 = "clipboard" string_2050 = "The clipboard contains the notes for today's briefing." string_2087 = "clipBoard" string_2091 = "Pat Morales" string_209d = "The female officer is Pat Morales. You hear she's a tough cookie." string_20df = "pat" string_20e3 = "chair" string_20e9 = "The chairs are for the officers attending the briefing." string_2121 = "pChair" string_2128 = "lChair" string_212f = "rChair" string_2136 = "patInset" string_213f = "patMouth" string_2148 = "pEyes" string_214e = "patEyesBlink" string_215b = "Sonny" string_2161 = "sonnyInset" string_216c = "sonnyMouth" string_2177 = "sonnyEyes" string_2181 = "egoEyesBlink" string_218e = "The door leads back to the hall." string_21af = "door" string_21b4 = "OICInset" string_21bd = "oicMouth" string_21c6 = "picture" string_21ce = "Soothing, isn't it?" string_21e2 = "rm22picture" string_21ee = "chalkboard" string_21f9 = "The chalkboard has nothing important on it at this time." string_2232 = "podium" string_2239 = "The podium is used for giving briefings." string_2262 = "The message board is where the daily briefing notes are posted after the briefing." string_22b5 = "messageBoard" string_22c2 = "tables" string_22c9 = "The tables are for the officers attending the briefing." string_2301 = "This is the briefing room. The junior officers meet here for news, reminders, and the occasional reprimands." string_236e = "briefingRoom" string_237b = "moveChairSound" string_238a = "pickUpSnd"


string_16e2 = "rm023" string_16e8 = "getUp" string_16ee = "giveResults" string_16fa = "askForHelp" string_1705 = "casualTalk" string_1710 = "areYouDeaf" string_171b = "clackScript" string_1727 = "Dr. Aimes is one of those intellectual types. Not a bad guy, but a little patronizing." string_177e = "psycho" string_1785 = "pyschInset" string_1790 = "psyupright" string_179b = "eyeblink" string_17a4 = "bigtwitch" string_17ae = "pMouth" string_17b5 = "bigTwitch" string_17bf = "bHand" string_17c5 = "handtwitch" string_17d0 = "mouthTwitch" string_17dc = "It's one of those mindless excutive toys." string_1806 = "clackers" string_180f = "clackersB" string_1819 = "It's one of those mindless executive toys." string_1844 = "clackersS" string_184e = "Dr. Aimes' chair is made of soft Corinthian leather." string_1883 = "chair" string_1889 = "desk" string_188e = "That's Doctor Aimes' desk. There's a file on the desk." string_18c5 = "file" string_18ca = "It is a personnel file." string_18e2 = "pFile" string_18e8 = "The proverbial 'confessing couch'." string_190b = "couch" string_1911 = "A window overlooks the parking lot. The blinds are drawn." string_194b = "rm23Window" string_1956 = "It's a theory receptacle." string_1970 = "wasteBasket" string_197c = "Dr. Aimes provides a chair for those who feel silly lying down." string_19bc = "smallChair" string_19c7 = "The filing cabinets have a lot of dirt on a lot of people." string_1a02 = "fileCabinet" string_1a0e = "Just looking at the titles of Dr. Aimes' books puts you to sleep." string_1a50 = "bookcase" string_1a59 = "A bit of green is always nice. This guy probably talks to his plants." string_1a9f = "plant" string_1aa5 = "This is the office of the department's criminal psychologist, Dr. Sidney Aimes." string_1af5 = "aroundRoom" string_1b00 = "psySound" string_1b09 = "interviewSound" string_1b18 = "fileSound" string_1b22 = "clackerSnd"


string_1f5c = "rm024" string_1f62 = "giveForm" string_1f6b = "getCard" string_1f73 = "getLost" string_1f7b = "getTracker" string_1f86 = "propScripts" string_1f92 = "dispatchScripts" string_1fa2 = "labTalk" string_1faa = "tellAspen" string_1fb4 = "getTracker2" string_1fc0 = "handSet" string_1fc8 = "lab tech" string_1fd1 = "Mike Downs is the head technician. He runs the computer facilities." string_2015 = "labTech" string_201d = "computer card" string_202b = "Your computer access card is on Mike's desk." string_2058 = "reqCard" string_2060 = "Behind their glass wall, dispatch is busy monitoring the police band." string_20a6 = "dispatch1" string_20b0 = "dispatch2" string_20ba = "dispatch3" string_20c4 = "escProp" string_20cc = "monitor" string_20d4 = "The dispatch center is equipped with the latest audio, visual equipment." string_211d = "screen1" string_2125 = "screen2" string_212d = "Law enforcement has certainly gone high tech hasn't it?" string_2165 = "screen3" string_216d = "radio" string_2173 = "monitor1" string_217c = "monitor2" string_2185 = "drawer" string_218c = "It is a drawer." string_219c = "dInset" string_21a3 = "tracker" string_21ab = "techInset" string_21b5 = "tMouth" string_21bc = "Sonny" string_21c2 = "sonnyInset" string_21cd = "sonnyEyes" string_21d7 = "egoEyesBlink" string_21e4 = "sonnyMouth" string_21ef = "That's Mike's cabinet." string_2206 = "cabinet" string_220e = "desk" string_2213 = "That's Mike's desk." string_2227 = "deskD" string_222d = "The size of the department's main computer banks always astounds you." string_2273 = "banks" string_2279 = "That's Mike's computer." string_2291 = "computer" string_229a = "The table holds various computer magazines - none of which interest you." string_22e3 = "table" string_22e9 = "The glass wall divides dispatch from the computer facilities." string_2327 = "glass" string_232d = "The elevated floor consists of individual movable tiles. All the computer cables run underneath the tiles." string_2398 = "floor" string_239e = "That is Mike's In\\Out basket." string_23bc = "inOut" string_23c2 = "The third floor is home to the computer facilities and dispatch." string_2403 = "theRoom" string_240b = "escSound" string_2414 = "soundFX"


string_23e4 = "rm027" string_23ea = "motionForABit" string_23f8 = "womanScript" string_2404 = "waterScript" string_2410 = "goToCar" string_2418 = "inCarTimer" string_2423 = "suspectCar" string_242e = "suspectOutCar" string_243c = "friskHim" string_2445 = "exitCar" string_244d = "enterCar" string_2456 = "picnicker1Script" string_2467 = "picnicker2Script" string_2478 = "picnicker3Script" string_2489 = "picnicker4Script" string_249a = "talkB4CuffingNut" string_24ab = "talkAfterCuffingNut" string_24bf = "The woman seems close to hysteria over something." string_24f1 = "woman" string_24f7 = "Car" string_24fb = "You look at your car fondly." string_2518 = "car" string_251c = "carDoor" string_2524 = "This guy is definitely unstable." string_2545 = "nut" string_2549 = "the picnickers" string_2558 = "picnicker1" string_2563 = "Something has disturbed the picnickers." string_258b = "picnicker2" string_2596 = "picnicker3" string_25a1 = "picnicker4" string_25ac = "water1" string_25b3 = "water2" string_25ba = "water3" string_25c1 = "the river" string_25cb = "The river's considerable undertow churns the waters into a muddy green." string_2613 = "river" string_2619 = "picnic tables" string_2627 = "You've been picnicking at Aspen Falls many times before. One of those tables probably still has your initials on it." string_269c = "tables" string_26a3 = "the tree" string_26ac = "The graceful willow trees make Aspen Falls the prettiest park for miles around." string_26fc = "trees" string_2702 = "the sky" string_270a = "The azure summer sky is accented by wispy clouds." string_273c = "sky" string_2740 = "the grass" string_274a = "The grass stays lush and green on the banks of the river." string_2784 = "grass" string_278a = "the dirt" string_2793 = "The bare area disrupts the grasses." string_27b7 = "dirt" string_27bc = "womanInset" string_27c7 = "womanEyes" string_27d1 = "womanMouth" string_27dc = "suckingthumb" string_27e9 = "womanEyesBlink" string_27f8 = "iEgo" string_27fd = "iEgoMouth" string_2807 = "iEgoEyes" string_2810 = "egoEyesBlink" string_281d = "soundEffects"


string_2870 = "poly1" string_2876 = "polyNut" string_287e = "rm028" string_2884 = "drawScript" string_288f = "nutScript" string_2899 = "enterWater" string_28a4 = "rant1" string_28aa = "searchClothes" string_28b8 = "throwKeys" string_28c2 = "goAfterEgo" string_28cd = "useStickOnNut" string_28db = "outColdTimer" string_28e8 = "egoGetsIt" string_28f2 = "waterScript" string_28fe = "cuffHim" string_2906 = "shootHim" string_290f = "talkToEgoWater" string_291e = "talkToEgoLand" string_292c = "useKeyOnNut" string_2938 = "A pile of clothes, probably belonging to the half-naked perpetrator, is sitting by the rocks unattended." string_29a1 = "clothes" string_29a9 = "The man's clearly in a deranged state of mind - though whether because of drug use or some mental instability is unclear." string_2a23 = "nut" string_2a27 = "The river's considerable undertow churns the waters into a muddy green." string_2a6f = "river" string_2a75 = "water1" string_2a7c = "water2" string_2a83 = "water3" string_2a8a = "the trees" string_2a94 = "The graceful willow trees make Aspen Falls the prettiest park for miles around." string_2ae4 = "trees" string_2aea = "the sky" string_2af2 = "The azure summer sky is accented by wispy clouds." string_2b24 = "sky" string_2b28 = "the grass" string_2b32 = "The grass stays lush and green on the banks of the river." string_2b6c = "grass" string_2b72 = "the rocks" string_2b7c = "A few large rocks mark a favorite spot for wading." string_2baf = "rocks" string_2bb5 = "splash" string_2bbc = "iEgo" string_2bc1 = "iEgoMouth" string_2bcb = "iEgoEyes" string_2bd4 = "egoEyesBlink" string_2be1 = "Nut" string_2be5 = "iNutLand" string_2bee = "iNutWater" string_2bf8 = "iNutMouth" string_2c02 = "iNutEyes" string_2c0b = "soundEffects" string_2c18 = "nutMusic" string_2c21 = "nutWadingMusic" string_2c30 = "stompSound" string_2c3b = "polyList0" string_2c45 = "polyList1"


string_0dd8 = "rm029" string_0dde = "runOver" string_0de6 = "exitCar" string_0dee = "enterCar" string_0df7 = "car door" string_0e00 = "The passenger car door." string_0e18 = "yourDoor" string_0e21 = "car" string_0e25 = "Your car is parked where you left it." string_0e4b = "yourCar" string_0e53 = "hitAndRun" string_0e5d = "rearLights" string_0e68 = "topLights" string_0e72 = "Highway 41 runs all the way through Lytton." string_0e9e = "theRoom" string_0ea6 = "Guardrails protect out-of-control vehicles from plunging off the road." string_0eed = "theRail" string_0ef5 = "The shoulder of the road is for emergency stops only." string_0f2b = "theShoulder" string_0f37 = "poly1" string_0f3d = "poly2" string_0f43 = "poly3" string_0f49 = "poly4" string_0f4f = "poly6" string_0f55 = "poly5" string_0f5b = "sfx" string_0f5f = "streetSound" string_0f6b = "runOverSound"


string_227a = "rm030" string_2280 = "goBack" string_2287 = "goToMarie" string_2291 = "getInAmbulance" string_22a0 = "goHome" string_22a7 = "reporterScript" string_22b6 = "walkAway" string_22bf = "getCard" string_22c7 = "searchGrid" string_22d2 = "Uh-oh. It looks like one of those ambulance-chasing reporters." string_2311 = "reporter" string_231a = "rInset" string_2321 = "Reporter" string_232a = "rMouth" string_2331 = "rCard" string_2337 = "Sonny" string_233d = "sInset" string_2344 = "sMouth" string_234b = "One of the uniformed officers is busy searching the scene of the crime." string_2393 = "officer" string_239b = "ambulence" string_23a5 = "headLight" string_23af = " It's a Lytton P.D. patrol car." string_23cf = "pCar" string_23d4 = "pCar2" string_23da = "redLight" string_23e3 = "lDoor" string_23e9 = "rDoor" string_23ef = "medics" string_23f6 = "theRoom" string_23fe = "spot" string_2403 = "star" string_2408 = "lamp" string_240d = "blacktop" string_2416 = "Some of the mall's stores are undergoing renovation." string_244b = "otherStores" string_2457 = "sidewalk" string_2460 = "armyShop" string_2469 = "keyShop" string_2471 = "mariesCar" string_247b = "jim" string_247f = "Jim's Mouth" string_248b = "JHead" string_2491 = "headScript" string_249c = "Jim's Hand" string_24a7 = "JHand" string_24ad = "handScript" string_24b8 = "JOpenHand" string_24c2 = "openHandScript" string_24d1 = "Jim's Eye" string_24db = "JEye" string_24e0 = "eyeScript" string_24ea = "JArm" string_24ef = "armScript" string_24f9 = "searchMusic" string_2505 = "sirenSound" string_2510 = "sFX"


string_22a2 = "rm031" string_22a8 = "patWalkToBooth" string_22b7 = "exitCar" string_22bf = "enterCar" string_22c8 = "goNorth" string_22d0 = "goWest" string_22d7 = "goEast" string_22de = "goSouth" string_22e6 = "goSouthEast" string_22f2 = "goToArmy" string_22fb = "talkKeyScript" string_2309 = "getKeyScript" string_2316 = "payTheMan" string_2320 = "cantDupeScript" string_232f = "moveHands" string_2339 = "That's the shop of \"Zak\" the keymaker." string_2360 = "keyShop" string_2368 = "That's the Army Recruiter's office." string_238c = "armyShop" string_2395 = "Zak" string_2399 = "It's Zak the keymaker." string_23b0 = "zakInset" string_23b9 = "zakHead" string_23c1 = "zakHand" string_23c9 = "zakMouth" string_23d2 = "zakTool" string_23da = "zakCover" string_23e3 = "Sonny" string_23e9 = "sonnyInset" string_23f4 = "sonnyMouth" string_23ff = "sonnyEyes" string_2409 = "sonnyEyesScript" string_2419 = "It's a public telephone." string_2432 = "phone" string_2438 = "It's a very LARGE streetlamp." string_2456 = "lamp" string_245b = "Marie's car was parked here during her attack." string_248a = "marieStall" string_2495 = "The parking lot blacktop." string_24af = "blacktop" string_24b8 = "Some of the mall's stores are undergoing renovation." string_24ed = "otherStores" string_24f9 = "Sidewalks connect the store fronts." string_251d = "sidewalk" string_2526 = "pat" string_252a = "You look fondly at your car." string_2547 = "theCar" string_254e = "carDoor" string_2556 = "carOpenSnd" string_2561 = "carCloseSnd" string_256d = "makeKeySnd" string_2578 = "polyList0" string_2582 = "polyList1" string_258c = "poly1" string_2592 = "poly2" string_2598 = "poly3" string_259e = "poly4" string_25a4 = "You spot an object laying on the ground." string_25cd = "star"


string_083a = "rm032" string_0840 = "eyeScript" string_084a = "loadScript" string_0855 = "jMouth" string_085c = "oMouth" string_0863 = "mHand" string_0869 = "oEye" string_086e = "jEye" string_0873 = "It's one of the paramedics." string_088f = "oliver" string_0896 = "jim" string_089a = "Marie has no color in her face and is breathing very shallow." string_08d8 = "marie" string_08de = "sInset" string_08e5 = "sMouth"


string_0888 = "rm033" string_088e = "inHospital" string_0899 = "outHospital" string_08a5 = "partner" string_08ad = "the flag" string_08b6 = "amerFlag" string_08bf = "frontFlag" string_08c9 = "backFlag" string_08d2 = "the car" string_08da = "That's your vehicle." string_08ef = "egosCar" string_08f7 = "soundFX" string_08ff = "carOpenSnd" string_090a = "carCloseSnd"


string_3c1a = "rm036" string_3c20 = "enterDoctor" string_3c2c = "mushyTalk" string_3c36 = "goBackToMall" string_3c43 = "egoPickupChart" string_3c52 = "giveKiss" string_3c5b = "doctorInSecondTime" string_3c6e = "alreadyDoneIV" string_3c7c = "notDiscoveredIV" string_3c8c = "discoveredIV" string_3c99 = "nurseGetsDoctor" string_3ca9 = "enterHospRoom" string_3cb7 = "giveMusicBox" string_3cc4 = "giveRose" string_3ccd = "giveLocket" string_3cd8 = "marieWakes" string_3ce3 = "pushButton" string_3cee = "waitForTalk" string_3cfa = "blinkEyes" string_3d04 = "rTalkEyes" string_3d0e = "seeIV" string_3d14 = "The doctor looks tired but sympathetic." string_3d3c = "doctor" string_3d43 = "The nurse looks competent and sturdy." string_3d69 = "nurse" string_3d6f = "marieFar" string_3d78 = "the chart" string_3d82 = "That's where the doctor hangs the patient's chart." string_3db5 = "chart" string_3dbb = "It's Marie's hospital chart." string_3dd8 = "chartView" string_3de2 = "the stand" string_3dec = "ivStand" string_3df4 = "insetDoctor" string_3e00 = "doctorMouth" string_3e0c = "doctorEyes" string_3e17 = "doctorBlinks" string_3e24 = "the window" string_3e2f = "The window overlooks the hospital parking lot." string_3e5e = "hospitalWindow" string_3e6d = "the bed" string_3e75 = "bed" string_3e79 = "the monitor" string_3e85 = "ekgMonitor" string_3e90 = "The rolling metal stand provides a moving table for the nurses or your wife - if she were conscious to use it." string_3eff = "metalStand" string_3f0a = "the cabinet" string_3f16 = "The cabinet contains general hospital issue plastics and a few personal items belonging to your wife." string_3f7c = "cabinet" string_3f84 = "the chair" string_3f8e = "That chair is provided for the patient's visitors." string_3fc1 = "visitorsChair" string_3fcf = "the curtains" string_3fdc = "The curtains are there to provide privacy for Marie during examinations and medical procedures." string_403c = "curtains" string_4045 = "the wall" string_404e = "The walls in here are depressingly bare." string_4077 = "wall" string_407c = "the floor" string_4086 = "The linoleum is shiny and clean." string_40a7 = "floor" string_40ad = "the woman" string_40b7 = "marieCloseUp" string_40c4 = "the IV" string_40cb = "mariesIV" string_40d4 = "monitor" string_40dc = "ekg" string_40e0 = "the light" string_40ea = "The light casts a clinical glare over Marie's face." string_411e = "light" string_4124 = "the button" string_412f = "It's a call button." string_4143 = "nurseButton" string_414f = "The rose is still fresh and beautiful." string_4176 = "roseInset" string_4180 = "Marie's music box lies next to her on the bed." string_41af = "musicboxInset" string_41bd = "It's Marie's lovely locket." string_41d9 = "locketInset" string_41e5 = "blip" string_41ea = "ivdrip" string_41f1 = "mariesEyes" string_41fc = "finger" string_4203 = "marieMouth" string_420e = "ivNumbers" string_4218 = "iEgo" string_421d = "iEgoMouth" string_4227 = "iEgoClothes" string_4233 = "iEgoEyes" string_423c = "egoEyesBlink" string_4249 = "egoOffScreen" string_4256 = "closeUpView" string_4262 = "soundBlip" string_426c = "soundMB" string_4274 = "soundMarieOK"


string_23cc = "rm037" string_23d2 = "egoEntersHospital" string_23e4 = "outHospital" string_23f0 = "wait4me" string_23f8 = "partnerEnter" string_2405 = "egoInElevatorUpper" string_2418 = "egoInElevatorLower" string_242b = "exitElevatorUpper" string_243d = "exitElevatorLower" string_244f = "talkWithReceptionist" string_2464 = "recpGoToComputer" string_2475 = "animateReceptAtComp" string_2489 = "approachFlorist" string_2499 = "t1" string_249c = "t2" string_249f = "takeRose" string_24a8 = "anotherRose" string_24b4 = "randomTalk" string_24bf = "It's Officer Pat Morales, your partner." string_24e7 = "partner" string_24ef = "doctor" string_24f6 = "the florist" string_2502 = "The florist is a chipper sort, eager to make a sale." string_2537 = "florist" string_253f = "florMouth" string_2549 = "It's a rose." string_2556 = "rose" string_255b = "iEgo" string_2560 = "iEgoMouth" string_256a = "iEgoClothes" string_2576 = "iEgoEyes" string_257f = "egoEyesBlink" string_258c = "chitChat" string_2595 = "the receptionist" string_25a6 = "The receptionist looks friendly enough." string_25ce = "receptionist" string_25db = "chair" string_25e1 = "the elevator" string_25ee = "It looks like an elevator." string_2609 = "elevatorUpper" string_2617 = "elevatorLower" string_2625 = "elevatorButton" string_2634 = "the front entrance" string_2647 = "That's the door you came in from." string_2669 = "frontEntrance" string_2677 = "the flower shop" string_2687 = "You notice a flower shop off the lobby." string_26af = "flowerShop" string_26ba = "computer" string_26c3 = "It's a computer." string_26d4 = "the front desk" string_26e3 = "It's the front desk." string_26f8 = "frontDesk" string_2702 = "the carpet" string_270d = "The hospital floor is kept spotless." string_2732 = "carpet" string_2739 = "the aisle" string_2743 = "The hospital floor is waxed and gleaming." string_276d = "aisle" string_2773 = "the hospital" string_2780 = "The hospital's architecture is stark and modern - a far cry from the dank corridors of the old hospital." string_27e9 = "insideHospital" string_27f8 = "darkWindow" string_2803 = "darkFloor" string_280d = "soundFX" string_2815 = "pagingMusic"


string_107c = "rm040" string_1082 = "egoPhoneInBed" string_1090 = "egoOutOfBedAndDressed" string_10a6 = "musicTimer" string_10b1 = "musicTimer2" string_10bd = "leaveForWork" string_10ca = "goToDresser" string_10d6 = "getMusicBox" string_10e2 = "changeRoom" string_10ed = "the dressed" string_10f9 = "dresser" string_1101 = "the bed" string_1109 = "It's your bed. It looks empty without Marie." string_1136 = "bed" string_113a = "the phone" string_1144 = "You glance at the phone and hope that nobody bothers you at home for once." string_118f = "phone" string_1195 = "the night stand" string_11a5 = "It's a night stand." string_11b9 = "nightStand" string_11c4 = "the window" string_11cf = "Outside the Lytton suburbs look peaceful." string_11f9 = "rm40window" string_1204 = "the furniture" string_1212 = "Marie used to curl up in that chair for hours. This was her favorite little reading area." string_126c = "readingArea" string_1278 = "the room" string_1281 = "Marie was so excited about buying this house. She loved decorating this room and hand-picking each accessory." string_12ef = "furnishings" string_12fb = "the chair" string_1305 = "chair" string_130b = "the music box" string_1319 = "The music box plays Marie's favorite song. She liked to listen to it while you were on duty because it reminded her of you." string_1395 = "musicBox" string_139e = "carFront" string_13a7 = "carMid" string_13ae = "carBack" string_13b6 = "carDoor" string_13be = "talkInset" string_13c8 = "egoMouth" string_13d1 = "phoneRing" string_13db = "soundMB" string_13e3 = "soundFX"


string_23fc = "rm041" string_2402 = "walkDownStairs" string_2411 = "walkUpStairs" string_241e = "blwalkDownStairs" string_242f = "blwalkUpStairs" string_243e = "getInCar" string_2447 = "cuffGroceryCart" string_2457 = "bagLadyGetsUp" string_2465 = "bagLadyPeeks" string_2472 = "randomTalkBagLady" string_2484 = "bagLadyAsleep" string_2492 = "remarkBagLady" string_24a0 = "gotoBagLady" string_24ac = "identifyWithWallet" string_24bf = "returnToHome" string_24cc = "getCuffs" string_24d5 = "insetBagLady" string_24e2 = "bagLadyFace" string_24ee = "bagLadyEyes" string_24fa = "bBlinkEyes" string_2505 = "insetBagLadyStand" string_2517 = "bagLadyFaceS" string_2524 = "insetEgo" string_252d = "egoFace" string_2535 = "Sonny" string_253b = "sonnyShirt" string_2546 = "sonnyEyes" string_2550 = "egoEyesBlink" string_255d = "bagLady" string_2565 = "newsPaper" string_256f = "groceryCart" string_257b = "car" string_257f = "carDoor" string_2587 = "This is the loading docks of a warehouse." string_25b1 = "warehouse" string_25bb = "There's a company truck parked here." string_25e0 = "truck" string_25e6 = "There's a large, sturdy water pipe here." string_260f = "pipe" string_2614 = "The loading docks is littered with trash." string_263e = "trash" string_2644 = "It's a large trash bin for the warehouse." string_266e = "trashBin" string_2677 = "There's a lamp on the loading docks, probably to discourage break-ins." string_26be = "light" string_26c4 = "poly1" string_26ca = "poly2" string_26d0 = "polyGroceryCart" string_26e0 = "polyCar" string_26e8 = "cuffsOnSound" string_26f5 = "streetFX" string_26fe = "rustleSound" string_270a = "bagLadyMusic"


string_116a = "rm042" string_1170 = "goInMore" string_1179 = "notYet" string_1180 = "egoOutCourtHouse" string_1191 = "egoInUnMarkedCar" string_11a2 = "egoOutUnMarkedCar" string_11b4 = "egoInPatrolCar" string_11c3 = "egoOutPatrolCar" string_11d3 = "You look fondly at your car." string_11f0 = "patrolCarFront" string_11ff = "patrolCarMiddle" string_120f = "patrolCarBack" string_121d = "patrolCarDoor" string_122b = "unMarkedCarFront" string_123c = "unMarkedCarMiddle" string_124e = "unMarkedCarBack" string_125e = "unMarkedCarDoor" string_126e = "the building" string_127b = "Lytton city courthouse... You hope Judge Simpson got up on the right side of the bed this morning" string_12dd = "building" string_12e6 = "building entrance" string_12f8 = "The front entrance to the courthouse." string_131e = "entrance" string_1327 = "the plants" string_1332 = "This site boasts typical Lytton city landscape." string_1362 = "plantsLFT" string_136c = "plantsRT" string_1375 = "sidewalk" string_137e = "A nice, wide sidewalk runs in front of the courthouse." string_13b5 = "the asphalt" string_13c1 = "The asphalt looks hot and dry." string_13e0 = "asphalt" string_13e8 = "mPQ3motifSound" string_13f7 = "doorOpenSound" string_1405 = "doorCloseSound"


string_3ec2 = "rm043" string_3ec8 = "DeputyStand" string_3ed4 = "DeputySit" string_3ede = "speechScript" string_3eeb = "egoTalkToDA" string_3ef7 = "egoGoSit" string_3f00 = "startProsecution" string_3f11 = "question1" string_3f1b = "timer1" string_3f22 = "talk1A" string_3f29 = "timer2" string_3f30 = "talk2" string_3f36 = "useCalibrationTimer" string_3f4a = "talk3" string_3f50 = "noFurtherQuestions" string_3f63 = "guilty" string_3f6a = "notGuilty" string_3f74 = "timeNotRecorded" string_3f84 = "noChartUsed" string_3f90 = "egoDownFromBox" string_3f9f = "ruizTakesStand" string_3fae = "guiltyVerdict" string_3fbc = "notGuiltyVerdict" string_3fcd = "usedChart" string_3fd7 = "judgeRappingGavel" string_3fe9 = "noTalkDA" string_3ff2 = "egoEyesBlink" string_3fff = "Ruiz refuses to meet your eyes." string_401f = "ruiz" string_4024 = "The judge looks serious and competent." string_404b = "judge" string_4051 = "The bailiff doesn't look like the sort to tolerate any nonsense in his courtroom." string_40a3 = "bailiff" string_40ab = "The defense attorney is an aggressive lawyer. He would clearly like to make you look bad." string_4105 = "defenseAttorney" string_4115 = "The Deputy District Attorney looks as though he's seen it all during his career. He doesn't miss a trick." string_417f = "districtAttorney" string_4190 = "the court reporter" string_41a3 = "The court reporter makes a record of all court proceedings." string_41df = "reporter" string_41e8 = "egoChair" string_41f1 = "attorneyChair" string_41ff = "boxChair" string_4208 = "the door" string_4211 = "That door must lead to the judge's chambers." string_423e = "door" string_4243 = "The judge's court calendar is on her desk." string_426e = "calendar" string_4277 = "Don't even think of messing with the Judge's gavel." string_42ab = "gavel" string_42b1 = "ireporter" string_42bb = "repMouth" string_42c4 = "iDA" string_42c8 = "iDAMouth" string_42d1 = "iDAEyes" string_42d9 = "idefenseA" string_42e3 = "idefenseMouth" string_42f1 = "ijudge" string_42f8 = "ijudgeMouth" string_4304 = "iRuiz" string_430a = "iRuizMouth" string_4315 = "iEgo" string_431a = "iEgoMouth" string_4324 = "iEgoClothes" string_4330 = "iEgoEyes" string_4339 = "the witness box" string_4349 = "The witness box is located next to the judge's bench." string_437f = "witnessBox" string_438a = "mLowride2Sound" string_4399 = "sSoundEffects"


string_18b4 = "rm044" string_18ba = "judicial order" string_18c9 = "search warrant" string_18d8 = "forgotNote" string_18e3 = "judgeSigning" string_18f0 = "egoEnterRoom" string_18fd = "egoAfterWarrant" string_190d = "giveLocket" string_1918 = "givePhoto" string_1922 = "giveArticle" string_192e = "givenOne" string_1937 = "givenTwo" string_1940 = "givenThree" string_194b = "wheresTheHouse" string_195a = "judgeTalkToldNo" string_196a = "judgeTalk" string_1974 = "Judge Simpson looks like a woman who likes to get right down to business." string_19be = "judge" string_19c4 = "warrant" string_19cc = "the bookcase" string_19d9 = "The bookcase is filled with legal tomes." string_1a02 = "bookcase" string_1a0b = "the desk" string_1a14 = "The judge's desk is neat and orderly." string_1a3a = "desk" string_1a3f = "the table" string_1a49 = "The small table holds a lamp and nothing else of interest." string_1a84 = "table" string_1a8a = "the lamp" string_1a93 = "A lamp is of no interest." string_1aad = "tableLamp" string_1ab7 = "the window" string_1ac2 = "The window looks over the park next door." string_1aec = "windows" string_1af4 = "the paneling" string_1b01 = "The judge's chambers has nice oak paneling." string_1b2d = "paneling" string_1b36 = "the floor" string_1b40 = "The judge's chambers has nice, thick, blue carpeting." string_1b76 = "floor" string_1b7c = "classicalSound" string_1b8b = "signingSound" string_1b98 = "drawerSound" string_1ba4 = "ijudge" string_1bab = "jmouth" string_1bb2 = "iEgo" string_1bb7 = "iEgoMouth" string_1bc1 = "iEgoClothes" string_1bcd = "iEgoEyes" string_1bd6 = "egoEyesBlink"


string_256e = "Your normal, everyday scum-filled alley." string_2597 = "rm045" string_259d = "playAndFade" string_25a9 = "enterRoom" string_25b3 = "exitRoom" string_25bc = "patScript" string_25c6 = "patEnterCar" string_25d2 = "coronerArrives" string_25e1 = "giveLicenseBack" string_25f1 = "ribbonLeft" string_25fc = "ribbonRight" string_2608 = "doBodyScript" string_2615 = "doWreckScript" string_2623 = "randomTalkCoroner" string_2635 = "uniform" string_263d = "pat" string_2641 = "coroner" string_2649 = "rubberneck1" string_2655 = "rubberneck2" string_2661 = "rubberneck3" string_266d = "rubberneck4" string_2679 = "cat" string_267d = "The rusty dumpster contains the corpse of a murdered man. You pray to God that when YOUR time comes you end up someplace more dignified than the trash." string_2715 = "dumpster" string_271e = "body" string_2723 = "The windshield is marked with the Vehicle Identification Number. It's 127633" string_2770 = "windshield" string_277b = "abandoncar" string_2786 = "It's the abandoned white car. The dent contains gold paint." string_27c2 = "carinset" string_27cb = "The alley is a dead end - appropriate in this case." string_27ff = "backwall" string_2808 = "The back alley asphalt is cracked and filthy. Weeds have struggled through in several places." string_2866 = "street" string_286d = "This part of town is full of typical American brick tenements." string_28ac = "buildings" string_28b6 = "An alley is a lousy place to die." string_28d8 = "trash" string_28de = "It's a street lamp." string_28f2 = "lamp" string_28f7 = "The garage door is closed and locked." string_291d = "garage" string_2924 = "The yellow tape marks off the crime scene and prevents curiosity-seekers from getting too close." string_2985 = "yellowTape" string_2990 = "ribbon" string_2997 = "You look fondly at your car." string_29b4 = "carfront" string_29bd = "carmiddle" string_29c7 = "It's the trunk of your car." string_29e3 = "carback" string_29eb = "cardoor" string_29f3 = "mMurder" string_29fb = "sCameraClick" string_2a08 = "sStreetFX" string_2a12 = "sScraper" string_2a1b = "doorOpenSound" string_2a29 = "doorCloseSound"


string_0ab6 = "rm046" string_0abc = "CheckHandsScript" string_0acd = "CheckShirtScript" string_0ade = "changeToFarAway" string_0aee = "shirtview" string_0af8 = "handinset" string_0b02 = "id" string_0b05 = "OutSide" string_0b0d = "You examine the body. By its skin color and state of rigor mortis, you'd guess that the victim's been dead for at least a few hours." string_0b92 = "lowerbody" string_0b9c = "upperbody" string_0ba6 = "bodyhand" string_0baf = "His face looks anything but peaceful." string_0bd5 = "face" string_0bda = "What an awful smelly place to die." string_0bfd = "dumpster" string_0c06 = "mOpenShirt" string_0c11 = "erieSound"


string_206e = "You're standing outside the infamous Nugget saloon." string_20a2 = "rm047" string_20a8 = "exitAlley" string_20b2 = "sTalkToPat" string_20bd = "sEdgeHit" string_20c6 = "sExitCarScript" string_20d5 = "sToBar" string_20dc = "sFromBar" string_20e5 = "sBurnRubber" string_20f1 = "sSuspectCar" string_20fd = "sGetInCar" string_2107 = "roomSFX" string_210f = "roomSFX2" string_2118 = "streetSFX" string_2122 = "pat" string_2126 = "the car" string_212e = "suspectCarActor" string_213e = "tire" string_2143 = "smoke" string_2149 = "Sonny" string_214f = "sInset" string_2156 = "sMouth" string_215d = "sShirt" string_2164 = "sEyes" string_216a = "egoBlink" string_2173 = "Pat Morales" string_217f = "pInset" string_2186 = "pMouth" string_218d = "pShirt" string_2194 = "the sign" string_219d = "the neon sign." string_21ac = "nuggetSign" string_21b7 = "the insects" string_21c3 = "The light attracts the bugs." string_21e0 = "bugs" string_21e5 = "the bar door" string_21f2 = "This place looks pretty rugged. Better be on your toes." string_222b = "barDoor" string_2233 = "You look fondly at your car." string_2250 = "unmarkedCar" string_225c = "suspectCarView" string_226b = "the tire marks" string_227a = "You can still smell the rubber left in those tire marks." string_22b3 = "tireMarks" string_22bd = "carTrunk" string_22c6 = "carDoor" string_22ce = "the garage door" string_22de = "This part of town has numerous parking garages and small lots." string_231d = "garageDoor" string_2328 = "the window" string_2333 = "The windows are tinted. You can't see inside from here." string_236c = "windows" string_2374 = "the alley" string_237e = "An alley runs alongside the Old Nugget." string_23a6 = "alley" string_23ac = "Billboards are not uncommon in this part of town. They make streets even uglier than they already are." string_2414 = "streetSign" string_241f = "the Nugget" string_242a = "This is the infamous Old Nugget saloon." string_2452 = "nugget" string_2459 = "Based on Paul Bunyan's mug there, I'd say it's a safe bet that they serve beer here." string_24ae = "mug" string_24b2 = "The sign says 'Old Nugget'. It's neon glow attracts insects (including those of the human variety)." string_2516 = "neonSign"


string_2e60 = "The place has a lot of atmosphere... \"cough, cough.\"" string_2e95 = "rm048" string_2e9b = "egoActions" string_2ea6 = "sEgoWalkOffScreen" string_2eb8 = "sEnterBar" string_2ec2 = "sLeaveBar" string_2ecc = "sShootPool" string_2ed7 = "sRocklinPlayPool" string_2ee8 = "sRocklinInset" string_2ef6 = "sShootRocklin" string_2f04 = "sTurnTvOff" string_2f0f = "sBarTender" string_2f1a = "sBarPatron" string_2f25 = "roomSFX" string_2f2d = "pat" string_2f31 = "the man" string_2f39 = "rocklin" string_2f41 = "the bartender" string_2f4f = "The bartender is a tough-looking woman. She's sporting a \" Peterbilt\" T-shirt and a \"don't mess with me\" grimace. She looks as though she's perfectly capable of keeping her customers in line." string_300f = "bartender" string_3019 = "sBartenderTalk1" string_3029 = "sBartenderTalk2" string_3039 = "sBartenderTalk3" string_3049 = "the pool player" string_3059 = "poolPlayer" string_3064 = "sTalkToPlayer" string_3072 = "the cue ball" string_307f = "cueBall" string_3087 = "Pat Morales" string_3093 = "pInset" string_309a = "pMouth" string_30a1 = "pShirt" string_30a8 = "the man at the bar" string_30bb = "Just a skinny lil' guy minding his own business." string_30ec = "patron1" string_30f4 = "sPatron1Talks" string_3102 = "This guy looks like he sprouted out of that bar stool. Must be a regular here." string_3151 = "patron2" string_3159 = "sPatron2Talks" string_3167 = "the suspect" string_3173 = "Hmm... sure matches the description." string_3198 = "rocklinInset" string_31a5 = "insetFace" string_31af = "spill" string_31b5 = "the T.V." string_31be = "Hmm.. might be an interesting program if it would stop flipping like that." string_3209 = "tv" string_320c = "the pool balls" string_321b = "\"Whoa! Nice set of balls!\"" string_3236 = "poolBalls" string_3240 = "the pool cue" string_324d = "It is a pool cue." string_325f = "poolCue" string_3267 = "ball1" string_326d = "ball2" string_3273 = "ball3" string_3279 = "the pool table" string_3288 = "There's a pool table at one end of the bar room - a staple of American neighborhood juice joints." string_32ea = "poolTable" string_32f4 = "the light" string_32fe = "The lamp over the pool table gives off a sickly glare." string_3335 = "billiardsLight" string_3344 = "the liquor" string_334f = "The bartender's arsenal of poisons is neatly arranged behind her." string_3391 = "boose" string_3397 = "the bar" string_339f = "The bar's worn and waxed wooden surface has obviously seen a lot of action." string_33eb = "bar" string_33ef = "the tables" string_33fa = "Empty tables and chairs sit silently about, waiting for a crowd to arrive." string_3445 = "tables" string_344c = "the score board" string_345c = "You see various scores of past games." string_3482 = "greaseBoard" string_348e = "the pool cues" string_349c = "Those cues look pretty beat up, probably get a sliver from it." string_34db = "poolCues" string_34e4 = "Looks like someone used the screen for a spitting contest target." string_3526 = "tvFeature" string_3530 = "the barstools" string_353e = "The barstool's leather tops have been worn smooth by countless rear ends." string_3588 = "barStools" string_3592 = "the candles" string_359e = "Seventies-style glass candle-holders attempt to soften the atmosphere." string_35e5 = "candles" string_35ed = "the ashtrays" string_35fa = "As in most bars, ashtrays are everywhere. You try to ignore their contents." string_3646 = "ashtrays"


string_0eae = "the Coroner's office is conveniently located just down the street from the courthouse." string_0f05 = "rm049" string_0f0b = "exitCoronerOffice" string_0f1d = "enterOffice" string_0f29 = "enterOfficeLocked" string_0f3b = "getInCar" string_0f44 = "getOutCar" string_0f4e = "poly1" string_0f54 = "polyCar" string_0f5c = "polyHydrant" string_0f68 = "buildingDoor" string_0f75 = "carfront" string_0f7e = "carmiddle" string_0f88 = "carback" string_0f90 = "carDoor" string_0f98 = "There's a fire hydrant on the sidewalk." string_0fc0 = "fireHydrant" string_0fcc = "The tree looks lonely amid all that brick and concrete." string_1004 = "tree" string_1009 = "The sign reads \"Coroner\"." string_1023 = "coronerSign" string_102f = "This building houses the County Coroner's office." string_1061 = "building" string_106a = "Like all county buildings,The sidewalks are kept clean and tidy." string_10ab = "sidewalk" string_10b4 = "The asphalt looks hot and dry." string_10d3 = "street" string_10da = "doorOpenSound" string_10e8 = "doorCloseSound" string_10f7 = "bdoorOpenSnd" string_1104 = "bdoorCloseSnd" string_1112 = "sStreetFX"


string_2094 = "This place always gives you the creeps. Just the thought of all those dead bodies. Leon keeps it so damn cold in here." string_210b = "rm050" string_2111 = "canNotExit" string_211c = "coronerWaits" string_2129 = "enterRoom" string_2133 = "coronerConversation" string_2147 = "openDrawer" string_2152 = "closeDrawer" string_215e = "exitRoom" string_2167 = "getEnvelope" string_2173 = "roomSFX" string_217b = "mCoroner" string_2184 = "mCoronerAppear" string_2193 = "mComicRelief" string_21a0 = "mBodyLook" string_21aa = "mFindTag" string_21b3 = "sSlabOpen" string_21bd = "sSlabClose" string_21c8 = "sAirConditioner" string_21d8 = "sWaterDrip" string_21e3 = "sDoorCreak" string_21ee = "sDoorClose" string_21f9 = "fileSound" string_2203 = "coronerInset" string_2210 = "Drawer" string_2217 = "mouthInset" string_2222 = "shadow" string_2229 = "coroner" string_2231 = "toeTagInset" string_223d = "envelope" string_2246 = "pentagram" string_2250 = "Deedee Suffermuch" string_2262 = "door1" string_2268 = "Jason Harper" string_2275 = "door2" string_227b = "Steven Rocklin" string_228a = "door3" string_2290 = "Diane Goadahevin" string_22a1 = "door4" string_22a7 = "Philip Ness" string_22b3 = "door5" string_22b9 = "Ted N. Burried" string_22c8 = "door6" string_22ce = "Andrew Dent" string_22da = "door7" string_22e0 = "Patrick Palmer" string_22ef = "door8" string_22f5 = "floor" string_22fb = "The tiled floor is freshly cleaned and waxed." string_2329 = "cabinets" string_2332 = "chart" string_2338 = "bottles" string_2340 = "table" string_2346 = "instruments" string_2352 = "lamps" string_2358 = "The office lamps give off bright, clinical-looking light." string_2392 = "vent" string_2397 = "The air vent circulates the air in the office. Nevertheless, it always smells like formaldehyde in here." string_2400 = "skeleton" string_2409 = "toeTagFeat" string_2414 = "sink" string_2419 = "embalmMachine"


string_1f84 = "rm051" string_1f8a = "inHouse" string_1f92 = "enterStageLeft" string_1fa1 = "patTalkScript" string_1faf = "enterStageRight" string_1fbf = "putOutFire" string_1fca = "talkChief" string_1fd4 = "chiefYellScript" string_1fe4 = "firePhotoScript" string_1ff4 = "fireman1" string_1ffd = "fireman2" string_2006 = "fireman3" string_200f = "chief" string_2015 = "firemanPhoto" string_2022 = "chiefInset" string_202d = "chiefMouth" string_2038 = "The fire engine's lights are on." string_2059 = "lights" string_2060 = "drip" string_2065 = "embers1" string_206d = "embers2" string_2075 = "embers3" string_207d = "embers4" string_2085 = "embers5" string_208d = "fire1" string_2093 = "fire2" string_2099 = "fire3" string_209f = "The hose is squirting water." string_20bc = "hoseWater1" string_20c7 = "hoseWater2" string_20d2 = "theRoom" string_20da = "The lawn is green and closely clipped." string_2101 = "grass" string_2107 = "The sidewalk is wet with water from the firemen's hoses." string_2140 = "sidewalk" string_2149 = "The windows have been blown to pieces by the heat of the fire." string_2188 = "windows" string_2190 = "You see a fire hydrant." string_21a8 = "hydrant" string_21b0 = "firetruck" string_21ba = "theCar" string_21c1 = "It's The trunk of your car." string_21dd = "theTrunk" string_21e6 = "Sonny" string_21ec = "sonnyInset" string_21f7 = "sonnyMouth" string_2202 = "sonnyShirt" string_220d = "sonnyEyes" string_2217 = "egoEyesBlink" string_2224 = "picInset" string_222d = "sFlames" string_2235 = "sFireHose" string_223f = "sFireTruckEngine"


string_0e0a = "PHEEW! It's still a little on the toasty side in here. The stench of burnt carpet and upholstry coils the hairs in your nose." string_0e88 = "rm052" string_0e8e = "mBurning" string_0e97 = "sAfterFire" string_0ea2 = "pickUpPhoto" string_0eae = "pickUpSting" string_0eba = "exitStageLeft" string_0ec8 = "exitStageRight" string_0ed7 = "enterStageLeft" string_0ee6 = "enterStageRight" string_0ef6 = "getPicScript" string_0f03 = "glow1" string_0f09 = "glow2" string_0f0f = "glow3" string_0f15 = "picInset" string_0f1e = "smoke" string_0f24 = "drip" string_0f29 = "smallpic" string_0f32 = "walls" string_0f38 = "furniture" string_0f42 = "floor" string_0f48 = "A sofa cushion is on the floor." string_0f68 = "cushion" string_0f70 = "Just something else that was melted by the intense heat of the fire." string_0fb5 = "bluePatch" string_0fbf = "A hallway leads off from what's left of the living room." string_0ff8 = "hallway"


string_0a28 = "This back room looks to have been used as a gathering place for some kind of ritual. The large red pentagram looks all to familiar." string_0aac = "rm053" string_0ab2 = "mAlter" string_0ab9 = "mAfterFire" string_0ac4 = "sScraper" string_0acd = "enterRoom" string_0ad7 = "exitRoom" string_0ae0 = "getBlood" string_0ae9 = "glow" string_0aee = "glow2" string_0af4 = "drip" string_0af9 = "backwalldrip" string_0b06 = "Blood" string_0b0c = "walls" string_0b12 = "coals" string_0b18 = "The room's wooden floor seems to have escaped the fire." string_0b50 = "floor" string_0b56 = "Large white candles mark the points of a large pentagram painted on the floor." string_0ba5 = "candles" string_0bad = "pipe"


string_18b8 = "rm054" string_18be = "enterScript" string_18ca = "exitScript" string_18d5 = "walkerScript" string_18e2 = "talkScript" string_18ed = "photoScript" string_18f9 = "typeScript" string_1904 = "IDScript" string_190d = "useMilitary" string_1919 = "getPrintOut" string_1925 = "That's the exit." string_1936 = "door" string_193b = "It's a computer printer." string_1954 = "printer" string_195c = "This looks like the kind of man you want to take seriously." string_1998 = "recruiter" string_19a2 = "armyInset" string_19ac = "rMouth" string_19b3 = "rEyes" string_19b9 = "rEyesScript" string_19c5 = "Sonny" string_19cb = "sonnyInset" string_19d6 = "sonnyMouth" string_19e1 = "sonnyShirt" string_19ec = "sonnyEyes" string_19f6 = "sonnyEyesScript" string_1a06 = "A passerby." string_1a12 = "walker" string_1a19 = "The desk has a military neatness." string_1a3b = "desk" string_1a40 = "Just looking at all those posters makes you feel patriotic." string_1a7c = "poster" string_1a83 = "Those computers are everywhere, aren't they?" string_1ab0 = "computer" string_1ab9 = "The filing cabinets probably hold countless forms in triplicate." string_1afa = "fileCab" string_1b02 = "A trash can" string_1b0e = "trash" string_1b14 = "counter" string_1b1c = "The counters are polished and bare." string_1b40 = "counterLt" string_1b4a = "counterRt" string_1b54 = "doorOpenSound" string_1b62 = "doorClosedSound" string_1b72 = "printSound" string_1b7d = "rustleSound"


string_2406 = "rm055" string_240c = "exitCar" string_2414 = "enterCar" string_241d = "enterCarP" string_2427 = "knockDoor" string_2431 = "ramScript" string_243b = "jiggle" string_2442 = "stairScript" string_244e = "readyScript" string_245a = "dogScript" string_2464 = "barkDogScript" string_2472 = "Your back-up's patrol car is parked next to yours in the yard." string_24b1 = "pCar" string_24b6 = "Your back-up officer is in position." string_24db = "officer" string_24e3 = "Officer Parks is with the K9 unit." string_2506 = "handler" string_250e = "pDog" string_2513 = "The ram is a fortified military vehicle that's been converted for police work and fitted with a steel hydraulic boom. It can get through just about anything." string_25b1 = "halfTrack" string_25bb = "frontWheel" string_25c6 = "backWheel" string_25d0 = "frontDoor" string_25da = "Looks like a happy little mutt." string_25fa = "dog" string_25fe = "window" string_2605 = "The windows have been partially boarded over. Underneath the boards you can see thick metal bars." string_2667 = "shadowWindow" string_2674 = "Sonny" string_267a = "sInset" string_2681 = "sMouth" string_2688 = "sShirt" string_268f = "pat" string_2693 = "Your partner, Pat Morales." string_26ae = "Pat Morales" string_26ba = "pInset" string_26c1 = "pMouth" string_26c8 = "pShirt" string_26cf = "car door" string_26d8 = "That's the passenger car door." string_26f7 = "yourDoor" string_2700 = "car" string_2704 = "You look fondly at your car." string_2721 = "yourCar" string_2729 = "A rickety flight of stairs lead to the second floor." string_275e = "theStair" string_2767 = "The front lawn is unkempt and neglected. Obviously, the people that live here aren't gardeners." string_27c7 = "theRoom" string_27cf = "The house looks like a shack but, judging by the barred windows and heavy front door, it's well fortified." string_283a = "theHouse" string_2843 = "The old car reminds you of the car you had while you were in college - except this one is in better condition." string_28b2 = "wreak" string_28b8 = "A rickety flight of stairs leads to the second floor." string_28ee = "stairs" string_28f5 = "Discarded junk in the yard adds to the house's air of neglect." string_2934 = "barrel" string_293b = "The porch looks like it's about ready to collapse." string_296e = "porch" string_2974 = "There's an electric meter on the side of the house." string_29a8 = "meter" string_29ae = "windows" string_29b6 = "dogSound" string_29bf = "dogSniff" string_29c8 = "bSound" string_29cf = "sfx1" string_29d4 = "sfx2" string_29d9 = "ramForwardSound" string_29e9 = "ramBackSound" string_29f6 = "erieSound"


string_2472 = "polyList0" string_247c = "polyList1" string_2486 = "poly1" string_248c = "poly2" string_2492 = "poly3" string_2498 = "poly4" string_249e = "rm056" string_24a4 = "goBack" string_24ab = "enterGunScript" string_24ba = "drawGunScript" string_24c8 = "holsterGunScript" string_24d9 = "drawScript" string_24e4 = "shootOutScript" string_24f3 = "shootBadGuy" string_24ff = "couchScript" string_250b = "cuffHim" string_2513 = "openFireplace" string_2521 = "shootSonny" string_252c = "talkBains" string_2536 = "badGuy" string_253d = "A large fireplace dominates the room." string_2563 = "fireplace" string_256d = "You don't have time for that now!" string_258f = "tv" string_2592 = "dust" string_2597 = "bulletHole" string_25a2 = "A second suspect is surrendering. It takes you a moment to realize it's... it's Michael Bains!" string_2601 = "bains" string_2607 = "officer" string_260f = "Spike looks agitated. He seems to have found something." string_2647 = "dog" string_264b = "A scuffed up cushion sits on the couch." string_2673 = "cushion" string_267b = "Part of the fireplace has moved away to reveal a hidden staircase." string_26be = "stairs" string_26c5 = "The ruined steel door lies useless on the floor." string_26f6 = "theDoor" string_26fe = "Newspapers are scattered around the floor." string_2729 = "thePaper" string_2732 = "She's from December, if you remember correctly." string_2762 = "thePicture" string_276d = "The walls are cracked and peeling." string_2790 = "theWalls" string_2799 = "There are bars on the windows." string_27b8 = "theWindow" string_27c2 = "The old couch has a few cushions on it." string_27ea = "theCouch" string_27f3 = "You're in the alleged crack house." string_2816 = "theRoom" string_281e = "remoteBut" string_2828 = "remote" string_282f = "no1" string_2833 = "no2" string_2837 = "no3" string_283b = "no4" string_283f = "no5" string_2843 = "no6" string_2847 = "no7" string_284b = "no8" string_284f = "no9" string_2853 = "no10" string_2858 = "pwr" string_285c = "remoteScript" string_2869 = "tvSound" string_2871 = "sFX" string_2875 = "gunShotSound" string_2882 = "moveFirePlaceSnd" string_2893 = "mSound"


string_1202 = "rm057" string_1208 = "drawGunScript" string_1216 = "holsterGunScript" string_1227 = "downStairs" string_1232 = "drawScript" string_123d = "crookScript" string_1249 = "shootBadGuy" string_1255 = "bulletHole" string_1260 = "hisGun" string_1267 = "shadow" string_126e = "badGuy" string_1275 = "pat" string_1279 = "backup" string_1280 = "Pat Morales" string_128c = "pInset" string_1293 = "pMouth" string_129a = "pShirt" string_12a1 = "Sonny" string_12a7 = "sInset" string_12ae = "sMouth" string_12b5 = "sShirt" string_12bc = "sFX" string_12c0 = "gunShotSound" string_12cd = "mSound" string_12d4 = "The stairs lead back up to the living room" string_12ff = "stairs" string_1306 = "The shelves have various supplies." string_1329 = "shelves" string_1331 = "The table is covered with varies tools to make drugs." string_1367 = "table" string_136d = "The barrels contain chemicals to make drugs." string_139a = "barrels" string_13a2 = "The basement is a seedy looking place, with all the aroma of a drug lab." string_13eb = "theRoom"


string_0730 = "fred" string_0735 = "version" string_073d = "speedTest" string_0747 = "speedScript" string_0753 = "What day Bub?" string_0761 = "Two" string_0765 = "Three" string_076b = "Four" string_0770 = "Five" string_0775 = "Six" string_0779 = "Ending" string_0780 = "cheatScript" string_078c = "YES" string_0790 = "NO"


string_015c = "Would you like to skip\n" \ "the introduction or\n" \ "watch the whole thing?" string_019e = "Skip it" string_01a6 = "Watch it" string_01af = "Restore a Game" string_01be = "intro"


string_24f4 = "carStuff" string_24fd = "carSong" string_2505 = "drawCelCode" string_2511 = "hoodPiece" string_251b = "speedo" string_2522 = "ones" string_2527 = "tens" string_252c = "huns" string_2531 = "glove compartment" string_2543 = "Wow! A glove box. How unusual." string_2564 = "gloveBox" string_256d = "gloveSound" string_2578 = "speedometer calibration chart" string_2596 = "It's a speedometer calibration chart - a service record for this car's speedometer. Departmental policy requires that all speedometers be calibrated every 90 days." string_263b = "chart" string_2641 = "It's a traffic citation." string_265a = " It's a traffic citation." string_2674 = "theTicket" string_267e = "trackInset" string_2689 = "Your car" string_2692 = "copBlip" string_269a = "trackScript" string_26a6 = "noTrackScript" string_26b4 = "crashTimerScript" string_26c5 = "Tracking device" string_26d5 = "suspBlip" string_26de = "tracker screen activation button" string_26ff = "This button activates the tracker." string_2722 = "trackButt" string_272c = "light bulb" string_2737 = "The small light indicates that the tracker is activated." string_2770 = "trackLight" string_277b = "light/siren switch" string_278e = "This button controls the emergency lights and siren." string_27c3 = "lightFeat" string_27cd = "ignition key" string_27da = "An ignition key" string_27ea = "keyFeat" string_27f2 = "keySound" string_27fb = "computer" string_2804 = "It's a computer. Lytton sure is going high-tech." string_2836 = "compFeat" string_283f = "lightBar" string_2848 = "siren" string_284e = "passengerFeat" string_285c = "Pat's purse rests between the seats." string_2881 = "Pat's purse" string_288d = "purse" string_2893 = "tracking screen" string_28a3 = "It's a tracking screen. This device allows you to track a person, vehicle, or any other moving object that a tracking device has been attached to." string_2937 = "trackFeat" string_2941 = "police radio" string_294e = "It's a police radio." string_2963 = "radioFeat" string_296d = "copCar"


string_02dc = "rm143" string_02e2 = "the bench" string_02ec = "The judge's bench holds the place of honor in the courtroom." string_0329 = "judgeBench" string_0334 = "the flag" string_033d = "The U.S. flag serves to remind everyone that the courts are a branch of the local, state, and U.S. governments." string_03ad = "flag" string_03b2 = "the spectator area" string_03c5 = "This is the spectator area. It's usually open for the public to observe the court's proceedings." string_0426 = "spectatorArea" string_0434 = "the wall" string_043d = "The three foot wall divides the council area from the spectator area of the courtroom." string_0494 = "wall" string_0499 = "the table" string_04a3 = "That table is for the prosecuting attorney and the complaintent or prosecution witness." string_04fb = "table" string_0501 = "the chairs" string_050c = "Theater chairs line the spectator area." string_0534 = "chairs" string_053b = "the aisle" string_0545 = "An aisle runs down the middle of the spectator area to the council area." string_058e = "aisle"


string_0d94 = "rm200" string_0d9a = "runComputer" string_0da6 = "runTools" string_0daf = "Dmv" string_0db3 = "Tools" string_0db9 = "Homicide" string_0dc2 = "Personnel" string_0dcc = "Quit" string_0dd1 = "drawFace" string_0dda = "cityMap"


string_13e8 = "Parkway" string_13f0 = "1st " string_13f8 = "2nd " string_1400 = "3rd " string_1408 = "4th " string_1410 = "5th " string_1418 = "6th " string_1420 = "7th " string_1428 = "8th " string_1430 = "9th " string_1438 = "10th " string_1440 = "Walls " string_1448 = "11th " string_1450 = "12th " string_1458 = "13th " string_1460 = "Aspen" string_1466 = "Palm " string_146c = "Oak " string_1472 = "Fig " string_1478 = "Peach" string_147e = "Rose " string_1484 = "Lilly" string_148a = "Poppy" string_1490 = "River" string_1496 = "PLOT MODE" string_14a0 = "rmMap" string_14a6 = "E" string_14a8 = "W" string_14aa = "S" string_14ac = "N" string_14ae = "addPoint" string_14b7 = "quitBut" string_14bf = "pointBut" string_14c8 = "star" string_14cd = "DRAW MODE" string_14d7 = "drawBut" string_14df = "cleanBut" string_14e8 = "theRoom" string_14f0 = "MapEdit" string_14f8 = "myPics"


string_036e = "\"LPD recently received this top-secret list of the names and occupations of the members of an alleged electronic terrorist group. The gang leader, one Jim \"Pretty Boy\" Walls, has been known to threaten to \"shape Lytton's future like so much silly putty\". It is not known at this time if the gang's intentions are for good or evil - or if they should even be taken seriously. Nevertheless, be on the lookout for the following gang members.\n" \ "They're wanted for questioning.\"" string_0546 = "" string_0547 = "" string_0548 = "Kim Bowdish\n" \ "Chris Hoyt\n" \ "Mike Larsen" string_056b = "PROGRAMMERS:\n" \ "\n" string_057a = "Jonathan Bock\n" \ "Jeff Crowe\n" \ "Frank Ferrell\n" \ "Jim Larsen\n" \ "Suzi LivenGood\n" \ "Cindy Walker\n" \ "Willis Wong" string_05d4 = "ARTISTS:\n" \ "\n" string_05df = "Rob Atesalp\n" \ "Mark Seibert" string_05f8 = "SOUND EFFECTS & COMPOSERS:\n" \ "\n" string_0615 = "Jane Jensen" string_0621 = "WRITER:\n" \ "\n" string_062b = "Jeff Stephenson\n" \ "Robert E. Heitman\n" \ "Dan Foy\n" \ "Larry Scott\n" \ "John Rettig\n" \ "J. Mark Hood\n" \ "Chris Smith\n" \ "Terry McHenry\n" \ "Eric Hart\n" \ "Chad Bye\n" \ "Mark Wilden\n" \ "Ken Koch\n" \ "John Crane\n" \ "Steve Coallier\n" \ "Randy Moss" string_06e1 = "SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT:\n" string_06f6 = "Dave Fleming" string_0703 = "QUALITY ASSURANCE:\n" \ "\n" string_0718 = "Sonny Bonds\n" \ "Marie Bonds\n" \ "Pat Morales\n" \ "Captain Tate\n" \ "Kevin Miller\n" \ "Steve Rocklin\n" \ "Mike Downs\n" \ "Juan Jose Ruiz\n" \ "Zak, the Keymaker\n" \ "Leon, the Coroner\n" \ "Hysterical Lady\n" \ "Allied Officer" string_07c1 = "- Chris Barns\n" \ "- Cheri Loyd\n" \ "- Patty Lang\n" \ "- Robert Tapp\n" \ "- Roger Griffith\n" \ "- Mike Pickhinke\n" \ "- John Hartin\n" \ "- George Esparza\n" \ "- Bob Ballew\n" \ "- Josh Mandel\n" \ "- Mary Anne Larsen\n" \ "- Steve Parker" string_0875 = "Ms. Gibbs, Evidence Officer\n" \ "Mr. Smith, Booking Officer\n" \ "Mr. Stumps, Janitor\n" \ "Sidney Aimes, Psychologist\n" \ "Mr. Hanley, Speeder\n" \ "Pregnant Lady \n" \ "Army Recruiter \n" \ "Drunk \n" \ "Florist \n" \ "Doctor Wagner \n" \ "Chief Fireman" string_093b = "- Cindy Walker\n" \ "- Craig Simmons\n" \ "- Bill Davis, Jr.\n" \ "- Corey Cole\n" \ "- Orpheus Hanley\n" \ "- Diane Haley\n" \ "- Zoltan Andahazy\n" \ "- Bob Fischbach\n" \ "- Nancy Bickley\n" \ "- Warren Cleeland\n" \ "- Craig Simmons" string_09ec = "Newspaper Reporter\n" \ "Nut at Aspen Falls \n" \ "Court Recorder \n" \ "Carla Reed, Bag lady \n" \ "Mildred Simpson, Judge\n" \ "Mr. Meyer, Defense Attorney\n" \ "Mr. Cannon, D.A." string_0a7d = "- Nick Medici\n" \ "- Brian Brouillette\n" \ "- Veronica Oldfield\n" \ "- Nancy Smythe\n" \ "- Tara Ryan\n" \ "- Chris Garski\n" \ "- Ken Williams" string_0aec = "Spike, the K-9 unit\n" \ "Trainer\n" \ "Assistant Trainer\n" \ "Spike's Hairdresser\n" \ "Spike's Stunt Double\n" \ "Spike's Costume" string_0b53 = "Spot, the Wonder-Dog\n" \ "F. Lee Bitten\n" \ "Ima K. Nein\n" \ "Sean Claude dePoo Del\n" \ "Ralph, the Wonder Llama\n" \ "Dog and Doggie of Beverly Hills" string_0bd0 = "\"A representative of the SPCA was present at all times during the coding of the animal sequences. No animals were in any actual danger.\"" string_0c59 = "\"Thank you for playing Police Quest III. We hope it's been as entertaining as you have.\"" string_0cb2 = "endScript"


string_0782 = "rmHomo" string_0789 = "There's a good article in here about the newspaper helping another department find a witness to a shooting." string_07f5 = "earlTalk" string_07fe = "earlRandom" string_0809 = "eRan" string_080e = "turnPage" string_0817 = "earlTalk2" string_0821 = "wadPaper" string_082a = "Officer Hanks is soft-featured but hardly soft-spoken." string_0861 = "earl" string_0866 = "newsPaperSound"


string_11b6 = "rm443" string_11bc = "speechScript" string_11c9 = "ok2Enter" string_11d2 = "notOk2Enter" string_11de = "useArticle" string_11e9 = "mayIHelpYou" string_11f5 = "shufflePapers" string_1203 = "egoExitChambers" string_1213 = "the court reporter" string_1226 = "reporter" string_122f = "This chair is for the prosecution." string_1252 = "egoChair" string_125b = "That chair for the prosecution." string_127b = "attorneyChair" string_1289 = "the bench" string_1293 = "The judge's bench holds the place of honor in the courtroom." string_12d0 = "judgeBench" string_12db = "the witness box" string_12eb = "The witness box is located next to the judge's bench." string_1321 = "witnessBox" string_132c = "the flag" string_1335 = "The U.S. flag serves to remind everyone that the courts are a branch of the local, state, and U.S. governments." string_13a5 = "flag" string_13aa = "the spectator area" string_13bd = "This is the spectator area. It is usually open for the public to observe the court's proceedings." string_141f = "spectatorArea" string_142d = "the wall" string_1436 = "The three foot wall divides the council from the spectator area of the courtroom." string_1488 = "wall" string_148d = "the table" string_1497 = "That table is for the prosecuting attorney and the complaintent or prosecution witness." string_14ef = "table" string_14f5 = "the chairs" string_1500 = "Theater chairs line the spectator area." string_1528 = "chairs" string_152f = "the aisle" string_1539 = "An aisle runs down the middle of the spectator area to the council area." string_1582 = "aisle" string_1588 = "the door" string_1591 = "That door must lead to the judge's chambers." string_15be = "door" string_15c3 = "sSoundEffects" string_15d1 = "ireporter" string_15db = "repMouth" string_15e4 = "iEgo" string_15e9 = "iEgoMouth" string_15f3 = "iEgoClothes" string_15ff = "iEgoEyes" string_1608 = "egoEyesBlink" string_1615 = "paperSound" string_1620 = "lockedDoorSound" string_1630 = "openDoorSound" string_163e = "closeDoorSound"


string_0d74 = "bagger" string_0d7b = "escortIn" string_0d84 = "enterBagLady" string_0d91 = "bagLadyTalk" string_0d9d = "getLunch" string_0da6 = "It's Carla Reed." string_0db7 = "bagLady" string_0dbf = "Pat Morales" string_0dcb = "bagInset" string_0dd4 = "bagMouth" string_0ddd = "There's a brown bag sitting on the desk. It's probably someone's lunch." string_0e25 = "lunch" string_0e2b = "bagLadyMusic" string_0e38 = "LFX"


string_0a3c = "Restore" string_0a44 = "Restart" string_0a4c = " Quit " string_0a59 = "deathRm" string_0a61 = "jimTalkScript" string_0a6f = "Jim's Mouth" string_0a7b = "jMouth" string_0a82 = "mouthScript" string_0a8e = "Jim's Hand" string_0a99 = "JHand" string_0a9f = "handScript" string_0aaa = "JOpenHand" string_0ab4 = "openHandScript" string_0ac3 = "Jim's Eye" string_0acd = "JEye" string_0ad2 = "eyeScript" string_0adc = "JArm" string_0ae1 = "armScript"


string_2e94 = "crash" string_2e9a = "timeScript" string_2ea5 = "exitCarP" string_2eae = "exitCar" string_2eb6 = "enterCar" string_2ebf = "enterCarP" string_2ec9 = "runOver" string_2ed1 = "dropFlares" string_2edc = "." string_2ede = ". The keys are still in the ignition." string_2f04 = "showBody" string_2f0d = "enterMeatWagon" string_2f1c = "openTrunk" string_2f26 = "getCoke" string_2f2e = "patCoke" string_2f36 = "patTrunk" string_2f3f = "loadBody" string_2f48 = "corTalk" string_2f50 = "car door" string_2f59 = "body" string_2f5e = "It's the punk who tried to blow you away at the Nugget. He fits the bag lady's description to a tee. You regret that you didn't get your hands on him before he died." string_3004 = "bodyInset" string_300e = "The car keys." string_301c = "hisKeys" string_3024 = "car trunk" string_302e = "The car trunk." string_303d = "hisTrunk" string_3046 = "The cocaine is packaged in five heavy-duty plastic bags. Apparently, murder wasn't this guy's only pastime." string_30b2 = "cocaine" string_30ba = "yourTrunk" string_30c4 = "The passenger car door." string_30dc = "yourDoor" string_30e5 = "car" string_30e9 = "Your car." string_30f3 = "yourCar" string_30fb = "hitAndRun" string_3105 = "Sonny" string_310b = "sInset" string_3112 = "sMouth" string_3119 = "sShirt" string_3120 = "sEyes" string_3126 = "egoBlink" string_312f = "pat" string_3133 = "Your partner, Pat Morales." string_314e = "Pat Morales" string_315a = "pInset" string_3161 = "pMouth" string_3168 = "pShirt" string_316f = "pEyes" string_3175 = "patEyesBlink" string_3182 = "The ambulance will remove any injured accident victims." string_31ba = "ambulence" string_31c4 = "aDoor" string_31ca = "Leon" string_31cf = "The ambulance attendant is used to this kind of scene." string_3206 = "attendent" string_3210 = "That's Leon, the county coroner. You see him all too frequently at accident scenes." string_3264 = "coroner" string_326c = "Coroner" string_3274 = "cInset" string_327b = "mouth" string_3281 = "cMouth" string_3288 = "eyes" string_328d = "cEyes" string_3293 = "cBlinkEyes" string_329e = "It's a patrolman." string_32b0 = "traffic" string_32b8 = "The traffic on this road has been rerouted until the accident can be cleaned up." string_3309 = "flares1" string_3311 = "flares2" string_3319 = "flares3" string_3321 = "theRoom" string_3329 = "The guardrail was smashed when the vehicle collided with it." string_3366 = "theRail" string_336e = "The car is overturned, smashed up, and generally mutilated. A body slumps from the driver's side. So much for questioning the suspect." string_33f5 = "theCar" string_33fc = "wreckSound" string_3407 = "deadbodySting" string_3415 = "sfx"


tring_0c1e = "The trunk contains items you may need in the field." string_0c52 = "trunk" string_0c58 = "The briefcase contains tools and supplies for evidence collection." string_0c9b = "Case" string_0ca0 = "The toothpicks are useful for removing evidence from small places." string_0ce3 = "thetoothpicks" string_0cf1 = "The envelopes are used for protecting and storing collected evidence." string_0d37 = "thebags" string_0d3f = "The camera is used to visually record a crime scene or a piece of evidence." string_0d8b = "thecamera" string_0d95 = "The scraping tool is used to scrape dried evidence such as blood or paint off of other surfaces." string_0df6 = "thescraper" string_0e01 = "theFlares" string_0e0b = "There's a metal briefcase in the trunk." string_0e33 = "caseLid" string_0e3b = "trunklid"


string_09b0 = "allied" string_09b7 = "alliedScript" string_09c4 = "youNerd" string_09cc = "shootHim" string_09d5 = "car" string_09d9 = "The suspect's car." string_09ec = "theCar" string_09f3 = "suspect" string_09fb = "Agent" string_0a01 = "aInset" string_0a08 = "aMouth" string_0a0f = "Sonny" string_0a15 = "sonnyInset" string_0a20 = "sonnyMouth" string_0a2b = "sonnyEyes" string_0a35 = "egoEyesBlink" string_0a42 = "gunShotSound"


string_19c8 = "drunk" string_19ce = "drunkScript" string_19da = "drunk2Script" string_19e7 = "fingerMove" string_19f2 = "CelOsc" string_19f9 = "cuffHim" string_1a01 = "searchDrunk" string_1a0d = "drunkInCar" string_1a18 = "markScript" string_1a23 = "dInset" string_1a2a = "suspectMouth" string_1a37 = "suspectEye" string_1a42 = "finger" string_1a49 = "car" string_1a4d = "The suspect's car." string_1a60 = "theCar" string_1a67 = "plate" string_1a6d = "The plate reads - 01923" string_1a85 = "thePlate" string_1a8e = "He looks to be having a little trouble walking." string_1abe = "suspect" string_1ac6 = "Sonny" string_1acc = "sonnyInset" string_1ad7 = "sonnyMouth" string_1ae2 = "sonnyEyes" string_1aec = "egoEyesBlink" string_1af9 = "Yuck!" string_1aff = "puke" string_1b04 = "drunkMusic" string_1b0f = "pukeSound" string_1b19 = "handcuffSound" string_1b27 = "openCarDoor" string_1b33 = "closeCarDoor"


string_1296 = "lowrider" string_129f = "getLicense" string_12aa = "stuffLuck" string_12b4 = "giveCitation" string_12c1 = "ticketTimeScript" string_12d2 = "lowRide" string_12da = "letGo" string_12e0 = "A mean looking dude ain't he." string_12fe = "insetSuspect" string_130b = "suspectMouth" string_1318 = "suspectArm" string_1323 = "car" string_1327 = "It's a lowered 58 Ford Fairlane. Nice flame job!" string_1358 = "theCar" string_135f = "rWheel" string_1366 = "fWheel" string_136d = "lWindow" string_1375 = "The plate reads - 22776" string_138d = "thePlate" string_1396 = "Sonny" string_139c = "sonnyInset" string_13a7 = "sonnyMouth" string_13b2 = "sonnyEyes" string_13bc = "egoEyesBlink" string_13c9 = "rapSound" string_13d2 = "shockSound"


string_0e28 = "speeder" string_0e30 = "getLicense" string_0e3b = "giveCitation" string_0e48 = "giveWarning" string_0e54 = "insetSuspect" string_0e61 = "suspectHead" string_0e6d = "suspectMouth" string_0e7a = "suspectEye" string_0e85 = "blinkEyes" string_0e8f = "car" string_0e93 = "The convertible has only one occupant. There's nothing unusual looking about him." string_0ee5 = "theCar" string_0eec = "plate" string_0ef2 = "The plate reads - 34567." string_0f0b = "thePlate" string_0f14 = "Sonny" string_0f1a = "sonnyInset" string_0f25 = "sonnyMouth" string_0f30 = "sonnyEyes" string_0f3a = "egoEyesBlink" string_0f47 = "speederSound"


string_10cc = "lady" string_10d1 = "patScript" string_10db = "INCARCERATE" string_10e7 = "SIGNATURE" string_10f1 = "pat2Script" string_10fc = "ladyScript" string_1107 = "lady2Script" string_1113 = "winceScript" string_111f = "The Officer Morales' black eyes challenge you. She impresses you as being both arrogant and stubborn." string_1185 = "pat" string_1189 = "car" string_118d = "That must be Officer Morales' patrol car." string_11b7 = "patCar" string_11be = "The woman looks furious and on the verge of tears. She's VERY pregnant." string_1206 = "insetSuspect" string_1213 = "suspectHead" string_121f = "suspectMouth" string_122c = "There's one woman in the car. She looks upset but not dangerous." string_126d = "theCar" string_1274 = "plate" string_127a = "The plate reads - 83756" string_1292 = "thePlate" string_129b = "Pat Morales" string_12a7 = "patInset" string_12b0 = "patMouth" string_12b9 = "pEyes" string_12bf = "patEyesBlink" string_12cc = "Sonny" string_12d2 = "sonnyInset" string_12dd = "sonnyMouth" string_12e8 = "sonnyEyes" string_12f2 = "egoEyesBlink" string_12ff = "sFX"


string_0f3e = "dilema" string_0f45 = "You may skip this sequence\n" \ "if you have already seen it.\n" string_0f7e = "Skip it" string_0f86 = "Watch it"


string_0e38 = "elevator" string_0e41 = "elevatorScript" string_0e50 = "fromElevator12" string_0e5f = "fromElevator15" string_0e6e = "Elevator Button" string_0e7e = "That's the elevator button." string_0e9a = "elevBut" string_0ea2 = "Elevator Door" string_0eb0 = "The elevator provides access to the other floors of the police station." string_0ef8 = "elevDoor" string_0f01 = "That's the elevator door." string_0f1b = "elevDoor2" string_0f25 = "First Floor" string_0f31 = "button1" string_0f39 = "Second Floor" string_0f46 = "button2" string_0f4e = "Third Floor" string_0f5a = "button3" string_0f62 = "Ground Floor" string_0f6f = "buttonG" string_0f77 = "Floor Indication" string_0f88 = "indicator" string_0f92 = "plate" string_0f98 = "elevSound"

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