Pat Morales was an officer in the traffic division of Lytton Police Department.


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According to The Police Quest Casebook, Pat Morales (Casebook) is half-sister of Jessie and Michael Bains. The game does not indicate any family relations between them.

Involement in the gameEdit

She and Sonny Bonds had two unpleasant encounters on the same day (Day 1):

  • Sonny interviewed Morales about a complaint filed against her by a violator, who claimed that while issuing a citation - Morales had been verbally abusive, yelled, screamed and used profanity. Morales acted angrily during the interview. She did not exactly deny the complaint, but claimed that "the guy was a jerk", that he "started eyein' me and lippin' off", whatever she had said - she had "damn good reason", and "you try bein' a woman cop for just one day". Sonny correctly decided to sustain the complaint against her.
  • Morales stopped a driver at the highway. Since the driver refused to sign the ticket, Sonny was called to the scene as a supervisor to resolve the situation. After talking with Morales and the driver, Sonny concluded that Morales acted abusively and correctly let the driver go.

After the attack on Marie Bonds, Morales became Sonny Bonds' partner in the Homicide division. She was assigned to investigate the case with him, despite their past disputes over her misconducts.

On Day 5, Sonny found Morales' file at the department's criminal psychologist's office and read it. The doctor's summary contained alarming findings, which were consistent to her computer file and her behavior in the past days:

1. Displays chronic insubordination.

2. Irrational hatred of authority figures.

3. Low self esteem.

4. Borderline sociopath.

As it turned to be, Morales was a member of the drug cult, along with Michael Bains and Steve Rocklin, and two other men who were not named. Sonny, who suspected Morales, discovered a cocaine packet in her locker - one of the five found in Rocklin's car. Figuring that she might be in league with the cult, Sonny immediately informed this to Captain Tate, who had the Internal Affairs keep an eye on Morales. After the cult's hideout was discovered, Morales tried to kill Sonny, but fortunately Detective Hooks from IA shot her first and saved Sonny's life.