Police Quest: In Persuit of the Death Angel VGA (aka Police Quest 1 VGA) was a 1992 remake of the original Police Quest I.


It updated the graphics and setting to VGA and was a retelling of the story in a more contemporary setting. It updated the series setting from mid-late 80s to a 1990s culture. Several elements were changed, the town of Lytton was transformed into a big city (similar to the growing city of PQ3, and more akin to Los Angeles), some characters were removed, others had their genders changed.

Thus its more of a reboot than an actual part of the original continuity.

Changes Edit

  • The graphics have been enhanced from 8-bit EGA to 16-bit VGA
  • The game uses a point-and-click interface rather than a text interface
  • Helena Hots has been replaced with Tawny Helmut
  • The routine inspection of the car is no longer required
  • The driving sequences are more complicated
  • Crashing no longer results in game over, but rather simply a "you die" message and resuming driving where you were right before the accident and traveling at 10mph.
  • The stolen Cadillac has been replaced with a Mercedes-Benz C124.
  • Bonds' Stingray II has been replaced with a Camaro
  • Bonds automatically bleaches his hair
  • The "pimp suit" has been renamed a "leisure suit"
  • The Delphoria bar is shown on the left side of the screen instead of the right

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The box for the remake has a hidden reflective raised image, that turns the red-eyed face in the sky into a grinning skull.
  • This game is often listed as Police Quest 1 VGA including in the windows menu of the 2006 release.