Police Quest: SWAT 2 (aka Police Quest 6 or PQ6) (1998) is an isometric view, squad-level RTT (real time tactics) game in the mold of the classic X-Com or Jagged Alliance games. The game takes place in real-time, with the player issuing orders to individual SWAT or terrorist characters from a three-quarter overhead view of the level. Many of the game's missions were based on real life events, such as the North Hollywood shootout, and a small scale riot that can be seen as a parallel to the 1992 LA riots.

The game's story revolves around a conflict between the Los Angeles police and an emerging left-wing domestic terrorist group called the "Five Eyes". The game features two separate campaigns, one in which the player controls the Los Angeles SWAT team and another in which the player takes the role of a lieutenant in the Five Eyes.

As a homage, Sonny Bonds, the protagonist of the original Police Quest series, is one of the SWAT officers available for the player to use during the SWAT campaign. Sonny's high initial stats — some of the best in the game — allow him to become certified as an element leader.

In addition to SWAT, the player can also play as the terrorists. The gameplay is much different, as members have to be hired instead of being always available, and killing anyone instead of capturing them is acceptable. The weapons were also different, but still had the same purpose, such as the terrorists' primary automatic weapon being the LR 300 instead of SWAT's MP5.

With much more positive reviews than the previous two games, it still suffered several flaws, such as an overly complicated interface and imperfect AI, and a simple trick of selling the sidearms of unused characters that allowed players to ignore the budgeting aspect of the game.