Police Quest III: The Kindred is an adventure game produced by Jim Walls for Sierra On-Line, and released in 1991. It is the second sequel to Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel and is part of the Police Quest series.

Gameplay Edit

Sierra's standard point and click interface is used in Police Quest III. It is set in Lytton, California in September 1991.

Plot Edit

Sonny and Marie married following Bains' death. Promoted once more, Sonny now has to deal with rampant crime as a drug cartel begins operating in Lytton and evidence of a satanic cult starts to appear. When Marie is stabbed in a mall parking lot, Sonny's police work becomes personal.

Sonny must deal with a partner with questionable ethics as well as find patterns in crime to find his next lead. The Bains family also plays a role in this game.

Development Edit

Released in 1991 for SCI version 1, PQ3 is completely mouse-driven. It was only released for the IBM PC and the Amiga. After this game, Jim Walls left Sierra for reasons that have still not been publicly explained (he has said personal reasons), and SWAT founder Daryl F. Gates was named to take over of the Police Quest series.


  • There is a glitch in PQ3 in which the clock showing the time when a suspect is pulled over may be off by an hour or so. Making sure that Juan Jose Ruiz is the second car after Janice Wilks will avoid the glitched clock, allowing Sonny to list the correct time on his ticket (causing Ruiz to lose the court trial on Day 4). The second car after Wilks should have a time of 1739. A later car will jump ahead to 1905, and the timer will not correct itself (to 1859) until leaving the police station to head to the Oak Tree Mall at the end of Day 2.
  • Due to bug in the game, it is possible to score only 450 points of the maximum 460.
  • Famous composer Jan Hammer, famous for composing the music for the Miami Vice series, made the main theme for this game, as well as other songs.