Qwik Fuel Gas Station 000

Interior of Qwik Fuel Convenience Store.

Qwik Fuel Convenience Store is a medium sized convenience store and gas station located at 3721 Pitkin Avenue in Fairview. This gas station is visited by SWAT officers on November 18th.


This building resembles a typical gas station. The main entrance leads straight into the shopping area with many shelves filled with various products such as snacks and drinks, but also motor oils and paper towels. There is also a cash desk where customers could pay for bought products. In the eastern part of the shopping area are refrigerators with cold drinks and ready meals as well as a door that leads to main refrigeration area. Behind the refrigerators is the owner's office, which contains the store's safe. The rear side of the building features 2 restrooms, as well as entrance to the break room for employees. Behind the cash desk is a small security office that leads to the main storage area with shelves filled with various products and cardboard boxes. The storage area connects to the loading area outside where shipments are dropped off.

Three notable employees of the station are:

Behind the scenesEdit

The police received a 911 call from a customer that an armed woman was holding up a gas station. It is believed that it was supposed to be a simple robbery for drug money but it very quickly turned into a hostage situation. So far, the police know that the armed woman is Alice Jenkins, a recovering oxycodone addict, and that she is accompanied by multiple other suspects. They also have three hostages - all of them employees of the station. The police expect the suspects to be both highly irrational and erratic. SWAT officers need to enter the station and apprehend all suspects, as well as save the employees of the station.


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