SWAT: Target Liberty is a third person, tactical shooter video game developed by 3G Studios, Inc. exclusively for the PSP. It was released on October 16, 2007 for North America [1] and on October 26th 2007 for Europe.

The game is the first in the SWAT series to be released on the handheld and features a storyline written by Scott Rosenbaum, who has written for The Shield.


SWAT officer Kurt Wolfe, at first, was assigned to take down renewed Asian gang violence led by ethnic Korean-Americans. But later on, he and his team discovers that Al-Qaeda forces are planning to pin the blame on the North Korean government for the explosion of a nuclear weapon on American soil. [2]



Target Liberty features an isometric perspective, similar to SWAT 2, though the game leans toward a more arcade-like experience to better fit a handheld system.


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