SWAT 4 Mission of St. Michael’s Medical Center
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St. Michael’s Medical Center
[[file:Swat4 mission
Swat4 mission10
Time April 12 - 00:34

Mission Type

Rapid Deployment


St. Michael’s Medical Center


691 87th St.

Mission which takes place in the St. Michael’s Medical Center at 691 87th Street.

Mission BriefEdit




Hospital briefing

Alright, men, we have an international incident in our hands. Hyun-Jun Park is a South Korean diplomat. Earlier today he was attacked by six gunmen while exiting a restaurant. Mr. Park was injured in the attack, although his personal security got him to safety. The gunmen escaped after the initial attack. Mr. Park was sentenced to St. Michael’s Medical Center for emergency treatment. Since there wasn’t time to secure the hospital, Mr. Park’s security accompanied him into the patient ward.

Mr. Park is one of senior officials attached to the South Korea embassy he has been addressing the United Nations for the last two days during the current round of reunification talks. Mr. Park is a major advocate in favor of reunification; he is one of the primary voices in the South Korean delegation. We assure this attack is related to his political intentions, but we don’t know who was behind it. Whoever they were, they were very well equipped and well organized, ambushing Mr. Park in a location not on his official travel itinerancy.

Now St. Michael’s has been rushed by a group of gunmen, presumably the same ones who attacked Mr. Park earlier. They are well armed, and are moving straight through the hospital in an attempt to locate their target. They are not interested in taking hostages, and they’ve been brutal in their attack on the hospital. Choose your entry, get your gear together, and get in there.

Entry OptionEdit

Mission SummaryEdit

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