The Steelton Police Department

Burt park

Burt Park

Steelton (aka City of Steelton) is a city in New Mexico or California[1].


Streets & HighwaysEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

Steelton's location in the games is unclear (except in the PQ1VGA reboot). It is implied to be some distance from Lytton, California, and to be a kind of sister city (at least one officer transferred from Steelton into Lytton Police Department). Also Bains drives between Lytton and Steelton when he kidnaps Marie Wilkans.

PQ3 manual, suggests that Bonds was led on an interstate chase between Lytton and Steelton, suggesting that the two cities are in separate states altogether (although technically not all interstate highways pass between multiple states, but in most instances they do).

Steelton's location is said to be in New Mexico in the Police Quest Casebook, and said to be in California in PQ1VGA (although that game is a reboot of the timeline).


  1. Narrator (PQ1VGA): "It's a Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology from the University of California-Steelton]]

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