:Taselli, Jason
: 09/09/1983
:Marvin Hoffman
:Leroy Pierson
: Flower above left nipple
: wht/male, 5'11", blk, brn, 195
;Assigned to
: Hamilton
;Method of murder
:hand gun
: Bains, Jessie Hiram
:Sloan, Frank nmn.
: 11/30/51
:wht/male, 5'8", blk, brn, 150
:Victim's body recovered from Clearwater River. Evidence recovered from suspect's hotel room led to his conviction of first degree murder. At the time of death, this victim was under investigation for suspicion of urder, auto theft & narcotics. It is believed this victim was employed by the suspect as a hit man.
;Case status
: closed
;End file

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