The Lytton Tribune is one of Lytton's newspapers along with the Lytton Daily News, Lytton Letter and the Gazette. One of its journalists includes Ben Bulwer.

List of known articlesEdit

Dope in the CityEdit

The city of Lytton, once a beautiful, peaceful, quiet city with few major crime problems, is now experiencing rapid growth and prosperity. But, along with growth has come an alarming increase in the crime rate that is threatening the peace of Lytton. Police Sgt. John Dooley states that dangerous drugs are showing up on the streets and in our schools.

The homicide rate and prostitution are at a level the city has never seen. The Tribune has learned from a reliable source that a big-time drug dealer with a street name of "Death Angel" may be responsible for the drug traffic.

President HickleEdit

Smugsville, U.S.A. President Hickle was in Smugsville yesterday evening, observing the annual migration of the red-bellied swamp coddlers.

The President, who has been a bird lover since childhood, rates the mating dance of the coddler as being "as spectacular as the golden-crowned scum sucker," The President candidly admitted that he once skipped the Geneva Arms Convention to watch some old coddlers mate,

The President says a bill is presently before the Senate proclaiming National Coddler Day!


Lytton City Jail reported the escape of a female prison inmate last night. Floreen "Flustered Flor"a Paxton flew the coop by hiding beneath a pile of soiled prison laundry in a hand-pushed basket.

LPD Officer of the Year NomineesEdit

Lytton PD Chief Whipplestick has nominated Sonny Bonds and Joe Walters for LPD "Officer of the Year Award" due to outstanding effort and commitment in crime prevention.

Kingdom of DaventryEdit

is now under siege by a renegade, 3-headed dragon. One unidentified gnome stated the kingdom is in a "state of emergency."