The Official Book of Police Quest is an officially authorized guide to the Police Quest Series written by Jill Champion and published by Computer Books.


The book contains novelizations and hint guides for the first three games of the series. The novels are first person accounts by Sonny Bonds himself.

The novelizations are direct adaptations of the narrative from the games and thus closely follows the action with no divergences from the plot. However, the novels don't always follow the best outcomes in the game. For example Sonny Bonds loses during the Juan Jose Ruiz trial, having noted the time incorrectly (resulting from a glitch that occurs in the game).

The novelizations follow the original trilogy (rather than the remake of PQ1). Any references to the remake are limited to screen shots and hint sections of the book. Thus the novelization of PQ1 follows characters from the original version such as Helen Hots, Bobby Lopez, Kim Palmer & Woodrow Roberts, etc.

Whereas The Police Quest Casebook was described as containing "ficticious stories based in the actions of the game series", the Official Book of Police Quest was described as having been taken from Sonny Bonds's personal diary and official police files.

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