Tobias Stromm is a suspect in SWAT 3. He appears in the Hostage Rescue: City Hall level, the 14th mission in the game's single player campaign. Stromm is the leader of Soverign America, a far right wing American terrorist organization responsible for several incidents during SWAT 3's campaign. Stromm is described as formerly a prominent attorney who after a religious conversion, believed that God had called upon him to wage war on reprobates, such as the United States government and abortion doctors.

On the evening of August 5th, 2005, Stromm and members of Soverign America took Mayor Marlon Fitzpatrick and his staff hostage at City Hall. Prior to the siege, they staged a diversion by bombing a power substation which left much of Downtown, including City Hall without power. When LAPD crisis negotiators briefly spoke with Stromm, he demanded the release of federal prisoners and America's withdraw from NAFTA and several other international treaties. If their demands were not met, Stromm would detonate the portable nuclear bomb (the 'suitcase nuke') he had acquired from the People's Liberation Party. This left the LAPD with no choice but to have their SWAT team raid the top floors of City Hall to break the siege.

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